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  1. Let me see if i remember how to do the GR spin.. Ladies and gentlemen these attractions are down and I expect a long wait for them to re open. No sir I do not know why the lift is smoking. Please check back later and if the ride has not been tottally engulfed in flames the ride may be re open. As for drop zone. It is missing what pulls it up so sadly you cannot ride. Sir I am sorry that little Johnny is tall enough now.
  2. Its the rumor SMASHER c'mon. Drop Zone has been struck more than once. The lighting rod usually does the trick but sometimes it gets the tower itself. Son of Beast has rods all over it but once again sometimes lightning hits the metal wheel guide on the track. Cables are parts aren't they?
  3. They usually try and get a spot for you or hold the same spot.
  4. Channel 12 confirms http://www.local12.com/content/breaking_ne...64-ce0006b1a3a6
  5. Looks like the Sheraton is getting an indoor waterpark. I drove by they hotel on Chester road and saw water slides. any information?
  6. They had to think of a bird they hadn't used yet for a coaster.
  7. So wait you got to ride that or did you just wait in line for it to break down?
  8. its the POV that used to be on the website back when they had POV on there.
  9. I am offically done with this ride. Hell I have changed my name to show it.
  10. Why overhaul the website completely when you don't have too? Seems like an easy job just to add some new images and then go in and change as needed.
  11. Removing steel venom and X-Flight 2 basically production coasters for a ride that had to have extensive land work done to put it in isn't exactly a great plan.
  12. id assume they would let you get the all ohio parking pass. Thats just me could be wrong
  13. I wouldn't say new...Recently rehabbed
  14. You guys are close...but in the wrong place. I mean they are just putting another pump in for water. I see the clues. Cedar Fair likes to try to correct mistakes. Of course a huge ride coaster is impossible. But what would it take for a small flat ride from another park? some power ran and some concrete. I mean they even save the lines from there old rides. It would be easy to toss something up Maybe near IJ's empty back end...thats where I'd look for clues
  15. I am a bit too happy eh? Remember I'm still dead..thats just what I tell the creditors.
  16. Ah but you see there has been 1 conversion to vekoma floorless trains. Too bad they cannot use the front row due to roughness and the fact they had to redig up alot of the land for new clearances. Top Gun did have some new stuff below it last week for the theme section. Anywho parts are plentul and the ride is in great shape...though it could use a paint job back to its orginal colors.
  17. Using my time machine I can tell you that CoastersNSich your living as a bum in cleveland. Italian Job was a complete flop. A riot broke out at the park and after a peaceful negotation the flyers will be back in 06. Infact the entire area will be restored and will look like it did in 2004 pre constuction....who knew there were tiques freaks? Media Day wasn't until the 21st but according to the cincypark.info Which took over PKIC in late June. the new ride was confirmed to be....well I am not gonna spoil it for you all. SOB is now the #1 wood coaster in the world. the station now has pot as "themeing" to numb ya up nice. The Beast will be hit by a Airplane in June. No one will cry Since none of the fireworks ever work the park decided that for July 4th they would torch The Racer. Sadly the POS wouldnt burn....thats par for july 4th at the park. Tazmanian Typhoon falls apart after its revealed that the funnel design is structually unsound.....PKI adds trim brakes to fix the problem....Many people die due to falling 60ft. Right before Cincyparks takesover PKIC..there data center has a mysterious and enexplained fire.... ....dane is also hit by a speeding red chevy coup...that may or may not be driven by I will take responceability for going all killdoser on the school of rock show...AS I wanted revenge for paying to see the movie in theaters....PS the show sucks! Starbucks opens with a $10 cup of coffee.
  18. Well I had to get my season pass processed this weekend and I wanted some some SOB rides. Well one of those happened. After waiting on getting our new fridge this morning I left for PKI at 9:30. I was on the lot by 9:40 thanks to lite traffic on I-71. Anywho I wait in about a 15 min line to get my pass done as I got yelled at parking for not doing it last week. Anywho I go into the park and head over to AZ for a bit to see what was up. 1st stop was Top Gun. 1 train wait. I was told the 2nd was being rebuilt. anywho after that I went and Bsed with Teenage Ninja who was guarding IJ's entrance. I get a Soda Milkshake and share a sip with joe cause he looked mighty thirsty guarding IJ. It was good...not worth $6.41 infact I saved most of it and refroze it at home. The things I do for you guys so you do not have to suffer. I got bored and went home....I had to get home anyways as I was grillmaster for a family gathering....So I grill around 50 peices of meat...loose 5lbs and See that joe was sent home early and wanted to head back up the park....okay I have a quarter of a tank of gas and 20 bucks to last m e 2 weeks. WHY NOT! I put the warp engines on the old Cavileer and Fly up I-71 and meet joe in the park. We decide AE is our 1st stop. Ran well. Joked around....ect ect..next stop was Wild Thornberries. We were stupid and got wet. The water was refreshing yet....bone chilling. who wouldof thought you would get WET on a log flume. After that we hit up Beastie which was running breakless. Best ride of the day! Scooby was after this and as usual the targets worked like crap. 850 joe had 590. We made a beeline for beast. sat in 1-3 and had a craptastic ride as the brakes were on hard. Park was closed we said our goodbyes and I got some gas at UDF.
  19. Gee that last paragraph makes ya wonder HMMMMMM?
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