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  1. Yea, but if they keep this up, we wont renew for next year. Our park days are Sundays because it is the only day we don't have things to do on.

    We had plans for a friend and his daughter to go with us on 9/23 and it was the only day available. When I checked a few weeks both Sundays were open.

    KI keeps this up, it will start loosing customers. We have hardly gone this year, and it makes spending almost $1,000 for tickets not worth it for us any longer.

    and the $$ they get from P&G will makeup for the loss of the passes.

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  2. I think the HW folks know what they are doing. You can run both parks and have them appeal to two demographics. The KY park being the thrill park and HW being the traditional park. They can price the KY park right too and keep out the trouble. The SF days it was the cheapest park in the chain for a pass. I could get a pass and did so for many years for less than admission to KI. Price the pass higher and offer visits to Holiday World too and you can get the families and keep out trouble.

    The markets are close enough to be mutually beneficial.

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  3. Oh no a loud motor at Halloween time. Good thing I have my Hitchhikers Guide. I will not panic.. and I remembered my towel. I'm sorry if you run from a chainsaw at a haunt your a moron. You know what your getting into when you buy admission.

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