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  1. I prefer all smokers are shot on site. Then again that would make a mess.

    What ****es me off more than anything is those basketballs They shouldnt be inflated at all give em a coupon for 2 bucks off a pump or somthing. More than smoking,drinking,mullets,people who think there french Those basketballs.

  2. Depends.

    Someone can ask very nicely and if the people are just a few a head its no problem. If there nasty about it and rude Then I just block the way if they cause a fight then I make enough noise to stop operation of the ride and have security called. I also still know the number to communications and will call security myself if no one notices.

  3. Karen Krekeler, a mother of four young children from Bethel, had been to Kings Island many times and never had any problems in the past, WLWT Eyewitness News 5's Sheree Paolello reported exclusively Tuesday. And she'd never any heart problems in her past, but on Friday, while riding the rollercoaster Top Gun, she suffered a heart attack and died.

    Preliminary autopsy reports showed that Karen Krekeler's heart may have been enlarged and the excitement of the ride, coupled with high blood pressure, may have caused the heart attack. But more tests are being done, Paolello reported. Her funeral is Wednesday morning.



    Credit WLWT Channel 5

  4. The show rocked. I took lots of photo's The link is in my sig for all to see.

    Its nice that he punched santa out too.

    I had great seats. Section 2 row k seat 1. Great time. Getting out was a problem though since i was up front.

  5. Robcoast wanted to goto PKI. I was leary cause PKI on a sat means CROWDS!

    He needed to cash his check. Living in West Chester The nearest Krogers is on Tylersville. He has about a 5 min wait to get his money done. Then it was a straight shot into mason and PKI.

    We pull into the lot around 2pm. We are forced to park over by WaterWorks. We enter though the Water works season pass entrance and go into the park itself via the walkway as the train was packed. We go though HB/nick. We go in though animation station and look around. We go to Scooby doo's haunted Castle and say nah.

    I then here "its Patrick" I turn to see my aunt Pam uncle Bobby My uncle bob and my aunt Patty. I go over say hi. Told them yeah this is the 21st time. I introduce them to Rob. My aunt Pam asks if I see her daughter to give her a message. I said Okay and we parted ways.

    Neither me or Rob had a watch but we saw that the Tomb Raider stunt show was starting so we went and watched. I had seen it Rob had not. He liked it. I filled out a survey for Guest Relations. We mosy over and say lets go ride Flight of Fear. We get there and theres a 1 and a half hour ride. We bailed cause we may not be able to ride (seatbelts are all different sizes!) We are leaving the area discussing Racer and then I don't feel so hot and its a beeline to the Coney Mall restrooms near Lazer Tag. I must of ate some bad peppers cause well I will spare you the details.

    15 mins later I am feeling good. We get in line for Vortex. Vortex is my fav sitdown Arrow multi looper built on the site of The Bat at Kings Island. Its the dark blue people eater smile.gif. It gave a great ride and lots of hang time in the corkscrew. Not any headbanging either.

    (this TR has been pulled into a time warp. We warp ahead 20 mins or so)

    (please watch your step on the way out.)

    After this we went to the Flying Eagles. I had a kid in front of me that screwd up my air so snaps were not great. We road again. Same thing better snappage.

    Pop Break. Rob said he wanted a vannilla Coke and theres only a few places in the park that have the mix. We goto Rivertown get a pop and say lets go see how bad White Water Canyon is. The line was 3 hour+

    We goto Beast. Line was full but the line houses were not open. We Bs about movies makes it go quicker. Back seat ride. I was on left he was on the right. I had a great ride while Rob had a good ride. Got to his back a bit.

    We get a refill of water and Then he takes a pistop. We want to goto Action Zone I need to rest. Feet get tired and hurting (ive had 5 operations on em in 2 years)we sit between Vortex and the flyers and relax a bit.

    We walk to Action Zone. Its been Months since I road Top Gun. We went down and as usual the wait was little (no body knows its back there lol). Front seat Great Ride.

    We decide on SOB now the last time I was with Rob and Road SOB I had to have my back fixed. Today though was different. 40 min for a back seat ride. We get in and were off.....boy the hill seems a bit faster today......HOLY CRAP IM GONNA DIE!....I had great air on SOB. Rob then had better. There was air into the rosebowl as well and helix was intense but not hurt me. Then onto the MCBR. BRAKELESS! Rob screams as we go into the loop for some of the most forcefull G's I've ever had. It kept going faster. It was flying and the trains didnt washboard much at all. People were Extatic and CHEERING! I was breathless (1st time in a long time) We road again and then there was managers waiting. We talked to them and they said the ride has had changes and its running lots better. I am guessing this is the start of somthing new and better. (once again Cutdown on PKIU and there "genuis" ride op who thinks he knows it all) I think if this keeps up SOB can become alot better than what it was. Ran like it never did before.

    We then tested our theory in the front of the train. Same result Fast great and fun. Bought a onride it was so good!

    Rob thought all the lines were cutoff. Action Zone was just dead. We went over to face/off for a walkon ride. Great way to end the night. We filled a form at guest relations telling how good our day was.


    Over all a very good day. Even for how packed it was they moved people very well. Staff was SUPER FRIENDLY. Great shows. A very good day. SOB was a big improvement.


  6. Bad sparky bad sparky goto your room biggrin.gif

    That excuse doesn't cut it anymore! The way it ran today is proof. Plus why were the lapbars replaced if there wasn't somthing wrong. How come today people were loving the ride Cheering not holidng there necks.

    I have been on after major track work Nothing NOTHING was this good. A few days I doubt it. Lines were full of reriders. Park is on to somthing with this. Lines were LONG and this worked. People were moving faster.

    Area managers saying well major work has been done to speed it up and we know its running better now. I don't think it will return to old.

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