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  1. Giant Pokestop with woodland Pokemon
  2. I haven't posted in years but one thing I hear all the time is many of the rides at Kings Island have no theme. Well this goes to show the park is listening. This has a theme to it. I don't have a link to it right now but there is a video on the official Web page that shows the coaster trains, they will be themed to the truck Kings Island has been showing. This looks like a solid coaster that has been well planned out. I'm sure whatever is in the shed will enhance the ride.
  3. From the cast list I seen posted on Facebook sounds like monster rock will be a 9 piece live band.
  4. Looks like the haunt site is live and working properly. New is blackout maze, Monster Rock in the Festhaus with a performing rock hits and the return of hot blooded. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/haunt/
  5. I ran a test this past Saturday and was 5 up and 5 down powered by fuse which could be Cincinnati
  6. Just remember walking through the woods without shoes hurts.
  7. Remember its not the costume that scares the guest its the person behind the mask's creativity. I can scare people in normal clothes if I had to !
  8. What does Beast have now........Fast Lane ! Think about it thats why !
  9. I'm not able to ride Diamondback,but WindSeeker I have no problems with.When I asked the ride op about a test seat I was informed that I could go to the exit and I believe they would let me try out a seat real quick before waiting in line. We are all come in different shapes and sizes so I would say go ahead and give is a try the worst that can happen is the ride op says no.Hope that helps a bit and most importantly enjoy your day at the park !
  10. Thank you for the photos and the great video ! DA sounds like a great addition to the park. I did happen to come across something I remember that was around a few years ago this would had been even more amazing to had seen this looks as real as it gets.
  11. The Three-Horned Dinosaur never existed !! I found this article and it was a intresting read and it goes along with this whole dinosaur thing http://thetechjournal.com/science/the-three-horned-dinosaur-triceratops-never-existed-say-scientists.xhtml
  12. The Big Announcement as is followed is Don't Forget to Drink Your Ovaltine ! That quote makes just as much sense as many of the posts posted on here as of lately. Come on guys just be happy we are getting WindSeeker and maybe another attraction. I'm looking forward to Friday who's with me ?
  13. I have never had any problems with ATT and Kings Island I always have full service 3G. I always thought that tower right outside Kings Island was a ATT tower ?
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