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  1. I agree with you. BRING BACK KING"S ISLAND HISTORY! Some of the changes were good, but more of the changes were NOT! Bring back all Hanna Barbara characters, the pioneer train ride, the old timer shops, the Hanna Barbara Land which is now The Scooby Doo Haunted House, The Witches cauldron, The parking lot trolley. Some of the past is still there, but alot of it left and needs to be brought back.

    Yes lets bring back crap no one cares about or some of the crap no one remembers. YES! BRILLIANT!

  2. I got bored yesterday and decided to take a drive to the zoo and see the progress on the new Water park. I didn't get any photos but WOW this is going to be a great addition to the zoo. Everything is going up very fast. I only drove around the parking lot but I haven't seen much on the dry park end of it. I don't know whats going to happen with that yet. Hopefully I'll take a visit to the zoo once the weather gets nicer and grab some photos.

    Other than that way too nasty to go in the zoo so not a great TR i know.

  3. Thing is would an e-stop matter? I'm no expert but im pretty sure the rides failsafe is the magnetic breaks. If the cable would of snapped the ride would have just fallen down since there was no cable holding it up. I know a e-stop would of prevented it from falling after it had reached the top but if it was in mid climb it would just of fallen unless the catch car had another set of cables.

    Once again idle speculation.

  4. I am going to have to give a C-

    The crews. I am sorry they were not very good this year. Very slow.

    The bad

    The prices for food were WAY too high. I never ate in the park once this year due to it.

    The lack of trams except for Haunt theme.

    Haunt itself was very lame and not all that great other than dead awakening. Some of the houses were downright empty.

    Needless seatbelts on everything. Vortex and Top Gun have no need for them as they have ran for years without them just fine. Plus they seemed to be "nut crushers" on some people now as they hit the crotch now.

    Service. The lack of service in admissions on my last visit took the cake. They had NO idea what the specials were and were downright rude when I told them the correct things.

    The good

    Firehawk- This is only half good cause I had ridden it before at GL and while its nice to have you can tell it was done at the last second and they grabbed whatever fencing and stuff that had sitting at Cedar Point and used it down here. Also the lack of shade in the line. We had a REALLY hot summer this year and while rides like IJ have the nice full cover shade. This had partial useless shade.

    Son of Beast

    While its the best its been in years....i miss the loop an it really could of stayed if they would of taken a look down at Kentucky Kingdom GL trains. They are very similar to the G trains but have a ankle bar that helps keep you in.

    KIC day. That was a really good day.

  5. Ryan,

    The free ticket thing is bull cause i gave it to my brother and he got in just fine. I had a 07 pass and got it. I am not coming back down from Columbus again to go and get screwed over if I bring friends with me. I know taco bell is right up the road and all but Friday ****ed me off pretty good. The SUPERVISOR came over and put the override in for the ticket. The supervisors should know or hey....PRINT OUT THE DEALS? at the admissions counter let them have a printout of the deals going on.

  6. A quick side note before I begin...I am a FORMER employee in the department of admissions back when Parmount owned the park. So I don't necessarily have any sort of loyalty to the department anymore, and certainly not the company it is run by. I'm not necessarily the best one to answer questions, but since the admissions department is not currently represented on KIC, I guess I'm the next best thing.

    I went to the park last night for Halloween Haunt. I had a great time and a trip report may be coming, but I wanted to get the ticketing info out there first. While the overall night was really fun, getting into the park was something a little different.


    My aunt and I went straight to the ticket window as soon as we got there. She had a 2008 pass that she wanted to use to get a free ticket to get in for that night. The admissions associate, Jimmy, who by the way is a GREAT guy that I worked with when I was there, knew nothing of the free ticket. He called over his supervisor, who I did not know, and she also knew nothing of it. But there was a guy who works in marketing directing people in the ticket line and he came over and not only knew about the offer, but knew how to do it on the computer. So, anyways, she got her free ticket but only after the supervisor imput her information into the system. They are not letting associates print the comp tickets for the free day in October. They do scan your pass and they do electronically keep track to see if you've already got your free ticket, so don't try anything fancy because I can gurantee it won't work. But, again, admissions was totally clueless as to what was going on. I felt a little ashamed of my former department. I will say this though, this was the first day that the new policies really came into affect. I think after today it should be better.

    How to bring a friend FREE during October

    This one has already been discussed in a way, so I'm only confirming that it works. This only works if you have a 2007 pass and, thus, have no need for a free ticket. You also must have an '08 pass, obviously, to get the ticket. So here's how to do it: Go and get your free ticket and then give it to anyone of your choosing. No personal information, including your picture, is associated with the comp tickets they print. Literally anyone you choose can use it.


    The Admissions Department was also clueless to this offer. Once again, the marketing guy knew about it. But there was still a problem. I tried to buy two tickets at $14.95 for my cousin and her boyfriend, but the computer would not allow it. I knew that I had read you could buy up to SIX at that price. The marketing guy even disagreed with me on that one. So in order to get two tickets, I used my 2007 pass to get one, and my aunt used her 2008 pass to get one. So it doesn't matter if you have an '07 or '08 pass, you can buy discount tickets regardless. But the problem still remains that it seems like you can only buy one. But we were trying to get multiple tickets with one pass on a single order. However, I'm betting that you can get six tickets but they can't all be on the same order. I'm kicking myself for not trying to use my pass both times to get the tickets, which should be totally "legal" in the first place but I didn't try it. It seems like they have some bugs to work out, and really I'm the one that was bugged by the whole thing, now that I'm just a paying customer.

    Instead of posting the same information as someone else, read this: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11111 (By the way, it IS the Return Visit booth that you have to go to in order to do this. It's in the park across from the lockers.) I can't BELIEVE that I didn't think to do this before it was too late. Because my dad had a ticket last week and I could have upgraded his ticket to a season pass. But I don't know if it would have gone in as an upgrade from my '07 pass and I might not have got my free parking. Now, however, there are UNCONFIRMED reports that they are giving free parking for next season whether it's an upgrade from an '07 pass or not. This method works best if this is your first season pass and you can definitely finagle two free visits instead of one. I discovered this, because of my expereince in the department, but was deciding wether to post it or not so I'm glad that I don't have to make the moral decision anymore. lol

    They have run out of the vouchers for free jackets, too, I was informed by Jimmy. I would say as long as you have your pass, and as long as you have a copy of the printout you used to get your pass, you shouldn't have a problem. Even though they will take your paper when you get your pass processed, make sure to keep a copy somwhere either a printout or just keep it on your computer somewhere until you need it.

    That's all for now, but if I think of anything else I'll be sure to post it. Please also post questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

    They messed me up last night too. I wanted to get the discount they gave me a ticket with a 07 pass and then made me pay full price for the next one

  7. Flying Carpets/Scrappy's Slide is sitting in the old Lesordesville (Sp?) Lake park near Monroe Ohio. As we all know, Flying Eagles is at Carowinds, and, the old monorails from the Lion Counry Safari are at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, Ohio.

    Unfortunately, the location of my namesake is presently unknown....LOL!!!!!

    I am guessing a late 80's car...since it was scrapped.

  8. New for 2008!

    Season Pass Perks

    Admission now only 11.00 per visit!

    We charge your credit card $10 for a pass "fee" every time your pass used!

    Park at Mason High School and walk for only $62.00(Not liable for towing charges)

    food deal! buy a cardboard box of a Larosas's box and get a free cup of water for only 23.95(pizza and cup not included.)


    Enjoy your new Front of the line speed pass...only 89.99(please note not good on days ending with "day")

    Boomerang Bay...only $43.00 extra.

    Ride restraints only $60 a ride!

    Its a great time for Kings Island helping Cedar Fair pay off its debt by alienating the local audience since 2007!

  9. Other than forgetting my memory card I had a BLAST.

    Just showed up randomly and ended up hanging out with SOB tom and his fiance'. The events were great.

    Dane, Ryan next year dress casual. You both looked like the living dead by The Beast tour.

  10. Let me see if i remember how to do the GR spin..

    Ladies and gentlemen these attractions are down and I expect a long wait for them to re open. No sir I do not know why the lift is smoking. Please check back later and if the ride has not been tottally engulfed in flames the ride may be re open. As for drop zone. It is missing what pulls it up so sadly you cannot ride. Sir I am sorry that little Johnny is tall enough now.

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