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  1. I hate when people make fun of the actors or run directly into me because they're too scared. It ruins the fun.
  2. The Monster makes really sick feeling so I would have to say hell no to that. I can ride any rollercoaster I just cannot stand anything that just spins around really fast like that. Delerium is different though.
  3. Invertigo and Firehawk. Just because these two rides push you against your restraint. I hate and love that at the same time.
  4. Yeah I don't want to pass on anything even Corkscrew. Now I'm a guy. Will riding Mantis be really pain that certain part? I heard from other guys that it hurts like hell afterwards. Still gonnna ride it though since I was too late for King Cobra.
  5. Thanks a lot everyone. As I said I'm still not sure when I will go this summer. All I have to do is gather some information up for my folks. How large is the park overall? I know they have more than Kings Island but is the space wider to walk around? As for Mean Streak, what's everyone's hate for that ride? It couldn't be nearly as rough or jerky as SOB.
  6. Thank you answering my questions. I will pretty much wait anytime for anything just because this may be the only time I'll be going and this is the second amusement park I have ever been to. I just wanted to get prepared. So it's best to wait a while on Raptor? Also is there ever a long line for Mean Streak? I've always imagined it would have a line like Beast.
  7. Just a few quick questions. Is there any place to buy cheaper tickets than online or at the gate? I live in Oxford so I only know places that sell KI tickets. What are the best days to go in June or July so the park will not be over crowded? If the park is really crowded, one fulll day enough time to ride all the rollercoasters I want? What rollercoasters have the shortest/longest lines?
  8. Quite honestly I don't care too much. Yeah it's a classic park but I've been many years ago. It was a terrible exprience. BUT that was many years. So my opinion is probably very biased.
  9. Why don't they guests go through there anymore?
  10. Jesus H Christ. What is with such politically correct people on here? The dead celeb ideas were just a stupid idea for KI. I found it to be really shocking and offensive but sometimes I like to be offended by movies and stuff like that. It was stupid of them because it would direct crowds away from KI. Dead Acres has a demon birth and a zombie suicide. Halloween Haunt is kiddie land compared to Dead Acres. Stop taking things so seriously. Don't be like an MPAA member. There are far more important things to be offended by than an actor saying God is dead or a huge Satan at KI. Ya know God understands it's all just for fun. I don't think he minds.
  11. As Kings Island said Nothing is off limits. As I said haunts are supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. Kings Island wants to get under your skin.
  12. That's like going to a haunted trail just to see the trees. It should not be toned down. I'm going to the Land of Illusion this month. I expect it to be bloody and gruesome. Not friendly looking pumpkins and bats with smiles on their faces. The Halloween Haunt is NOT for families. It's to be for people who want to be scared or grossed out at times. The actors make you uncomfortable on purpose. If you don't like it, don't go.
  13. Wow! You have to be the most politically correct person on the internet. No offensive but you need really need to calm down. ANY Halloween Haunts will have drunk people. Also that could just be any place you go to. The Halloween Haunt is not meant for little kids. It's meant for people 15 and up. At any kind of haunt the actors will do anything to make you uncomfortable and scared out of your mind. That's the point. As for the satan stuff, it's not REAL! It's all fake and it's not promoting violence or satanism. It's meant to frighten you.
  14. That looks like an ant with Kingda Ka and El Toro surrounding it.
  15. It should be an indoor rollercoaster like this: It would be really cool but with a different theme since it's a little bit similar to FOF.
  16. It's not listed in the rcdb because it's not a rollercoaster. Rcdb only lists rides that are rollercosters.
  17. AWESOME! Glad that this is so sudden! I hope it's not a WindSeeker. That would freak me out, not in a good way. Also they don't look very fun.
  18. I don't feel any kind of roughness on Flight of Fear even on the MCBR. I do get jerked around a lot during the tight and rapid turns. I enjoy a little pain on rollercoasters.
  19. I thought the stand up fad was over. There hasn't been a new since what like 1999?
  20. Has anyone ever ridden an Arrow launched loop? They don't look too bad, just boring. I've never ridden one so I can't say for sure. Wasn't the Demon the first launching coaster open to the public?
  21. It would be really awesome if KI got a really huge Intamin wooodie to replace SOB.
  22. Wow quick reply! Thanks a lot guys. Really helped out!
  23. Hello everyone. I haven't visted this forum in quite a while. I have a few questions about Kings Island. I did't want to start mulitiple threads that's why I'm posting them all in one thread. I'm really sorry if they have already been answered but I'm a little too tired to search the forum. How is Racer's speed 61 MPH? It's only 88 feet tall and the drop isn't that big or steep. The drop on Vortex is quite larger and yet is slower. Both the KI website and RCDB say that the top speed is 61 MPH. Other Cedar Fair parks have Togo stand ups and are still operating. How do they get parts for their Togo rollercoasters and KI couldn't get parts for King Cobra? I know that Togo went out of business so where are they getting their parts from? What are the point of trim breaks on all the rollercoasters? They seem rather pointless. Is it possble for FoF to get rollback? I never seen or heard it happen but is it actually possible or has actually happened before?
  24. Rides you would rather not see at Kings Island in the near future...
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