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  1. Now for I Hear They're Thinking Of Just Changing The Name of SOB to SBNO.
  2. Hey Now! We Too Could Have Our Own Beaver Land Mine Ride! The Scooby Doo/Beastie/Fairly Odd Thinga Magig could Become ...... The Little Wooden Coaster Over There!
  3. Is this an example of why you should not drink and post?
  4. Nah, not starting a fight. I just believe that you are utterly incorrect on this. It's fine to be disappointed that NU is leaving. But don't expect that this move is going to effect whether kids of any age enjoy or do not enjoy the park.
  5. Honestly, your opinion of Snoopy weighed a lot into that post. It's obvious you hate Nickoldeon because you called it's biggest television show ever on the network, "an annoying yellow sponge". I personally love Peanuts, it's a classic, but here's what I think many family's could say: "We were going to Kings Island, but the main area my child likes has been changed, and h/she won't be able to play with the characters h/she loves anymore. I think we'll hold off because my child will have more fun with characters h/she watches at home." Also many families think the rides their child loves will leave with Nick Universe and a whole new Snoopy batch will come in, even though this is incorrect. Not many of you have kids: I Do. Not being a smart ass, but the truth is kids do not rush home from school these days wanting to watch Snoopy, but they do to watch Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron. My 2 cents on your post. We are not in the 70's anymore, Spongebob SquarePants and Hannah Montana are popular, Snoopy and Scooby aren't with the majority of children. I look forward to reading your retraction posts next year after opening day. <G>
  6. It's a shame that CNN did not send some correspondents to broadcast from Coney Island. They have reporters at several fairs. I had hope that the park would have gotten more publicity. But they seem to have kept saying "Cincinnati, Ohio" and not where it was actually from. Big Sigh....
  7. Well then I'll just have to say that all of us Gay Uncles are the Best. <G> We're such a jolly sort. <G> By the way, your Uncles sound great.
  8. My own experience: My family has been going to parks like KI since I was very young. We would go to multiple parks every year. Then as got older, I made a point to experience as many parks as I could. My wife feels the same way and enjoys parks & roller coasters as much as I do. Now I am not going to proclaim myself a "coaster" expert, but I base my feelings/ opinions on the ride compared to the other rides we have been on. SoB is absolutely the worst ride I have ever been on. It is the first ride that I have ever said, "Ok, we don't need to ride that again today." It is also the first ride that I had to take a break from riding other rides for a while after I got off the first time. And take a step back and look at the big picture. People go on rides everyday all over the World with an unknown medical conditions. Yet, it seems that everytime someone gets hurt while riding SoB, that is the reason. And while it is probably the exact reason why someone gets hurt, why is SoB always at the center of attention? I agree completely. I know I've told the story before but it still remains true. I've ridden coasters all over the country. SOB is the only coaster that I can attribute an actual injury to. Immediately upon exiting the ride I knew there was something very wrong. My head hurt and I was nauseous. As it turned out, I had cervical sprain (whiplash) and had to suffer for a couple weeks. I've only ridden the coaster twice in my life and will be none too unhappy if it left the park.
  9. That sounds like one of those Hallmark cards that tugs at the heart! I'm sure that someone makes that card. I cut out the middle man and just broadcast it, though. <G>
  10. Yeah, you're right. A corporation that is interested in generating revenue by having guests visit does not care about the guests.
  11. When was it premature that folk speculated on Diamondback and the removal of NU?
  12. Gay Uncles Are The Best! Wooferbear ... Speaking As The Gay Uncle To The Worlds Most Awesome Niece and Nephew!
  13. You know, you're right. Until Paramount there was basically no chain link in the park. The only places I can think that had it were some water drain off areas that were not very obvious to the public.
  14. Yes, it's just been quite the summer. With the ex going through chemo I've not really gotten to do any kind of travel and not been to any parks other than SF. I'm not complaining ... it is what it is and some things just have to be done. As far as the dog, they said it's at a treatable phase but if untreated will effect the other organs. I told the vet that whatever they need to do they can do.
  15. Those Attending the event were reported to have said, "It Was An Event To Die For." I know, WooferBear being Bad This Morning. <G>
  16. http://www.sovo.com/2009/9-4/arts/events/10583.cfm The kick in the butt is that I took the day off to do the event. I got news from my Vet yesterday that my dog has Epithelial Cutaneous Lymphoma. So he may be starting chemo that day. My going to the event is going to hinge on how he's reacting to the treatment. Ugh.
  17. Go to the website for donations to the community center. I know that they would be appreciative.
  18. <G> You Said Internets .... I Love When People Say Internets!
  19. If you page back through the years, you will note that the board was actually quite active before SOB. And it will probably be active well after it is gone.
  20. Yeah..... I don't think that you want to see WooferBear get up on his Soap Box ... So I think we'll leave it at that.
  21. No, Pepsi is from the Devil! Why would a park want to sell it and where are you going with this? <G>
  22. Hmmm, don't think that I ever heard anyone say that they hated the ride when it was operating.
  23. Maybe they all had a suicide pact if they were wrong...which WOULD explain their silence. Hmmmm...I wonder if we will be hearing from YOU in the future when this (in my opinion) turns out to not be quite accurate?! You may be right. I remember just last year that many were saying that nothing is forever and that it was believed Nick would not be around much longer. The fire that reined down was like as if you had spit on someone's mother. Oh You Know You'll Hear From Me. WooferBear is like a bad penny that keeps turning up. <G> I would place money on the fact that kids are going to love the Peanuts gang every bit as much as any feature of the past. And that is the simple dirty fact. The real marketing needs to be toward the parent. Parents make the decisions (or at least the good ones do) for their younger ones. Kids are going to be happy to go and ride the rides no matter who they are themed after. If anyone sees this at any given time, I do hope they'll post their story.
  24. I'm wondering where the folk are that had said that the park would never discard Nick? I'm certain that the new Peanuts area will be as popular as HB was and as popular as Nick was. .... just sayin.
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