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  1. My apologies CostersRZ.. you were correct in that.. there really isnt much room in the wooded area back there.. once again.. i offered a more extreme idea that PKI could do.. i didnt say it HAD to be a roller coaster though.. i did state that it could be an attraction of some kind.. I agree with you 100% on this one.. unfortunately ive never ridden Top Gun the Jet Coaster.. ive heard many great things about it.. but never been able to ride it.. Thanks for your input.. -Cougarman4907
  2. Its no surprise that the Paramount Company owning Kings Island needs to add a farily large coaster/attraction in the upcoming years.. 2 Parts.. 1.) What type of Attraction/ Roller Coaster would you add? 2.) Where would you put this ride? in relation to other rides.. For me.. 1.) Linear Induction Lauch Roller Coaster(LIM) 2.) Located behind Vortex in the wooded area.. but it needs to be out of sight of The Beast.. so that The Beast can still hold its reputation for being like the only thing out there.. -Cougarman4907
  3. Sorry i wasnt specific in my time frames.. instead of manager for a day.. you can choose how long to be manager for, in the vicinity of 1 day-to 15 or so years.. if thats alright.. Sorry for the confusion.. also, the stand up suspended was just a crazy idea i threw out there.. lol.. sorry about that.. sometimes i try to take weird combos of roller coasters and fit them together.. -Cougarman4907
  4. All to often i hear... "if i was running this place, OH, so many things would be different!" well heres your chance.. The Situation: Youve been selected to run PKI for a day.. whatever you want, just say it and its done.. Heres your chance to CHANGE the park into what YOU want... MONEY IS NO FACTOR.. What you want is what you get.. Let your dreams run WILD! Mine for example... Restoration of current rides and roller coasters New, bigger, smoother, faster, steeper, Roller coaster- past Flight of Fear New Roller coaster design- Stand up suspended roller coaster! More popular food items Cleaner facilities, bathrooms, queue lines Better kept grounds- trees, flowers Friendlier staff-(not saying they arent!)- Staff like The Beast at night less expensive food items free water to ensure that everyone stays hydrated inside the park. More capacity rides better use of land Alright, i think you get the idea.. Let your imagination run wild! -Cougarman4907
  5. My apologies Klockster, your correct.. The lift hill seems to be in an angle towards TRTR.. It might just be me, but i figured that a drop by Swan Lake would be a great use of land, and offer guests a unique experience of seeing the ride up close.. Ive been to Cedar Point many times, and have found that CP LOVES to make rides almost feel like there "in your face" cause there so close to guests.. it almost seems like CP wants you to be anxious and excited about their rides.. HMMM.. i havent been anxious or excited about riding one of PKIs rides in a long time.. -Cougarman4907
  6. Thanks King Maple The Tree King! VERY WELL SAID! im glad someone in here could shut some people up.. this is after all.. an area that should be discussed.. it is very important to PKI and should be the same to us. -Cougarman4907
  7. I know there are many different types of elevations and terrain in the different areas of the park.. for example, much of Action Zone is hilly, and flat, depending where you are... With your knowledge of the park, where would you put a ride/ roller coaster, and what type of roller coaster would it be?? Mine would be.. Beyond SOB and Top Gun in Action Zone- Floorless Roller Coaster Past FOF and Racer- Accelerated Launch Roller Coaster/Rocket Coaster lets hear some ideas! be creative! -Cougarman4907
  8. http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=39.342080,-...05922&t=k&hl=en This is a picture of Kings Island in Google Maps.. in this you can CLEARLY see a lake that appears to be white.. anyone that knows PKI can tell you that there is a lake across the path from Larosas in Rivertown. The lake isnt BEHIND The Vortex.. if the lift hill was expanded, it would be "in front of" the Vortexs hill. -Cougarman4907
  9. Ive actually gotten to ride The Vortex many times over the past 10 years or so.. i wouldnt say that i dont like the ride.. cause it really is unique.. but i do believe PKI could do a better job in renovating it.. to appease the riders today.. To start out.. i looked for a new way to use some land for The Vortex.. i often found myself looking at the lake area just beyond the Vortexs hill.. my opinion would be to make the vertical hill taller by maybe 40 or 50 feet.. and then have a quick steep drop giving the effect that the ride will be almost "falling" into the lake.. Now that the vertical hill is taller, more speed can be produced, which in turn.. means more inversions, bunny hills, and a longer, smoother track.. I know that The Vortex is going nowhere, its NOT sinking.lol.. and im just going to appreciate it for however long it is around.. unlike some people here -Cougarman4907
  10. Ive been to Cedar Point, PKI, and Disneyworld.. so for me my choices are limited. Cedar Point- Millenium Force- Favorite airtime ride Top Thrill Dragster- Favorite "rush", favorite front seat ride Raptor- Favorite inverted ride PKI- Son of Beast- Favorite ride to have a headache Beast- Favorite night ride, favorite night ride in front seat IJST- Favorite ride that PKI spent too much money on Disney- Rockin' Roller Coaster- Favorite special effects ride Yep.. thats about it.. of course my favorite park is Cedar Point.. they just about beat out PKI in every aspect, including thrills, shows, food, cleanliness, hospitality, and most of all FUN!
  11. It might just be me, but i think that PKI should spend at least a little of there profit on fixing up The Racer/recar.. that coaster is what started the second golden age of roller coasters, and PKI should be proud to have the roller coaster in there name.. a quick touch up with the red, white and blue color scheme would be great.. to return it to its "Glory Days".
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