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  1. As for the nose bleed, I seriously doubt it was a height issue, due to my own personal experiences. I'm over 6' tall, and have gotten nose bleeds on both The Beast....and Diamondback. I've been prone to nose bleeds since I was about 10 years old. It always looks worse than it is and it doesn't hurt, it just happens sometimes. I'd be more inclined to think that's what could have happened. The last time I got one at KI was on Diamondback during Halloween Haunt. My friend and I were laughing at the end of the ride and I tasted blood, the worst part was he said he could taste it too! NASTY, but hilarious.... I was tempted to just let it go, throw my head back like I was passed out and see the horror on peoples faces when we rolled into the station. But I opted to use the rain that was falling (quite heavily at the time) to rinse off and held my nose. Got cleaned up and it stopped within about 2 minutes.
  2. Thanks for backing me up guys! HaHa. My mother says that she stands corrected. My sister says that she will forever remember it being the Big Chief. To use a quote I once heard, "You can't fix stupid!" Have a good nite!
  3. Ok, so I was looking the picture and thought it was great. My mother says it was called the Mousetrap and my sister says it was called the Big Chief. I told them both that there was at no time that it was called anything but the Bavarian Beetle. Started to begin a new topic about this but just thought I'd ask here. Anyone else know if other people's family members are confused? LOL!
  4. Surf Dog - 1 Diamondback - 1 BLSC - 1 Flight of Fear - 1 Beast - 1 Didn't get much riding done but had a great day. Saw "Way Too Much TV" and it was good.
  5. I'm amazed the people can't read beyond the first sentence of a post on this thread. Of course the bonfire thing was a joke, what I SAID in my post was that it's my thought that if it's not gonna operate, then it should go and let's get somehthing that does operate. I shudder to think what the insurance would cost to cover the ride if it was open, given the number of claims that are against it. I can't begin to imagine what the cost to tear it down, repair or rebuild it would be. It's just a shame to have it standing there not running.
  6. I was standing in front of Delirium Saturday afternoon looking at Son of Beast and had a thought... This year for Halloween Haunt, let's have the world's largest bonfire! I love SOB but if it's not gonna run, let's get rid of it and get something new. It was hysterical how many people I saw on Saturday trying to look at thier maps and figure out what ride it was and why they couldn't find it.
  7. I'm producing and directing a musical production of A Christmas Carol. We open on Dec. 4th! It's been fun so far, but come Jan. I'll be missing KI for sure!
  8. This is the first year, in over 20 years, that I did not carry a season pass for KI. I suppose I'll have to change my screen name. LOL My first and only trip to the park this season would have to be my favorite memory. It was a cool and rainy Friday night, Oct. 30th. My favorite memory of the night would have to be riding DB in the front seat in the rain. (it hurts btw) When we stopped my friend said that he thought he tasted blood... I looked around and discovered that my nose was bleeding and was running down my rain poncho. For a split second I was tempted to just let it bleed, throw my head back and act passed out. That would have energized the ride opps I'm sure. LOL But i didn't do it. I just let the rain wash it off and pinched my nose and it was stopped before we got into the station. It was a fun night and I must thank all my friends who traveled with me for a total of seven hours, on a bus that ran out of gas, to spend a cold, wet, crazy fun evening at my favorite place in the world! Happy off season everyone. And I WILL have a season pass for 2010. You can count on that!
  9. The big orange "pillow" building was the Kings Island Theater. Cinema 180 came after that orange building was gone. Cinema 180 was located near the restrooms that are outside Vortex's exit and was a beige color. The Cinema 180 building then became the laser tag. I remember going to KI as a pre-teen and going into Cinema 180 and it was SOOOO cold. You had to sit on the floor and watch this crazy movie that was projected on a dome screen. There were HUGE air conditioner vents that just about blew you away. LOL. I also remember going in there late one very hot day and falling asleep on the floor. I also remember riding the Enchanted Voyage and then the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage. Both were great rides.
  10. Maybe I missed this if there's already a thread about it, but was looking at the new park map today. I found it interesting that they have already decided that the wait time for DB will be long in the mornings. Of course everyone wants to ride whatever is the newest, biggest attraction so it's probably good advice. (I'm refering to the dialogue in the upper right hand corner of the map.)
  11. Hi all. I'm sorry to say that due to my work and weekend schedules I have not made it to HH this year... bummer. I may be able to drive over on Friday night (Halloween) Just wondering if anyone has been on Halloween night and what the crowds have been like in the past. I know that each year is different and so many circumstances can affect attendance but just wonding. Let me know if you've been and what you thought about being there on Halloween. Thanks!
  12. Was at the park last week. A lady and her kids in front of Thirll Seekers store on I.S. looking at the Coaster Dynamix model in the window. "Which one is that, mommy?", "Oh, that's the new one, the Saddleback!" Cracked me up!
  13. 4 hours for The Outer Limits FOF (As it was called back then) on its opening season. The line started at the E Tower, went around back of Carosel, down past Dogem, turned right and went all the way down to Vortex, turned around and headed back towards Zepher, then turned right and headed for the actual ride. After waiting 4 hours my dad was too tall to ride. That was a major bummer. It was still a great day at KI though.
  14. Kudos to all of you for keeping me very entertained on a hot day in July. This thread is hilarious and frustrating all at the same time. I would like to say that when at the park this past Monday, July 28, I did not purchase a wristband because I don't like to drink soda when it's so hot. Our family has Gold Passes, the couple that went with us does not have them. We had been at the park for about 30 mins or so when our friend walks over to us and shows us her wristband that she bought for unlimited drinks. I made a statement to her that I thought you had to have a pass to purchase them. I'm trying to call her now and find out where she bought it at because I didn't ask Monday, but the cashier told her about the deal and she bought one. WITHOUT BEING A PASSHOLDER. Later in the afternoon she said that she was going to get a drink. I gave her $8 to get me a bottled water and buy my daughter a small Sprite. When she came back I got $4 and change back. I asked what happened and she said that the cashier didn't charge her for either of the 20oz drinks because she had a wristband. He gave her two drinks becuase of one wristband. Is it stealing from the park when you TRY to pay for a drink and they don't charge you? I walked back to the stand to try and pay but didn't want to wait in the line so I didn't. This was at the drink/popcorn stand across from Dodgem at the corner of BLST. My thoughts are this. If you wanna get upset becuase people take advantage of the wristbands, then let's get some consistancy in the system and find a way to enforce the rules. Rules are only good if you use and enforce them. If you wanna get upset becuase the park assumes that you will be smart enough to get the fact that one wristband should work for one person, well you just need to go back to Kindergarden and learn about honesty again. Finally, I don't see why they wouldn't just change the policy to offer everyone who visits the wristbands. It would eliminate the need to "card" anyone and in the end I think they would make more money. Actually it would seem that this is already being offered to everyone as I yet have to hear of anyone being asked to produce a season pass to buy one. Have a great day!
  15. This may have already been mentioned... but, I caught the end of a report on WTHR/NBC Channel 13 this morning in Indy about the new coaster. They showed the pics of the plans and said that the Park was keeping mum about the project. I just found it interesting that the article that was published made the news over here.
  16. I have really enjoyed reading this thread. I have to admit that the funniest thing I think I ever heard was this: It was raining, so we decided to wait it out under the front entrance but inside the park. I started talking to a young lady who was working at the turnstiles when someone on the outside walked up and asked her, "Is it raining inside the park too?" She just turned around, looked towards the tower, then turned back and without cracking a smile said, "Yes, but not as hard as it is on the outside." We all started cracking up and the poor lady who asked the question had a dumbfounded look on her face. I don't think she ever got it.
  17. I tried to purchase our passes last Friday via the web. My Credit Card was constantly rejected saying that my address wasn't matching up. I called the park and was told that it was due to me having a PO Box as my mailing address. For some reason they can't run your Visa if you have a PO Box on your statement. The man at Guest Relations was very helpful and informed me that i could try to get one at Meijer. I drove to two different Meijer stores only to finally find out that the Indy market doesn't have Season Passes, only 1 or 2 day passes. So, I call the park back at about 9:00 that night and speak to a lady from Guest Relations this time. I explained to her my situation and asked if there was ANY way they could try to get my Credit Card approved. I explained that I wouldn't be able to get to the park before the 25th and we wanted to get gold passes before they were no longer available. She says to me, "Well, they HAVE been on sale for a very long time now...." I was like, Oh no she didn't. I simply asked her to have a good night and hung up. What I WANTED to say was that if she would send me the money to purchase our passes the day they go on sale for 2009 I'd be happy to buy them that day. I was perturbed by the remark and didn't think it represented the park very well. If the Gold pass is available until a certain date it shouldn't be an issue whether you buy it the first or last day. I bought them as soon as I could afford them. (thanks IRS) I was able to get my passes by using a Discover Card that I really didn't want to use. It will work regardless of a street or po box. (Maybe if any of you work for the pass office where they process phone orders you could share this with them!) It would certainly be better than trying to make the customer feel like it's their fault. Any thoughts? Anyone else have the same experience?
  18. Raptor, I agree with you completely. We visited the park 3 weekends in a row in October. I too am pleased that it won't cost us more to enter the park on those chilly nights!
  19. Kings Island - If you find a better Amusement Park, Go there! Kings Island - The family that plays together, PAYS together!
  20. SeasonPass4Life


    If they do make the change to both sides facing forward, I will be dissapointed. I love The Racer and enjoy both the forwards and backwards sides. There are differences in the experiences for sure and I like being able to look into the faces of the people on the other side when they DO race. It's especially cool if they are timed right and you can watch people screaming down the first drop. I also think that it will be interesting to see how many people show up, get in line for Recar and don't even notice that they have changed it (that is, if they make the change) until they are getting ready to board. It always cracks me up to be at the park and watch people that don't have a clue. There could probably be a whole topic on things like this that happen, but last season I was in line for FOF and a guy pointed to FH and said, "Oh! There's "The Vortex", we're gonna ride that next!" (And trust me, he was not pointing to the lift hill of Vortex, he was pointing at FH.) I wouldn't laugh at someone who was visiting KI for the first time, but he just finished telling everyone in his group how he comes to the park every year and didn't need a guide book. My daughter just looked up at me and grinned a huge grin which made me laugh out loud! Anyway, I love The Racer, forward/backward, just as long as it's up and running, we'll be riding it!
  21. Boy, I sure do miss KCKC, both in real life and in this THREAD!
  22. Nope, Sure always looked like a log to me. Actually KIBeast you are correct. When we were kids we called both of the flume rides at KI, the big log ride (KCKC) and the little log ride (KMLF) I had not thought about it earlier but they were small versions of a Keel Boat and not a log. At any rate I really miss this ride and would enjoy it so much more than TR:TR.
  23. KCKC is by far the ride I miss the most at KI. As a kid I was fascinated by the rotating loading platform. (I also loved the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage for the same reason.) As I got older I loved the ride through the trees and especially the small hop at the bottom of the drop. If you had enough weight in your boat you would make quite a splash. I also remember the lift hill being so long that there were two conveyor belts that were used to get you to the top. My older sister freaked me out by telling me that sometimes the boats would get stuck on the spot where you changed from one belt to the next. Of course that never happened to us. KCKC was one of the rides that our family, all 5 of us, always rode together. I wish that it was around for my daughter to experience.
  24. My vote would be for B&M Floorless, or Dive. Love them! Actually a Dive Machine that is floorless, by B&M would be most awesome! The best of both worlds!
  25. Hey guys, (and gals) After having yesterday off to recoup from a very busy weekend I wanted to post some suggestions about future KICentral.com events. First of all let me say that if I had not known it was your first event of this kind I would have never known it. You all did a really fine job and we had a blast. I suppose if I could have changed anything it would have been the weather (the heat). I know we can't do a thing about that except maybe try to plan the event ealier or even later in the season. Which got me to thinking.... It would be great to do something like this when Fear Fest is going on. Maybe get some behind the scenes tours of the haunts...? It would have been cool to have first ride on FOF with LIGHTS ON. I think that would rock. I enjoyed the meet and greet with the cast of ESOI, but for me, being in the entertainment/stage industry I would have loved a back stage tour to see the operations of an ice show. What kind of behind the scenes tours could you maybe do over at Boomerang Bay? I don't know if that would interest a lot of people but I always enjoy those shows on the Travel Channel about water parks. A tour of the Railroad maintenance barns might be interesting as well. Finally it would be really cool if our lanyards would allow us to ride a few rides without waiting in line. With the park as crowded as it was on Saturday we didn't really have time to catch many rides during our down time between scheduled events. Again, kudos to all of you guys that planned and worked so hard. This was by far one of the funnest days we have had this summer. We will definately come to the next one and will try to bring a few people with us. See ya around the park, Mark (SeasonPass4Life)
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