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  1. Over at TPR the GM of SFMM explained it pretty good. The lockers are there to keep the rides moving. They are working on improving dispatch times and this is a big way you can do it. I remember back when I worked at the park there would always be that 1 person who held the entire train up. The 1 dollar charge is there for upkeep of the lockers and to pay the staff they have there to help people. Basically he put it like this "If I wanted to nickel and dime you to death I'd charge 5-6 dollars for the lockers. You must remember the lockers are from an outside vendor. They use an outside vendors for their strollers. Its the same vendor. They have the big lockers that you can rent for the day in the front of the park still. They don't want someone coming up with a backpack full of stuff and leaving it there. Not only does it slow the train down they also get yelled at if its stolen. They wanna keep there lines moving and I think this is a good way to do it. Infact heres the quote Six flags has a suvenier pickup service thats free. They will hold on to what you buy all day and when you leave you just pick it up. I don't see why people leave glasses in the station. I wear eye glasses and ive never once had them fall off on any ride. As for the shows not all of them are videos. A lot of the Dick Clark stuff is going for there in line TV's. Its still a good move to help money being tossed down the drain. Another example of what will turn the park around is that they have crews that "own" there ride. They have them care. Heck there B&M parking lot coaster scream had balloons on its lift hill for its birthday last week. Its a little touch but the crew wanted to do it. you make your crew's care about the rides they will work hard to make it look good. Now if they can get this to happen chain wide then people would come back. People will go cause its close to home and then word of mouth will spread. Good service is good service. Thats what will save six flags. They are in a rough patch now but brighter days are ahead. It takes more than a few years to clean up 10+ years of crappy managment They could of built it into the ticket price like holiday world does with its "free drinks, parking and sun lotion" or they can charge the ones who use it a buck.
  2. Funny enough Six flags looks to be making great moves to bring in more guests and turn around. The things they have done out at SFMM are amazing. I have been watching the transformation over at TPR and wow color me impressed. The X2 revamp gives new life into a ride that still can draw but had issues. Now with newer lighter trains it should be a people eater. The sky tower has been transformed into a time capsule with alot of things from the parks past brought back. Rides are getting painted and rehabbed correctly. They are getting rid of rides that are maintance nightmares. Those tony hawk coasters and Batman rides are cheap cheap spinning mice. They are fun rides though. Bringing in new shows as well as generally making the parks look nicer is what will bring Six flags back up this year. Sadly I don't think Kentucky Kingdom will make it though the year. The entire back of the park is closed. They just got nailed by a maintance person saying they didn't inspect the rides properly. I could very well see a water park only SFKK. But six flags is on the right track CF is off the tracks.
  3. At least they were being used for something instead of being tossed in the trash.
  4. That entire area from Blizzard river back needs to be re configured and I hope thats what they are doing there was like 7 different paths to get back there 4 of em dead ended 2 of them left you in the middle of the road.
  5. Yes lets bring back crap no one cares about or some of the crap no one remembers. YES! BRILLIANT!
  6. I haven't seen ANYTHING on the dry side. everything is going to be water park based. I bet 2009 will see the dry side
  7. I got bored yesterday and decided to take a drive to the zoo and see the progress on the new Water park. I didn't get any photos but WOW this is going to be a great addition to the zoo. Everything is going up very fast. I only drove around the parking lot but I haven't seen much on the dry park end of it. I don't know whats going to happen with that yet. Hopefully I'll take a visit to the zoo once the weather gets nicer and grab some photos. Other than that way too nasty to go in the zoo so not a great TR i know.
  8. I'd hate to say it especally cause I REALLY liked The villain but the price for scap metal makes it a nice to just sell to the scrap yard and walk away with the cash. Its six flags investment so Cedar Fair makes money any way it goes.
  9. Thing is would an e-stop matter? I'm no expert but im pretty sure the rides failsafe is the magnetic breaks. If the cable would of snapped the ride would have just fallen down since there was no cable holding it up. I know a e-stop would of prevented it from falling after it had reached the top but if it was in mid climb it would just of fallen unless the catch car had another set of cables. Once again idle speculation.
  10. The place looks neat. Next time I am in Cincy I will have to come and check it out.
  11. Something tells me Viacom's licensing division will be plenty happy to take Cedar Fairs money. Just like the have at mall of America.
  12. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=72...+roller+coaster
  13. I am going to have to give a C- The crews. I am sorry they were not very good this year. Very slow. The bad The prices for food were WAY too high. I never ate in the park once this year due to it. The lack of trams except for Haunt theme. Haunt itself was very lame and not all that great other than dead awakening. Some of the houses were downright empty. Needless seatbelts on everything. Vortex and Top Gun have no need for them as they have ran for years without them just fine. Plus they seemed to be "nut crushers" on some people now as they hit the crotch now. Service. The lack of service in admissions on my last visit took the cake. They had NO idea what the specials were and were downright rude when I told them the correct things. The good Firehawk- This is only half good cause I had ridden it before at GL and while its nice to have you can tell it was done at the last second and they grabbed whatever fencing and stuff that had sitting at Cedar Point and used it down here. Also the lack of shade in the line. We had a REALLY hot summer this year and while rides like IJ have the nice full cover shade. This had partial useless shade. Son of Beast While its the best its been in years....i miss the loop an it really could of stayed if they would of taken a look down at Kentucky Kingdom GL trains. They are very similar to the G trains but have a ankle bar that helps keep you in. KIC day. That was a really good day.
  14. Thank god the brakes in the 2nd half are useless.
  15. Ryan, The free ticket thing is bull cause i gave it to my brother and he got in just fine. I had a 07 pass and got it. I am not coming back down from Columbus again to go and get screwed over if I bring friends with me. I know taco bell is right up the road and all but Friday ****ed me off pretty good. The SUPERVISOR came over and put the override in for the ticket. The supervisors should know or hey....PRINT OUT THE DEALS? at the admissions counter let them have a printout of the deals going on.
  16. They messed me up last night too. I wanted to get the discount they gave me a ticket with a 07 pass and then made me pay full price for the next one
  17. I am guessing a late 80's car...since it was scrapped.
  18. Pat knows food. While they are good the ones up at renfest are better.
  19. New for 2008! Season Pass Perks Admission now only 11.00 per visit! We charge your credit card $10 for a pass "fee" every time your pass used! Park at Mason High School and walk for only $62.00(Not liable for towing charges) food deal! buy a cardboard box of a Larosas's box and get a free cup of water for only 23.95(pizza and cup not included.) NEW! Enjoy your new Front of the line speed pass...only 89.99(please note not good on days ending with "day") Boomerang Bay...only $43.00 extra. Ride restraints only $60 a ride! Its a great time for Kings Island helping Cedar Fair pay off its debt by alienating the local audience since 2007!
  20. Could also be that winters in Canada are really cold so they want to get as much done before the weather gets bad and they can't work on it.
  21. Woah CONEY ISLAND? Up until 15 years ago mason was nothing but KI and farms. Still I love Coney..They need thems a woodie.
  22. ^ as fun as the CHMC days were it always sucked the lines were really long.
  23. Just because we didn't work out Ryan doesn't mean you shouldn't regret it. I mean you have a woman chasing you down right now.
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