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  1. On Firehawk, a second train can be launched once the earlier train reaches the second inline rolll. That's because the earlier train will inevitably each the break run once it hits the second inline roll since the rest of the ride is downhill, and the newly-launched train won't crest the lifthill until the earlier train hits the break run. Also, it loaded at about the same speed here at Six Flags. Trust me, SF:WOA / GL was my home park. The only thing that makes it seem so much slower to me at Kings Island is the whole stopping and then letting one train of people go down to the stations. It's the same thing that ticked people off about Tomb Raider's line... It felt like you weren't moving, because you weren't. You're completely stopped for a good five to six minutes (an eternity in amusement park line time) and then 77 people move at once. But because they stopped you before the antechamber, you had no idea why this massive amount of people all moved at once, etc.
  2. I mean I obviously know that Kings Island is trim-brake crazy, but to STOP the train? It really is a good 10 seconds before you pick up speed again. It seems a little ridiculous.
  3. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but this topic seems right for it! Do we know why they've been stopping trains on the MCBR all season? Did they do it last season? Talk about destroying the pacing! You just hear on echo of "Huh?" "What?" from riders. It's very awkward.
  4. Sorry, but Paramount did not and cannot copyright icicles and water jets. It's just not possible. The Durga relief on the wall cannot be removed because it IS the wall, and it's very visible, so at this point, they might as well use it to their advantage. The thing I don't get is, every other Top Spin gets water jets. So why can't ours? Like, we already have fountains and pneumatic bubbling devices set up. Literally, they only need to take a hose and fill the water pool and voila, we have a fun element which I think guests would really enjoy. There are already light aimed at the lava pits, so why not just fill them? And turn on the goddess' eyes. They light up, and just a little tiny attention to detail thing like that would at least give the ride character. Just leave her eyes on the whole ride cycle. It's two red lightbulbs!!! That wouldn't exactly send the budget out the roof, would it?!
  5. http://www.gopetition.com/online/25820.html I figure, it can't hurt, right? This is a petition to do something about The Crypt. It is not, however, all whiny and pouty like "WAH WE WANT IT TO BE TOOOME RAYDER!" Obviously, we Tomb Raider fans have started to face facts: It won't be Tomb Raider in 2009, they're not waiting to surprise us the day it opens, they're not going to buy the rights next year when they won't have a new debut attraction... All in all, it's NEVER going to be Tomb Raider again. That goddess isn't ever going to light up, no matter how much we cry. No matter how much of a waste we all know that it is for a multi-thousand dollar light up goddess to just be hanging there in the dark, that's life. This petition isn't addressing that... It's logically saying that this probably isn't the time economically or with Diamondback's release to insist on a brand new theme, but if Kings Dominion's "Crypt" can still have its Tomb Raider music (and apparently, so can Great America's "Firefall" even though it doesn't have a theme that fits the tribal music at all??) then apparently that music isn't copyrighted and thus, it would literally cost $0.00 to play it during Kings Island's Crypt. It would be a cheap and easy way to add a simple element of themeing. And I don't know about you all. I'm a crazy Crypt fanboy and I'll curse the loss of Tomb Raider till the day I die, but if I got on that ride in April this year and heard ANY kind of fitting music (aka, not wind howling and not techno), I'd absolutely pee myself of excitement. Just imagine if you sat on the ride and voila, you hear that delicious music from Kings Dominion's "Tomb Raider: Firefall" blasting. The ride wouldn't sync up to it, of course, but ANYTHING is better than techno and howling wind with freaking monkeys hooting in the background, right? If this music is out there getting used at other Cedar Fair parks and it fits at Kings Island more than it fits any of their top spins, why not use it here? I figure with a couple hundred signatures from this and other Kings Island fansites, it's not like they're going to be bombarded with letters, but management may say "Fine, just give them the darn music to shut them up." The old Tomb Raider FireFall music is free to use. It's just sitting there. If freaking FIREFALL at Great America can have it, why can't a ride actually themed to a tomb? Please consider signing. It definitely couldn't hurt. Thanks so much!
  6. If any one of you who was discussing having the parts of Tomb Raider: The Ride could send them to me, I'd probably give you my life in servitude for it. Like, the chimes outside the tunnel, the queue line music, all those music files... PRICELESS. PLEASSSEEE message me or something if possible. I would love to have them! Thanks!
  7. Is there anyone who has / anyway to acquire like, all of the music from Tomb Raider: The Ride? That includes but is not limited to, the actual effects sounds (The goddess' Hindu statements, the thunder & lightning), the queue line video, etc?
  8. Everything's Walk-On except X-Flight, for which I had to wait 10 minutes sheerly because flyers take forever to load. And contrary to the second post, I think Six Flags gained patrons and then Geauga Lake lost them and now the water park is just starting to bring them back.
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