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  1. Ok guys thats harsh lets stop it. Hmm racer is usually pretty good. A good Idea would be to let the park know about it. It hasn't been hot enough for the wood to expand and contract alot. You may have caught it inbettween adjustments. Next time try a front car and see if that helps. Racer is a pretty straight ride it shouldn't bang you too much.
  2. Well this for employees but the employee fourm sucks so I put it here so everyone can comment. Carowinds has made it so you cannot enjoy the park after your shift is over. You can come in on your day off(when is that again?) but not after your shift. Whatya all think? Read about it here
  3. The park will not offer a refund. They may offer different perks if its blantly there fault. PKI has been known to give everyone in the park tickets to return when there is something wrong (IE SOB media day 2000). If your stuck on a ride and evacuated off they sometimes give ya a exit pass or free return ticket.
  4. VH1's new series I love the 90's was being shown for a special screeing at PKI. I saw it today and it was a bit odd. Its an entire show Its almost an hour and its not for people with small kids. It was shown with no commericals and it was good.
  5. The ride in the poster is Vortex at PGA end of story CLOSED
  6. Monsters cannot touch you and there were very few and they are only in coney mall.
  7. Well Given the sucess of Fearfest and the Pumpkin Patch Express last year I would say that PPE will return. PPE goes on during the day and is perfect for young children. In The evening fearfest starts and its PG-13 maybe at best. What are your childrens ages.
  8. ^you can get that stuff for free at 1st aid,
  9. It doesn't really bother most people and the ride doesnt need new trains.
  10. Don't be we all hate the basketballs we just cannot help ourselfs its hard being the SS of the site all the time and we pick on brad cause hes weaker.
  11. Tyson cannot get drunk on the boards anymore.
  12. Have a inflation place outside the gate and CHARGE for it muhahha PATENT PENDING!
  13. Yes the BB's suck. But you said it yourself there cheep prizes.
  14. You forgot to say EXCEPT for Sobriders who stuff we lock away for him because if not he will b**** to drew and get us banned.
  15. Q: When will Vortex be removed A: Not anytime soon. It is still a great ride and a people mover. There is no need to remove it.
  16. The sub par great R food is reserved for park employees.
  17. Classic rides are fun. Bad Iwerx films are not. I dont think Days of thunder really has drawing power as far as names go anyways.
  18. its the B side movie. DOT was really REALLY dated. Plus if you really watch a nascar race the last 50 or so laps are the only exciting ones.
  19. Incorrect Drop zone would of been there but not the Gyro Drop Model. Ours would of been a regular 2nd gen Drop Tower.
  20. Like brad said WRONG! Thats what they thought happned. The lady was drunk.
  21. Not really. Out of the 10's of thousands of guests who come into the park daily did they ride the ride. It looks like they did not ride it. Looks like it was terribly un popular and it was easy to axe.
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