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  1. Wouldn't it suck to operate rides in those uniforms.
  2. The movie has done decent it was a #1 movie and it has good reviews. Its a paramount film and its been there only semi hit in a while. what ride would you like to be made based on the film?
  3. i encoded the entire episode i need a host
  4. The sky ride was taken out because it was maintance unfriendly and once when it broke down people were standed and no fire truck could reach it.
  5. for the coasters no. For the waterpark hell no for the flatrides and the atomosphere yes!
  6. Email me at ssm316@gmail.com and Perhaps you can be one of the 6 people who I give my invites too. In kind once you get an account you should post here and use your invites. Gmail is the ulitmate webmail client 1000mb of space Great spam controls.
  7. Oh were gonna have EVER so much fun on dry run hoskins just wait.
  8. I enjoyed GL as SFWOA last year but a big part of that was some of the awsome animal shows. The villlian is one of the best coasters in ohio IMO
  9. not hard to do. I run my stuff though a proxy sometimes to be safe.
  10. and when that "newbie" gives me the order your struck down like lightning!
  11. Yar matey Boa be a fine winter ride to keep the Scurvy dogs bordem away yarr!
  12. I have to go with Lesordsville Lake. Lots of good childhood memories there and the eagle is the best wood in ohio.
  13. last time I did fearfest dry run it was packed.
  14. The lady in flight commander was drunk the man in the lake was sober.
  15. Too bad you could not go though WWC itself its closed anyways.
  16. umm yah check news I posted about it when they came out.
  17. Wait sparky aren't you one of my sources? I should never listen to anyone who thinks AE is a good ride
  18. This is rumors. I never said fact.
  19. http://www.parkfeedback.com/CONC2004 Go take it see how many disney/universal rides PP can rip off.
  20. This is why we got robs friend to take us in his nice new SUV
  21. Well we decided to go to IB yesterday...Its a 4 hour drive from Cincinnati. We left Harrison at around 8:30 and quickly it was 7:30. Today it was me Rob(Nungester) and Rob' buddy Larry. This was a test for my game boy cause it was about an hour total drive to and from so i wanted to see if the batteries would keep up. We arrived at IB around 11am(IB time not EDT) got a parking space in the free lot. We parked paid the 3 bucks and entered. We then went to the ticket boot and got dual ride sessions plus water park POP passes for today and we headed up for Hoosier Hurricane(42) I road near the back. I wasn't impressed with the ride at all. Very little air and boring. Next we did Cornball Express. Now this I liked. We road in the rear and it had great airtime. Very fun ride. After that it was time to try my hand on a Larson flyers. IB has a no snapping rule. and even the slightest jiggle gets a nasty eyeball. They run them to slow for it to be a problem. After that we did the log flume and headed into the main area of the park I was able to ride every adult ride but 2. Chaos was closed and the yoyo swings Could of been done but it was horridly unconfortable. Next on our coaster list was Tig'ger. This ride has no harnesses lapbelts or seatbelts and is a fun little ride. After that we did Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. This ride makes sob look like a B&M. its bone jarring but hellish fun. We road this about 5 times today. Very fun ride. I recommend forward for the best views. We did there water park. Which isn't much more than a lazy river and some slides and cleaned up lake water. Nice but cant do that too long. After that was Galaxy We also did the double shot which was my 1st S&S ride. Very cool did that around 10 times that day. If you have ridden serpent you road galaxy. its a SDC clone. Den of lost thieves is a great dark ride. I loved it. Frankenstein castle is a walkthough attraction that is pay extra and is well worth it. It puts any fearfest house to shame. Overall had a great day. Drive back was long and boring. But we made it. Got pulled over on cross county for holiday harassment had nothing on us so they trooper didn't get a bonus tongue.gif(reason we were pulled over was a loud muffler which was about to fall off because we hit a huge peice of debirs on the highway and it knocked it almost off but not quite. we knew he was looking for a DUI cause his second question was "did you have anything to drink this evening sirs"? PS just for kicks heres how far we went about 210miles each way. about about 4 hours each way
  22. They did go under. There assets were purchased by a new company and it was restarted under the same name
  23. I have once source higher up in the chain that I asked. Thats all. I post the info as i get it. He does not work for PKI though so he may not be privy to it all.
  24. Now as another source higher up in PP said don't expect them to leave. Expect PKD to get a TRTR like PCW and PCar to get a CDBB Conflicting rumors indeed.
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