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  1. That is the number we called and been waiting 5 weeks for a 2nd email response and the credit card company says contact ki to change the card
  2. We ordered passes at end of 2009 and billed April 1st our credit card was stolen and had to get another we have called the number on the email and it is always just a recording we hope not to lose out on the deal we got by ordering early
  3. Thanks after spending a week straight in boomerang bay on my vacation it was hard to get the music out of my head, I got a killer tan too!
  4. There is a song played in Boomerang Bay that I can not figure out who it is the words are something like "I dont know if i need you but ohh id die to find out" does anyone know who this is?
  5. What if they wanted to charge extra for boomerang bay? I think at that point i would just buy a pass to the beach
  6. was it very busy I wanted to take my kids but I had surgery last monday, I'm hoping to take them this weekend, and hoping not to face a real huge crowd
  7. thats what I said but its a differant story when you get to the top if you will actually ride the rides
  8. I just want another big coaster I don't care what kind it is
  9. bdboy007


    Wings is my favorite resturaunt I love Montgomery Inn so I get two for one by going to PKI
  10. I didn't feel bad though because alot of people coming up wouldn't ride either, i'll stick to the ground built rides
  11. Okay, I went I saw I chickened out, I will ride any amusement park ride, but there was something about standing at the top of the roof of this 900+ ft. hotel that made me feel uneasy, the wind the sway I don't know what it was I felt like I weighed 1000 lbs. I was petrified, so no way was I going to be shot further in the air or dangle and spin over the edge I just went back down and thanked god I was on the ground
  12. anyone know what rides will be gone for good?
  13. drop zone ride photos would be the best, who else agrees?
  14. Maybe SDGC will be rethemed to the Fairly Odd Parents
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