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  1. Clerks should be required viewing as well as Clerks 2 and office space. But it is true the customer is always wrong you just let them think they are right so t hey don't complain to your boss.

    I do IT support for a living now and the phrase is "The customer is brain dead" and if they utter the phrase " I know computers" your in for an especially long call.

  2. I stopped eating Arby's after working there not because it was nasty but because when you smell the stuff all day every day it loses its taste. Arbys always reminded me of the movie "Clerks" cause we had a lot of different characters come in over the 2 years I spent there. Not only customers but employee's

  3. Actually I think it would cut the crap down more if they had a few big bruisers in a black t-shirt that look like bouncers. I've seen security be laughed at by groups of kids when they get caught. A few big burly people would make trouble makers think twice.

    As for lunch there has been MANY times I brought a PB&J with me. I go get a cup of water and go eat. Security has seen me and just commented that it had to be better than what the park serves.

  4. Its funny that SIX flags offers the service and everyone complains that they try to nickel and dime you. They are starting to look better and better. Free Wi-fi at SFMM. Free Cell phone charging. Free merch holding service. I think some of those things can really help from a customer service perspective.

  5. I am saddened to hear that you had a bad day at the park. Sometimes Things can get off to a bumpy start. With the seatbelt situation I have made the walk of shame many times myself. Cedar Fair tends to err on the side of caution when making requirements for seatbelts. In our sue happy society this has to happen. Nothing made me madder than trying to ride Vortex last year and being denied. I was mad but it is now a goal to be able to ride it when i make it down later this year.

    The weather is going to be nice the next few days. Walk with her and try to help her. 10 turns into 15 and so on rather quickly if you have help.

    As for the food. Everything has gone up these days and there is only so much cost they can eat while still trying to make money. Yeah I know the markup on crap is bad but hey you gotta make money somehow!

  6. Over at TPR the GM of SFMM explained it pretty good. The lockers are there to keep the rides moving. They are working on improving dispatch times and this is a big way you can do it. I remember back when I worked at the park there would always be that 1 person who held the entire train up. The 1 dollar charge is there for upkeep of the lockers and to pay the staff they have there to help people. Basically he put it like this "If I wanted to nickel and dime you to death I'd charge 5-6 dollars for the lockers. You must remember the lockers are from an outside vendor. They use an outside vendors for their strollers. Its the same vendor. They have the big lockers that you can rent for the day in the front of the park still. They don't want someone coming up with a backpack full of stuff and leaving it there. Not only does it slow the train down they also get yelled at if its stolen. They wanna keep there lines moving and I think this is a good way to do it.

    Infact heres the quote

    The video is the very first cycle of new X2 train. We did not have a ton of time to prepare for the video, or to contact Robb to come and film it for us. I had thought you might appreciate seeing the very first cycle of the train. We are already working with Robb to come and shoot both our 1st and 2nd train that has already taken a few test cycles to date.

    Several weeks ago we contracted a professional to come shoot the commercial footage, which we will use in future commercials. We have scheduled that shoot to take place as we are nearing the end of the project.

    As for the lockers…, come on guys, if I wanted to make money, I would charge you five dollars to store your belongings. We are not forcing anyone to use the lockers. We are doing our very best to make sure you do not enter the queue line with loose articles. My only intent here is to train riders to not bring anything into a line or onto a ride. My suggestion, don’t bring anything with you that you can’t secure in your pocket! It is that simple. If it was feasible, we would have these lockers at all of the rides. The sole purpose is to increase capacity! Sole purpose! Remember, Tatsu last summer consistently had 6 minute and 30 second dispatch times… Unacceptable! We have made vast strides to reduce this number and have been very successful to date.

    You may ask about gifts and souvenirs, we have a “free” package pickup you can use to store the items you purchase. We have lockers you can access all day long for 17, 13, or 9 dollars depending on the size you want.

    I am not looking to nickel and dime the guests. How much do you pay to access the internet at Cyber Café? How much does it cost to go to the Magic of the Mountain Museum at the Sky Tower? How much is Package Pickup again? That's right... all FREE!

    I have no problem defending the value proposition here at our park. We are a phenomenal value and working hard each day to make it that much more enticing! I am just blown away that this continues to be a sore subject with many of you… especially after we have continued to deliver on so many improvements at the park this season.

    Guys, I CARE so much about this park! Just as each of you do! If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be coming to this thread. But please, be patient! I can’t share many of our plans, but certainly… or hopefully, you can all see that we are heading in the right direction. We never claimed to be perfect! We did say we were working towards it!

    Keep the Faith,


    Jay Thomas

    Park President

    Six Flags Magic Mountain &

    Hurricane Harbor

    Six flags has a suvenier pickup service thats free. They will hold on to what you buy all day and when you leave you just pick it up. I don't see why people leave glasses in the station. I wear eye glasses and ive never once had them fall off on any ride.

    As for the shows not all of them are videos. A lot of the Dick Clark stuff is going for there in line TV's. Its still a good move to help money being tossed down the drain.

    Another example of what will turn the park around is that they have crews that "own" there ride. They have them care. Heck there B&M parking lot coaster scream had balloons on its lift hill for its birthday last week. Its a little touch but the crew wanted to do it. you make your crew's care about the rides they will work hard to make it look good. Now if they can get this to happen chain wide then people would come back.

    People will go cause its close to home and then word of mouth will spread. Good service is good service. Thats what will save six flags. They are in a rough patch now but brighter days are ahead.

    It takes more than a few years to clean up 10+ years of crappy managment

    They could of built it into the ticket price like holiday world does with its "free drinks, parking and sun lotion" or they can charge the ones who use it a buck.

  7. Funny enough Six flags looks to be making great moves to bring in more guests and turn around. The things they have done out at SFMM are amazing. I have been watching the transformation over at TPR and wow color me impressed. The X2 revamp gives new life into a ride that still can draw but had issues. Now with newer lighter trains it should be a people eater.

    The sky tower has been transformed into a time capsule with alot of things from the parks past brought back. Rides are getting painted and rehabbed correctly. They are getting rid of rides that are maintance nightmares.

    Those tony hawk coasters and Batman rides are cheap cheap spinning mice. They are fun rides though. Bringing in new shows as well as generally making the parks look nicer is what will bring Six flags back up this year.

    Sadly I don't think Kentucky Kingdom will make it though the year. The entire back of the park is closed. They just got nailed by a maintance person saying they didn't inspect the rides properly. I could very well see a water park only SFKK.

    But six flags is on the right track CF is off the tracks.

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