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  1. Pki_Man Tuneeinbeast Beastfreak Q fo Shame Aaron AZ_KINDA_GUY sobrider Teenage ninja Tanner Dane the chippery
  2. Going by terms I used when i worked there. Preseason Open-memorial day Season memorial day-middle/end of aug post end of aug-november
  3. Shaggy I was the one who took what you said abou the cars being removed and made it gospel pretty quick. Course I had other infromants backing me up on it when i did so. Plus you were wrong its the end of "full seaon" we will be in "post season in a week or so"
  4. Shaggy you did give the removal away. I just read between the lines. I have learned to listen when you speak cause 99.99999% your correct.
  5. IF you got there after the group had gone up and your not a familar face. I am assumung thats why the asked.
  6. Could call it the "School of rock battle of the bands?"
  7. Its the enthusiast walkback now. Correct me if I am wrong, but are you saying anyone can attend the walkback now? I would love to take a walkback on my trip next week, I just don't want to look like an "bottom" when I am there and they ask for an ACE membership card. Just like the ACE final ride on The Beast last November. I have never been carded. I have never been carded.
  8. DegenRider


    I've heard some of the GENIUS names put on the table. Pat "who is still not fond of CDBB name wise"
  9. DegenRider


    Yarz that is untrue. Here it is from our good buddy shaggy Taken from a post on www.coasterbuzz.com
  10. PKI really doesn't give a peference to coaster clubs other than beastbuzz . They may invite the park enthueasts out but just not ace. Even the ACE walkback can be attended by anyone anymore.
  11. We did have Siebert *gets down on his knees and prays to the god of PR* running the flyers last year. They pull people from everywhere.
  12. Usually the 1st riders are crash test dummy's . Then the designers and Park bigwigs then the workers who built it. Then perhaps the crew. Then the highest bidder.
  13. DegenRider


    Thats what upstops are for.
  14. Sounds like you had a great time. Did the mummy have no go seatbelts? The restaints I assume will be the same on IJ:ST
  15. And when your an admin you can make that choice. For now thats the way we do things here. Tanner is right.
  16. Don't bring back dead topics theif. The PKI police are on the way to your house. we have traced you all the way back. Yogi Bear doesn't take kindly to theifery!
  17. There highly un reliable and why would you take a step back in technology? We already have a Gyro drop why would we want a design that isnt that thrilling, painful and Very maitnance unfriendly?
  18. Do we care nope. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. We like to keep our handels "bottom" clean.
  19. I got pied today http://img39.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img39&image=pied.jpg
  20. most of us HATE the shows. TunedInIsTheBest was banned casuse she made the prefromer unconfortable.
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