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  1. The cars will be back. The speed slides sucked and I prefer the Racing Slides PT was old and really dated. Scooby is cool King Cobra HAD to be removed as it reached the end of its life expectancy KCKC: Flop Why have 2 flumes? Smurfs when you lose the licence you can't use it any more SD: Popularity wained after Vortex was opened. Congo is a good ride. ALL parks change.
  2. We know what the main attraction is going to be but what is some of the other things happening at PKI for 2005 in your opinion? New AT movie? Small flat? HB/nick ride possibly another BB slide? what do you think?
  3. I will say we did have a HUGE group going on Names were forgotten so fill in the blanks if you were with a blue haired freak.
  4. Got to the park at 9 did the goldpass thing. Got in line for the media preview sat down watched it claped went out saw them unvail the new ride at the front of the park went road flyers beast and tower bought some merch and went home. I was wearing my pkiu shirt and had blue hair. toodles
  5. Heres all I am gonna say on the matter. If you don't like it don't come. Please proceed to not post again on the site also. Its going to be a fun ride. I think the theming will be top notch. I think it will be fast fun and exciting. I LIKE IT. PKI doesn't need a huge coaster to bring in the crowds. This is DIFFERENT and thats what counts. Now everyone else ITS OPEN SEASON! Flame away!
  6. This is why entertainment sucks and is scary!
  7. Important part though is its a PEOPLE mover. short lines keep people on the midways and they ride and buy more stuff. It does its job well.
  8. Sorry duder your gonna get lambaseted. Vortex is here to stay. Its a people mover. Its no where neat obsolete. Its from the era before computers. Its here to stay FOF is a full circut coaster Face/off yah its a shuttle big whoop Top Gun: is s a steel coaster just of the supended variety Reptar: suspended variety steel Ghoaster coaster: steel suspended variety Its been shorter than you think.
  9. Hmm thats traspassing Well we know where too look now
  10. DegenRider

    Best Flat

    It was disney world not Ecpcot and MGM. Disneyworld=magic kingdom park
  11. DegenRider

    Best Flat

    thats the same dumbo ride 14 times.
  12. Paging Shaggy to PKIU Paging Shaggy to PKIU. Yeah if its not relocated or put into storage its drestroyed.
  13. RCDB.com Most comprehensive rollercoaster database on the net.
  14. Barvarain beetle is a production coaster called a galaxy made by a firm called SDC. There are many galaxy's out there. BB went into the trash heap though. Pepsi python isnt an exact copy its made by preston.
  15. The fights that broke out are pretty much its death nail.
  16. pkiu staff cameos would be funny.
  17. It promptly busted and is rotting away.
  18. It was answered thats why I closed the topic.
  19. I have it on REALLY good authority that theres no coaster at all. Expect another huss flat.
  20. I agree with you 100%. My back on the other hand does not.
  21. Well I consider myself a crash test dummy. I road both backwards and forwards today. While forwards was worse than SOB. backwards was smooth and airtime filled. I was in the front seat on the rear side and back on forwards.
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