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  1. Does your KI employee Id get you into Soak City? I know you can use it for Cedar Point but does it get you into Soak City?
  2. Does anyone have any good suggetions for things to do around Cedar Point when not at the park. I plan to go up early in the day but cannot check into my hotel until 4pm. Looking for other things to do outside of the park. Plan on hitting Put-In Bay on one day, but looking for other suggetions.
  3. Has anyone used their KI employee ID to get into Cedar Point?
  4. Does anyone know if working at KI this year will allow you to get into the other Cedar Fair parks for free, by using your ID?
  5. I am thinking if I don't get good recommendations I might just splurge and hit Hotel Breakers. Use to stay there as a kid but prices have gone up plenty since then.
  6. Wow! Why didn't I think of that. Oh wait! I did. I was asking for recommendations. So people could tell me where they stayed and whether it was worth it or not. If it was clean, did it have a pool, was there a train that went through at 3am. On that note when I stayed at the Knights Inn last year the train ran around 4am.
  7. Looking for recommendations for hotels near Cedar Point. Don't want to spend too much, but don't want to stay in a dump.
  8. There was an article that came out around the time of the episode. Apparently one of the writers is from Dayton, OH and that is why it was thrown in the episode.
  9. Yes, they are removing the name Paramount from Kings Island. It amazes me how all you are suprised about this. What purpose would it serve to keep it other than to give FREE advertising to Paramount. There are people at the park who are removing ALL occurances of the word during the off season.
  10. Cedar Fair wants CP to be the Thrill/Roller Coaster destination, while they want KI to be more family oriented.
  11. You do know that KI has a policy that if you are fired you cannot be rehired for 3 years right?
  12. Hey Hauntguy, why not give your suggestions to management when you work this weekend… Oh wait, nevermind.
  13. The Trail of Terror and Creepers did not come along until 2001. The Mummy was pretty much the same as the curse of the crypt and the freezer was the Maze of Madness, just located under the tower. Tower of Terror was a joke. Here you go get off with an elevator full of people and walk around the top of the tower and then wait in a big group to go back down the elevator. It was different not at all scary.
  14. Lynton was a freaking riot!
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