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  1. Arrow Sitdown Looper and a Arrow Suspeneded coaster.

    The restaints may be stuck between one click and another and after you leave the mechinism in the station it pops into place. On top gun it doesn't happen since your suspened and the Restaint opener in on the bottom Vortex it happens just cause your between a click. A nogo strap would make the rides unrideable to many people. Vortex is a people mover and it would slow the operation down alot to have to check the belts.

    On most arrows Cept X at SFMM your in a tub as well so your not going anywhere and I believe that X is the only Arrow with a nogo strap.

    The ride can come up 1 click if its between clicks This is why PKI doesn't allow 1 click rides. Anywho all rides have redundant safetey systems in place on trains that will keep them down.

  2. Thanks Sparky I know you visit every day!


    IM working on a pin that says we love jeff and it has his face on it.

    I do have a number of photos of you too sparky hmm Muwhahhaha.

    A pc game with sparky and jeff Ha!...no wait sparky works on the OPERATING Huss ride o well

  3. This one will be laughed out of court.

    The park has a safety system in place once theres bad weather within 10 miles (i think) the park will start telling people to seek shelter. Rides are shut down and people scatter (mostly to either festhaus or front entrance)

    Why was this filed in hamilton county when the park is in warren county and they family was from out of state as well. Seems odd.

    Safety is not common sense.

    Yeah Really 70% of people check there brains at the gate these guys forgot to stop and PICK IT UP ON THERE WAY TO A PARKING LOT WHERES THERSES NOT MANY HIGH THINGS AND LOTS OF METAL!

    The park has a weather station and have managers watching the radar! If these idiots didn't hear it then thats there problem the park blasts its all over the park

    "If you are a multimillion-dollar business, wouldn't you (pay for such a service)?" Ebner asked. "I'm just not mentioning that (the park earns millions) for the concept of deep pockets for the suit."

    Instead, Ebner insists, the big bucks the park rakes in should make it able to afford steps to better protect its patrons.


    has this guy done any reasearch. I hope Paramount's legal team eats this guy alive.

  4. After reading this Click for artical

    She also was allowed on an other, far bigger and faster coaster. Unfortunately, the Beas tie's 38-foot height and 35 mph speed were a little too much for her. She didn't cry (brave kid), but she didn't want to get back on, either

    Why would you put a 22 month old on there. She may have been tall enough but beastie I Thinks a bit too intense for a kid that small what do you think?

    A kid that young had to be terrified of beastie. It goes pretty fast and its not a kiddie coaster as its a junior coaster.

  5. I feel Its a bit more than 1 sided.

    It might cost a little more than staying in a hotel off-site, but watching a fabulous sunset from a deck within literal spitting dis tance of a Great Lake sure made for a relaxing break from putting our lives at risk on rides that soar over 400 feet at speeds of more than 100 mph.

    Light house point is VERY VERY expensive. 2003 Lighthouse Point Cottages and Cabins Price Range: $135 - $245 Cheeper than off-site my arse.

    The folks at Cedar Point are still figuring out how to most ef ficiently operate the roaring Dragster, and waits can last up to three hours. When, that is, the new coaster is actually running.

    It blew a hydraulic valve June 4, and mechanics have been work ing frantically to fix the coaster. As of noon yesterday, the repair had not been made

    Aint that about a b*tch Its been how many days now? over 10 and still not fixed. You would think they would have a extra on hand.

    Much of the park's expanse is almost completely paved over, especially the Paramount Action Zone, and its employees don't have that extra helping of friend liness you find at Cedar Point.

    From what I heard CP's ops are getting as bad as SF also PKI has alot of shaded areas. CP is just the same. They tore out tons of trees for TTD.

    I was less impressed with last year's big ride, Tomb Raider, which is essentially about being turned upside down in the dark and having steam shot into your face.

    Did the guy pay any attention to the massive themeing job they did on this ride? its more than a spin and spew in a box. I don't see any rides like this a CP.

    And none of us, including Par ker, particularly cared for the new Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle, a black-light af fair.

    Did he pay any attention to the themeing once again? The whole ride is a lot more than blacklights. Maybe having a 22 Month old kid on it would be a reason.

    She also was allowed on an other, far bigger and faster coaster. Unfortunately, the Beas tie's 38-foot height and 35 mph speed were a little too much for her. She didn't cry (brave kid), but she didn't want to get back on, either

    Why would u take a kid thats not even 2 on beastie tell me please?

    Little kids will like the them ing at Kings Island, and teenag ers will go for the multitude of thrills at Cedar Point. Cedar Point's premium steel coasters are matched by Kings Island's fantastic array of wooden ones

    Last time I checked we had some pretty good steel rides also. I dont see anything about SB3D in there or wild thronberrys river adventure or Reptar?

    Nothing about a ride thats wonderful like the Flying eagles (which CP doesnt have). Or how you can actually ride more than 3 rides during your day at PKI.

    Nothing about the abismal waits at CP. 3 and 4 hours for some rides. 2 and 3 for rides like mean squeek.

    Hes from cleveland and he wouldn't put over the PKI cause his home park is CP.

    I really like the balanced water park artical that was in the paper about 2 years ago. Thats a way to write a artical.

  6. I would make skyflyer free for a week just so I could see my "friends" who work on the ride suffer.

    all merchindise would be sold at employee(maybe Merch employee) prices!

    Free Coke for a week

    Tie a certain PR guy up to the guess your speed game in coney next to That lone food stand and flightcommanders old line and watch the fun begin.

    Put a a guy who works at skyflyer whos name begins with a E and ends with a K in a pit of spiders.

    Flyers closed to public for a week long flyers show staring frequent flyers.

    Beast crew would be paid double all week while tomb raider crew would take a pay cut to make up for it.

    Tomb raider would be gone because of a mysterious fire I set (hey im a quee...I mean king I am law!)

    Delirium would have all the seat sensors replaced(id even make sparky work all night to have it done) so that I could ride and not be smushed in like a smushed thing.

    Take KC parts and Put them as decorations over Action Zone.

    Drop zone. 1 longer seatbelt for myself!

    FOF crew would be put on steriods to bulk up and i would have the floors replaced (StXbomber Im a king so your child labor laws mean nothing and you would help Steel coaster maintance do it!) so I could ride with no problems again.

    Find the old train have it fixed up (once again all nighter if it has to be that way) and have it on the transfer tracks to scare the living hell out of the riders.

    Personally remove the trims from beast for the week and do such a bad job of removing them that they could never have trims again.


    (tell me where that comes from and win a prize!)

    Dragonlord promoted and given a gun for the hell of it.

    and finally as a king All line jumpers would be shot on site. Smokers would be set on fire. Litterers would be thrown in a compactor. Security would bruitally beat up jerks(including employees).

    and Finally again! to anybody thats a PKIU fourm poster FREE ADMISSION!

  7. New trains wouldnt do jack. Vortex was before the age of the computer transitions on arrows arent known to be the smoothest in the world you must learn how to ride it. Ron toomer never road his rides he built them for enjoyment of other people so he never knew how bad some of em actually are. Vortex is one of the better arrow loopers.

  8. I came up to PKI for the 1st time in about a week and a half. It wasn't going to be super crowded but nice days bring people.

    I 1st road SOB the new Bars are REALLY nice and confortable I loved it. To me though, it just didn't feel right. Everything was running fine it was just me. I came back not pumped up just sick.

    I went on recaR next while the ride was flying I felt again it wasn't doing it. i just held on the hand bar.

    I went down to the flyers next. I noticed they cut about 30 seconds. The ride stopps just as your getting the height to snap.

    By this point I was ill and not having fun.

    I went down to Wild thronberries to get wet cause i was hot. I then went to WWC and got soaked still didnt feel better.

    I was staying over at my buddy tim's house and he had to work thats why i was there. I called my mom and had her pick me up.

    A bad bad trip

  9. What I heard maybe by the weekend.

    Heres what Shaggy has to say over from Coasterbuzz

    The addition of lap-bars with "flat sides" to SOB is a reality. It is the same thing that HW and SFSTL did with the lap bars on Boss and Legend's G-trains (when Legend still had one.) In order to minimize side-to side leg banging, new lap bars were installed on those trains that used flat steel on the sides rather than rounded steel. Also, the flat sides had a thick foam "pad" added for side-to-side leg cushoning.

    From what I understand, the new lap-bars on Sonny will have flat sides with foam padding, along with a less cumbersome lap pad unit.

    However, contrary to urban legend, the lap bars are not being altered into "t" bars ala an Intamin train. To further explain, the new restraints will not have a single bar extending between the legs.

    Because of TUV and various other insurance and safety standards that PKI uses, they will utilize a lap-bar restraint system on a looping coaster only if the restraint completely surrounds both legs. That is pretty much standard practice when it comes to coasters with inversions that operate with lap-bar restraints.

    I am most curious to see what PKI does with the floor of the SOB trains. IMO, that is where the problem with comfort lies. I did experience some side-to-side leg banging, but nothing that warranted a massive restraint re-design IMO. The larger problem at hand is the uncomfortable positioning of one's feet. The floors had wooden "blocks" added under the rubber matting a season or two ago in attempt to limit the movement of the lower portion of the rider's bodies. But most importantly, they were added to keep riders seated in a perfect "Z" position.

    The ideal riding position, according to many ride manufacturers, safety instectors and insurance groups is the "Z" position. This situates a rider so that their knees are raised higher than their butts. The desired effect is restricting the movement of the rider, while stabilizing their backs, spine, legs and feet.

    To furthur ensure the "Z" position on SOB, last year PKI installed additional padding to the front edge of the seats on SOB. That is why you feel like you are sitting into a hole when you first climb in. Because the front of the seat is much higher than the back. It is not uncommon. Most modern day steel coaster trains all utilize this.... B&M, Vekoma, even Intamin all create seats that seat riders in that shape. The difference is, the seats by those manufacturers were originally designed in that manner so that they slant backwards. SOB has been a piece-meal attempt at achieving something Premier should have been smart enough to think about when designing the trains.

    Dont be mad at me shaggy biggrin.gif

  10. After a quick day at school and a even quicker ride home to change shoes i arrived at pki at 4:10.

    Place was crowded because of schools being there. They did die at after 6.

    I arrived and went to the flyers. I did ok in tub 4 Not alot of great pops but I did well non the less.

    Went back in again. I chatted with some kids from Indy and they wanted to know how I did it. I gave them a rundown of it and they started doing decent.

    I got good old number 8 and it was kicking. Constant and hard pops.

    Then I took a walk around and mosied around waterworks. They were empty. I was in the wave pool for a bit but I didnt have swimming stuff on so i didnt get too wet just soaked my feet. I bsed with a cashier in a store cause he was bored out of his mind for almost a hour (without buying squat). I left via the train for rivertown.

    Walked on beast got a good ride in the back seat breaks weren't so bad cause the train was empty.

    Then I walked by a game where you could win a scooby firefighter and I won. Then up to the flyers again.

    Flyers I had good old reliable number 8 and this time I was trimming trees hard pops every kind of maivure you could imagine. I timed it so I stalled out in front of the line.

    I was hungry and got some skyline and a Coke

    Then to dogems they were speeding up well today not great but well.

    Then to recaR were I had a great ride with a full train and lots of air.

    I then made my way over to SOB

    To my suprise they were 1 train operation. I looked on the transfer track and they were installing THE NEW LAPBARS!

    they look comfortable.

    I wanted to fly. So I plopped my 10 bucks down and just as the were putting the stuff away i walked up laugh.gif They had to stop suit me up and get me ready to fly. I was up there quick. I enjoyed the view a bit then I pulled the cord and flew. I wish i had water ballons like on discovery I think I could of hit the water tower.

    I did some funny stuff like woo im superman and mommy im a bridie. Funny stuff. I had 15 mins left I booked it over to scooby doo

    On the way I won a green frog for my buddy Tim and got in right b4 it was closing. Jeff from FOF/Z was behind me we caught up a bit and road togeather. I had a 1460 and he had a 1790 I was teaching him the entire time but not bad. Then we walked out and BSED for a bit.

    Stopped at Guest relations Beast/Flyers crew got props. Would of hit up skyfler but they were already gone tongue.gif

    Got home and had a Coke and im beat. I SHOULD be back tomarrow.

  11. The Beast/SOB war will go on for AGES! Personally I like SOB and its one of the smoothest woodies out there. I like beast too Its hard to ride alone though.

  12. This was a quickie get moms pass done and leave.

    We went though pass processing. Then she had to see delirum so we saw that.

    Then we had a quick ride on top gun

    Time in park 25 mins

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