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  1. I don't think we're hitting a junction of the community falling apart, the supressed working class plotting to overthrow the Bourgeoisie or any kind of poltically driven assassination attempts. The sad fact of the matter is that on this or any message board you're going to have a small handful of people who have such trivial existances that they must make a contrary point (whatever it may be) on any subject matter. Just like in real life, ignore them and move on.

    Thats what you think Ryan...

  2. The rides are in the front of the Zoo almost totally separate from the zoo itself.. There is the animal encounters stage but that's it for the animals in Jungle Jacks Landing. The rides cost 8 dollars on top of zoo admission and the waterpark is around 25 bucks it can be pricey however its very well done.



    Awesome sign

  3. Yesterday was a wonderfully warm day and it was my moms birthday. She wanted to go see the polar bears at the zoo so I figured for her birthday to go ahead and take her up.

    Walking into the Zoo I see that they still have trams


    After renewing my membership for the year we entered the park and decided to walk around Jungle Jacks Landing to test out my new camera.

    The rides would open later in the day however right now the pathway was open and we were free to walk around.

    Walking in the 1st thing you see is the Log flume


    Looking around the station it looks like it wasn't ready for the season yet. I didn't see any logs in and the water was filthy.

    Next up I walked by the flyers. I road these last year and they are snappable however I didn't ride them today


    Walking around again was Journey to Zanzibar


    As I walked around the area You can see the jungle trek car ride


    Once again it didn't look ready to open. Funny enough they were running a 2 for 1 special today because I it looked like a lot of the rides weren't quite ready yet.

    I decided to test my camera out some and took a picture of the large slide complex in the water park


    Speaking of the water park the gate was open to the main entrance. I stuck my camera in and grabbed a quick shot.


    Next we walked towards the kids area towards Sea Dragon



    Next up was the frog hopper and Sea Dragon.

    Sea Dragon spent most of last year in rehab. However this morning it looks like it was ready to go


    We walked by a ready to go Gibbons


    Then the scrambler


    Then as we finished our circle we went by the safari cars


    Walking back around they had birds on leashes!

    Here is an owl being all like what..


    Then there was this ferret looking thing


    Then there was the sparrow...and some outlets


    Then there is the Turkey Vulture


    As we were walking back we saw the Flamingo parade


    One of the shows the zoo does is the Cheetah & dog show


    They tell the stories that the dogs are used to scare off the Cheetahs but these two have been raised together and they seem to get together well enough although the dog is a bit crazy.

    The Cheetahs are still young and growing but this is a cat I wouldn't mess with



    The keepers told me the cheetah kept eying the kids because it would be easy prey.

    The dog on the other hand loved all the attention.


    We then walked back to the North America part of the zoo to see the polar bears. As we were walking up we saw the Bison


    Right at the railroad crossing is the solar house which is being built by OSU and the zoo


    After waiting for the train to cross we were in to Polar Frontier


    The area itself is very well themed out


    Even the employee only area signs are well thought out


    Next we walked into the "mine" down to the under water viewing area.


    There is tons of fish in the water for the bear to eat. How ever today the bear wasn't fishing


    from here you can walk up to the "living room". This area is setup with TV's showing the polar bears. A gift shop, and a really neat display showing the ice caps melting,.




    Walking towards the outdoor viewing area we got to see the polar bear



    I got to see the brown bear too


    As we went towards the exit there is the Arctic fox


    It was ultra crowded in the area so we made our way back down and out of the zoo.

    It was a fun couple of hours and the new exhibit was very fun and informative.

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