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  1. I am just telling whats leaked to me. Its a RUMOR!
  2. School is back in and they don't have the staff to run the place.
  3. I start out in AZ always. Gotta get my SOB rides in. Then I head down to the flyers and then beast. Then its random really. I eat at applebees down the road. I don't eat in the par.
  4. DegenRider

    Flyers gone

    Fresh from my rumor mill here at Gsmasters HQ in lovely Sycamore Township we have some hot rumors. My sources tell me that: Flyers heading to PCW or PCar? Could the flyers head to another paramount park. We know PKD and PGA have em already so that leaves PCW or Pcar? Tiques gone for good. They are not coming back. Guest Services cutbacks in 2005.
  5. I thought Racer was a PTC coaster. According to RCDB.com it is and pki.com Manufacturer Philadelphia Toboggan, Philadelphia, PA
  6. this isnt bushsuckscock or kerryisatrader.com keep it to desktops
  7. We know the cars will be back. KCKC and KC were nightmeres maitance wise. As for PT. I never did like it. Parks cannot live in the past. They have to keep adding new things. Removals are part of that. If you dont have the latest and greatest you will be left behind.
  8. Arrow made Kings Mills Log Flume I forget who redid it.
  9. The frisbee thing is new. They changed the name You can tell by track type. Heres a quick rundown Sob-pki and RCCA Top Gun- Arrow Dynamics(S&S arrow) Face/off -vekoma Adventure Express-Arrow Dynamics Racer-PTC Vortex-Arrow Dynamics Beast-PKI and PTC Reptar Vekoma Beastie PTC Taxi Jam-Miler Coaster, Inc. Flight of Fear Premier Italian Job Premier Scooby- Caripro(Out of Biz I believe) King Cobra Togo Demon Arrow Barvarian Beetle SDC Bat Arrow.
  10. ^dude its 95% windows so most of us will have windows machines
  11. Sling Shot went up pretty fast.
  12. Yeah its the same video they play on IJ:ST site. We had confirmation about 2 weeks ago on the location but thanks!
  13. Alot of us never had the (dis)pleasure of riding that ride. Difference between King Cobra and Vortex is. Arrow's part shop is still open and parts are easlly avalable. Togo went under and was bought by Premier BUT they decided to stop making parts for the standups. Now the sitdown models do have parts avaliable. I think KC was axed to provide parts to the other paramount standup togos at PKD and PCW that are still doing well. While we got the sw33t gaint frisbee.
  14. Boy I'm gonna have to go have a chat with cincinnati bell another Fuse ip adress.
  15. It would be great cause that area is really dead during the winter. Other than work traffic its really empty. It looks weird when I goto the theater up there and see pki closed. Its like a ghost town with the rides sitting silent. You can see Top Gun though the trees. Its odd.
  16. Not really snapper. There arrows and aarow's part shop still exists. They can get parts rather easilly.
  17. Safety systen kicked in. If it was broke down for a long period the people would be evacuated. No biggie.
  18. does it really ever get cold enough to ice skae for long periods?
  19. Print Screen button and paste in paint.
  20. I'll bite My Desktop Heres a little rundown of what I use everyday Mozilla Firefox a better browser than IE AIM and or Gaim if feel like it IncrediMail easy to use and non evasive email client Really good spam fillters PopFille My spam gruard program Spybot Search and Destroy's Tea Timer Rainlendar that calander you see on my desktop, I like to run a pretty clean desktop myself at 1024x768 rez.
  21. Pki_Man Tuneeinbeast Beastfreak Q fo Shame Aaron AZ_KINDA_GUY sobrider Teenage ninja Tanner Dane the chippery
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