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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Come on let's take it to the next extreme, angle the seats forward alittle and make it an even 400 feet
  2. This past summer I entered the mens restroom beside the photo kiosk after you enter the front gate to the right. It was very dank in there and my girlfriend said the womans was bad as well, I know of several other spots around the park as well.
  3. ssdd1970


    If you was to plan a weeks getaway to KI what lodge would you book? I was thinking about trying Great Wolf Lodge any opinions?
  4. If you like ghetto carnivals! and don't waste your time at St.Louis either I don't know how that park made it 45 years? I'd like to smack the owner 45 times:)
  5. I took my family to Six Flags St.Louis this past saturday for our first time and was not impressed at all. They had a few good rides but for what you pay to get in the scales are alittle uneven. I thought the park was very small and a hellish hill to climb to get to the Superman tower which was broke down. I hope the other Six Flags are not as ghetto as St.Louis is!
  6. The first step in resolving line cutting/fighting/contraband is to have security cams in multiple locations at every line! Now while this may not resolve every problem but I believe it will help, as for those who do not heed the rules they need punished by the park according to the severity of the issue. As for the retarded ones that don't read the signs they need to take a short bus back to theme park code of conduct school before they're allowed back! Now I know this works from experience if someone is running to cut you off in line trip em' it works very well Me and my friend form a chain
  7. In 2005 me and my family waited 4.5 hrs for the Italian job one girl fainted from the heat and another was carried away by the short ambulance The queue covering does no justice at times, at least a vendor stopped by with water & icy drinks
  8. ssdd1970


    How about a floorless coaster in place of The Vortex?
  9. Never! I've been once this year and plus I'm returning 3 more times for sure this season. It's about a 613 mile roundtrip for me which I believe is worth it. Gas prices are crazy but it's something we need so why try and fight it? After that first ride on The Beast when you get in, you'll forget all about those gas prices!
  10. It was 1986 for me I had just gotten my drivers licence and my folks to the family there to celebrate and I even got to drive there As for KI Central I seen someone at the park with a KI Central shirt on and the rest is history.
  11. Let's say we had a chance to replace the slingshot, eXtreme Skyflyer, launchpad. What could we put in there place? I enjoy EXtreme Skyflyer, Slingshot but let's face it after a couple of rounds the thrill is gone. I believe they charge way to much for the DVD's let alone the admission fee. Let's get some different Pay to rides in there, what do you think?
  12. ssdd1970

    Top Gun

    I believe Top Gun could us a major makeover or a new ride put in it's place? It has lost it's thrill value as it's queue looks pretty nasty ie:Old Gillette billboard and the paint on railings and the ride itself looks shabby. Should we salvage and reinvent or ditch it for something else and what should it be?
  13. I know I'm not the only one out there who thinks the other competition(Six Flags)out there is pretty lame! Sure they've tried to dazzle us with there little rides and a few are so, so but in my humble opinion they can't touch KI! Our rich history and growth is impeccable. Now granted your other parks like Cedar Point & Disney/Universal, Bush Gardens & Sea World all have there plus sides but some seem hell bent on trying to out do one another with let's see how tall and fast my coaster will go than yours. I respect KI for their well adverse park, we have a perfect blend of what a theme
  14. I think that it would not matter very much because some other park will just end up topping them. After all KI has two jems in the Guinness Book! Although it would be nice to have a coaster on a grand scale that Cedar Point does'nt. One fact remains WE'VE GOT The Beast!
  15. ssdd1970


    The past couple of years I've noticed a decline in the amount of people playing games, are the games just lame? There are times I think they could reduce the number of game stalls and maybe focus on other attractions. Although it would hurt the revenue but maybe it's already doing so?
  16. does anyone know what KI is cooking up for the July 4th holiday this season?
  17. ooops my bad Ok how bout somewhere behind Snowy river rampage or just tear down that darn Great Wolf Lodge!
  18. My family is very interested in a new campground! it's shame we're now forced to goto Great Wolf or KI Inn. How about clearing some of the land behind the Action Theater?
  19. I have a hypathetical question for you all, if KI sent out a survey and asked the public to pick a couple of new rides for the 2008-09 season and one of those rides would goto the Nick land and the other somewhere else in the park what would you say or choose?
  20. How about something like an IMAX style venue or a 3D laser show, what do you think?
  21. I've been going to KI now for the past 21 years and don't plan to stop anytime soon! I must say opening day went pretty well aside from a few ride glitches. It was nice to see a few big shots with brooms inhand the staff seemed to be in good spirits. My daughter got to experience the IJST, TR, FOF, DZ for the first time and she was estatic I don't know if it's just me but does anyone else agree that it's time to either get someting new in the 3D theatre or remove it complely and KI build another wooden masterpeice through the woods or another great flat ride? Either way I'm coming back for a
  22. But do you think that the majority of the guests you say love the attraction would complain about it if they replaced it with a new ride(coaster) giga perhaps with a War of the worlds theme?
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