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  1. Be glad you don't have to do this...

    With no introduction, applicants are asked to play the hokey pokey. Judges, a mix of managers, supervisors, and frontline staff watch what happens. Some candidates might stand and look confused, while others will be into it.


    If I were asked to "play the hokey pokey" during a job interview, I would first look for the hidden camera, then leave.

    I read though that and it was the single dumbest thing I've ever seen for an interview process.

    Then again my KI was straight forward

    1. Fill out app (Back when they had a paper app)

    2. Interview with person.

    3. Find out what I thought would be the best fit.

    4. Get placed

    Of course at 16 that was really hard.

    Professionally I have been though some grueling interviews. I have had enough to know when I'm not gonna be a good fit

  2. ...The things I said I would do if I could control it, are things that existed in the history of Kings Island, but no more. They are things that worked and people enjoyed, and I don't understand why they would take things away that were great...

    Your definition of "worked" must be different than everyone else because if Winterfest "worked" so well then it would have stuck around. Get over it, flash that season pass at some hunnies, and go get in line for WindSeeker because you and I both know you're going to ride it.

    It worked for freezing my ass off and really buying nothing other than a mug on clearance in the spring.

  3. I've had tmobile for about 6 years and Cingular/Ameritech/ATT before that. I am sad that my great customer service will be gone. So will my not locked down phones.

    Only bright side is I'm a Uverse customer so I may be able to bundle all my services

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