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  1. wow, yeah I meant Holiday Horrors, my bad haha. I can't beleive I said circus. Were there more actors in Holiday Horrors or is it going to stay as 1-2 actors? Did they add or do anything new to the Paramount Story attraction?
  2. It's not boat themed just beccause its on a boat.. tickets are $15.. $5 more if you want to see the freakshow out front. Wait on saturday night at about 10 pm was 25 minutes
  3. Yeah in the ticket barn it says they can touch you and if you are in any way hurt you can't hold them responsible. Don't misunderstand though, it wasn't like every actor was touching you. I got touched 4 times out of the maybe 20 actors.. 1 had a chainsaw and he ran at me and he saw I wasn't afriad or whatever so he pat me on the back and said I was the first of his night, one time an actor was above me and he just grabbed my head, which made me jump down haha. One actor just bumped into me, I assume it was an accident, not really sure though, and one grabbed my arm and said where do you think your going as i walked by.
  4. was there anything new this weekend? did they get rid of circus of horrors?
  5. I checked them out Saturday night. About 4 or 5 years I go I checked them out and was highly dissapointed, there weren't many actors, the actors it did have weren't energetic, there wasn't much eye candy, and I don't think I've had a worse time at a haunted house. But its almost completely opposite last night. USS Nightmare does deserve the fame it gets, there were ALOT of actors, ALOT of props, many original thoughts and ideas, a good long trail(dead acres lasted about 15 minutes, this last about 40 minutes so huge difference) there were no dead spots. I had no idea what was coming next, the actors were energetic, and there were so may things to look at, I would like to go back and catch some of the things I missed. There were some very comedic moments, like 1 actress has a torn off arm of one of her victims, and shes just waving at everyone with it haha, there was an anamatronic puking in a barrel, it was a good time. This is 1 haunt not to miss this year, make sure you check them out.
  6. As I promised, I went to Dead Acres friday night, voted #7 best in America by Hauntworld magzine. We got there around 9:45 to see a 2 hour wait. Normally I don't mind waiting, but the path was very muddy, and I didn't want to get home at 2 am.. so we paid $25 each for VIP tickets.. means you get to cut the line. Some posters here read the convo. about this haunt, where actors get physical with patrons. It was a good attraction, very up close and personal. There was alot of cussing going on, which honestly, I thought intesified the haunt "get you @sses in there" and "welcome to he11 mother funkers" were the main 2 quotes I remember. There was alot of grabbing going on, when you walked by them they would put there hand on you, sometimes they'd pat your back and things like that, it was all in a nice and mature manner there was no shoving or hitting like the many rumors I've heard of the place. I will say it was very dark inside, throughout the entre haunted house it was very dark. There were 2 scenes where they told everyone to get in a room, and you'd see them perform an act(first room guy cuts a clowns head off with a machete.. and in the second room you watch a guy get hung, then a guy comes out with a chainsaw and splits him in half.. from head to stomach, so half of his top half falls forward and you see all of his insides). It was a good time, but there are much better, more frightening, better designed haunts in the area. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but not many of the props worked on time, it was to dark in most scenes to see much, to many people being rushed in, and not much originality at all. I couldn't tell many actors apart from each other, majority wore the same things. There weren't many actors but the ones they did have did deliver. Alot of chainsaws, and they made sparks fly every where by slding there chainsaws on the walls and on fences. If you have extra time check them out, but of your in that area, make sure you check out House of Nightmares or Terror Park first because they do it better.. they give more of a variety and more entertainment than Dead Acres.
  7. I would say trade Psycho Path with Headless Hollow. Although neither of them are very frightening, Headless Hollow is the better attraction, because you go in in small groups, theres a few original things in the attraction when Psycho Path is an average trail, your much better off going to the Hamilton Haunted Trail(run by the boyscouts.. I don't even know if it's still there, I meant this more as a joke meaning almost anything can be more frightening than Psycho Path) Psyo Path needs work. If they shortened the size of the groups, added a few new details to the scenes, it could be a MUCH better attraction. Psycho Path is my least favorite attraction this year at Fearfest, and IMO that is saying alot. It was once my favorite attraction, so maybe I'm being to critical, I don't know.
  8. It's not a permanent change? It has been like that every time I get in line, wether it be a large line or even a short one, everytime I get and line they say keep walking, keep walking.
  9. My guess is you didn't go into Psycho Path last year, because it was a "congo-line" last year as well.
  10. Why did you italicize the "THE" and not the "UN" in unofficial? jw haha
  11. Nope, no speed lane tickets, but the waits are alot shorter this year than last year(at least first weekend) so yuo should still be able to get through everything if you try.
  12. Headless Hollow has 20+ actors this year, last year I'd say roughly 15. That was just a guess, but I know I'm pretty close. It improved this year, but the ennding is still a horrible clmax to all the tension built.
  13. I'm pretty sure they don't offer any, but I do know you save $16 by buying tickets for all 4 together
  14. Anyone try it yet? Any good?
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