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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. That would be great! Aint nothin' like walking right up and getting on a ride when the wait is 60mins or more
  2. Let me tell ya there are just some rides that were not well thought out when it came to comfortability. Such as Mr.Freeze(st.louis) I had to shift my legs sideways to get the buckle to lock. Now two trains before me I seen a taller/heavier person get aboard and no problems. I believe the seat belts that lock to the lap bar are various sizes it's like there's no standard/specs to go by. I remember the SOB was that way at first my complaint with that was the stupid foot brace. Maybe people should shrink or loose weight? I firmly believe that the tolerances on their spec charts need adjusting jus
  3. Are the gold passes used to get right on the ride without wait and ride again. Someone please refresh my memory please.
  4. Is June a good month to visit CP and which hotel is most economical to stay without giving up quality?
  5. I wouldn't mind if we got another stand up coaster, we need one that would kick Chang's behind! I'm so sick of hearing how awsome that coaster is I've rode it and didn't understand what all the hype was. But anyhow something snaking through the woods near Top Gun we could call it The Mamba
  6. I like the new! if I want a loop heck I'll just ride The Vortex.
  7. ssdd1970


    I heard the Robbie Kenevil might make a jump attempt similar to the on his dad did in the parking lot, can this be true?
  8. I loved the Phantom Theatre
  9. ssdd1970


    My concerns are the karts and that nice chunk of land near Top Gun we could utilize that for something cool I've seen a decline in action at the skyflyer as well.
  10. I live in the Chicago area and have not missed a summer since 1979, it's our family getaway spot. We've been to countless others and K.I. has the right stuff even spite of the parks ups and downs. I remember we went to Disney World back in the summer of 2000 second week of June I believe we had such a crappy time we came back and went to K.I. and got our moods in check sounds crazy huh
  11. Bayern Curve was similar to todays Himalaya ride with the music right?
  12. A friend of mine who's an Indy freak found it and turned it on to me I then uploaded it to a photobucket album. did u check out the other vid I posted on The Beast 25 topic?
  13. silly me, what was the name of spinning ride that had a bobsled theme to it I remember seeing it as a kid.
  14. ......sorry bout that won't happen again but nice work I really liked it even though it was a joke to you!
  15. Heck yes I'd love to see another campground! As far as the right location now that might take alittle thinking huh?
  16. ssdd1970


    What is the secret to winning at the milk can toss or the ring toss for that matter? I've never tried but I herd there's a secret to the sledgehammer as well is this true?
  17. ssdd1970

    Got Wood?

    I gotta go with The Beast!
  18. http://s120.photobucket.com/albums/o161/wh...fthelostpar.flv
  19. Here's a video I found, http://s120.photobucket.com/albums/o161/wh...ast_large-1.flv
  20. OMG that would be crazy! I LOVE IT! I love the look on the dudes face when he's huffing and puffing and getting a grip
  21. Does anyone remember Der Spinning Keggers? Or Shake Rattle & Roll. Who has videos of them?
  22. Last season some people tried to run up on me and my boys while en route to The Beast and I had to trip one of them up but the son of a gun ran on through the queue anyway so I told the ride op. People are gonna start taking control ourselves, vigilantes are uniting!
  23. Forgive them for what they do for they know not better
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