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  1. The laws vary from state to state as to how an insurance company is or is not able to drop an insured. For the most part, an insurer can not drop someone during a policy term unless there is some sort of material misrepresentation in their taking out the policy.

    But, at renewal ... rates can be jacked up considerably or the company can choose to not renew a policy. Generally, I can't see a policy for a park not being renewed unless there is a pattern of behavior that increases risk and exposure.

    As I'd mentioned before ... I can not believe that this one was permitted to go to trial. In the long run, this could ultimately become very expensive for the park and the chain ... something far beyond the monetary damages awarded in this trial.

  2. i just got home and hopped on here.....so dont kill me if you talked about this already......will the park shell out the money or the parks insurance?

    Yes. Actually, the answer to that question is confidential. The park MAY be totally self-insured. No reference to an insurance policy for this has been seen in public documents in recent years....

    ahhhhhh...ok ......even if there was insurance involvement.....holy cow i wonder what the deductible would be per claim?

    If the park was insured for such an issue that is not as much of a hit for the insurance company. Now granted, it's not fun to write out a check in those amounts .... but if it's the parks as a whole ... it's a hefty chunk.

    The one thing that is pretty evident is that this will have an effect on SOB and it's operation or lack there of.

  3. i just got home and hopped on here.....so dont kill me if you talked about this already......will the park shell out the money or the parks insurance?

    Yes. Actually, the answer to that question is confidential. The park MAY be totally self-insured. No reference to an insurance policy for this has been seen in public documents in recent years....

    Yes, but rarely are any insurance companies mentioned in any trials.

    Usually, the only time the issue comes up is in bad faith matters.

  4. Can't believe this was not settled before going to court.

    Either this attorney has very poor client control or the park was not wise.

    Either way, this is a matter that should have never reached the court.

    Or Cedar Fair has a policy that it does not settle any case that it feels is not totally meritorious. Or the insurance company, and not Cedar Fair, is calling the shots. In bad publicity alone, the park may end up paying far more than any recovery the plaintiff may get. On the other hand, if the plaintiff loses her case, the remaining case from the noted 2006 incident may very quickly settle...or not.

    I've not been able to track down who insures CF. I can't imagine they are self insured. (That would be very unwise.)

  5. And the budget in constant dollars for any one of those shows of old was usually more than the park is allowed to spend on entertainment nowadays in an entire season.

    Which is one of the disappointing things.

    We'll probably never see a show as advanced as That's Entertainment or Celebration.

  6. My Gosh.

    There are hundreds.

    Salt Water Circus, Rock Around The Clock, That's Entertainment, Celebration (The Best Show Ever Produced By Any Park, Ever), Can't Stop The Music, I Believe in Country, Caribbean Serenaders, Kings of Komedy, International Air Show, City Rhythm, Apupetsho, Home for the Holidays, Encore, Festival of Fire (Stationary Fireworks up and Down the Tower and Lining the Royal Fountain), Bear Facts, Yogi's Picnic, Belly Up to the Bar - Belles, Grin n Bear It, Carribean Steel Drum Band, In Concert, World Cabaret, I Believe in Country, Rock & Roll Explosion, Smurfs are Coming, Yogi's Cavalcade of Christmas, World of Christmas, Gotta Dance, Country Music Showdown, Can't Stop The Music, Rockin Scooby, Yogi's Puppet Story, The Good Old Days are Back Again, Mimes, Characters, Jugglers, Magicians, Barbershop Quartet & Oom Pah Pah Band.

    You Gotta remember that at one time there were shows pretty much in all parts of the park.

    Festhaus always had one or two shows. International Showplace usually had three shows (POP, Country and Character), American Herritage Music Hall always had a major Broadway Style Show, There was a Stage in Columbia Palace, A Stage and Puppet Tree in HB and even a stage for an animal show in WAH.

  7. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time we've seen one of the parks say that Scooby and friends will be removed from the dark rides, which lends credence that we'll see them turn into the more generic GhostBlaster themed ride. There was debate over how extensive the dark ride's retheme would be. So, in short, no this wasn't announced already.

    So you will take Screamscape's word over BoddaH's?

    In short, wow...

    Screamscape announced Diamondback much earlier than Boddah.

  8. I hate to be the skunk at the Sunday School picnic, but:

    * King Cobra was painted very shortly before it closed forever.

    * Metal fatigues, steel coasters eventually meet their end. A very important employee at Kings Island has on occasion been known to say it is a rare steel coaster that goes more than 20 years. Vortex is now older than that. Shockwave, a similar coaster once at Six Flags Great America, has already been removed. Great American Scream Machine at Great Adventure is often mentioned as a candidate for removal. Steel Phantom at Kennywood was greatly reworked and renewed by Morgan. Some day, Vortex will be no more. When? Can't say. Perhaps one of the biggest factors in how long Vortex lasts is how long the other coasters in the park endure. If one or more is removed in the near future, ironically, it may extend Vortex's service.

    One of the best reasons to pray for SOB's removal. <G>

  9. The Pet Day Care Center used to be sponsored by Iam's pet food with a sign above the center saying such. With this sponsorship, there was no fee for the guests to board their pets at the kennel. We would make up a doggie/cat bag for the guests and give it to them when they leave at the end of the day. We even had a bin full of dog biscuits for the dogs to munch on. In those doggie/cat bags, we would put samples of Iam's pet food, dog biscuits and coupons for the guests. The ideal was for the guests to buy Iam's pet food. We constantly had at least 3/4's of our cages filled, which was when we still had the camp grounds. But after Iam's was purchased by P&G and shortly afterwards, the sponsorship was ended and a fee was charged to use the kennel.

    Kings Island always had sponsorship's and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Andy many of the park's attractions were one time "brought to you by" companies. (Kyak Pools, Kodak, Firestone, etc)

    The concept is really not new.

  10. Which brings up a very interesting question. In the park itself, I have seen raccoons, skunks, deer and even an occasional muskrat or opossum. I have never, ever seen a domesticated dog or cat loose in the park itself, though. Has anyone here? And if you were working at the park at the time, what was done about it and how?

    Yeah, at one time dogs used to get loose and into the park.

    I've seen a dog run up Coney Mall after closing. But that was oh ..... about 20 years ago. <G>

  11. I'm safe. And thank you.

    Most the schools were closed today and tomorrow. That keeps many off the roads. Many are still closed and many are washed away, entirely.

    My house is on a hill so all was ok with me. I think there is some water damage to the porch and to the deck. It has to dry to make that determination.

    Say a little prayer for all the people down here that lost loved ones and lost their homes.

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