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  1. And that's odd. I think that Six Flags in Georgia must be desperate for workers. They have been advertising (yes, actual advertisements!) for positions and the job fair on radio stations.
  2. The song is my ringtone on my cell phone.
  3. It was odd that Kentucky Kingdom opened earlier?
  4. You beat me to it! Ahhh, Old Winterfest. Not exactly true. Yes, the only movie I can think of that so prominently featured the park. But the park/various location has been used many times for TV Spots, Video's, etc. Some spots you'd never even know that they were shot in a theme park. I'm pretty certain that every amusement park does such things.
  5. That is why I said 6. Had I included the discounts it would have been 9 out of 10. Honestly, I can't imagine anyone paying full price for the parks unless they just drove up and decided to go.
  6. Nope, there are always restaurants, shops, etc that have discounts and tickets. Florida residents get discounts at all parks at various locations. It really is not difficult.
  7. I can't imagine anyone very paying the face price for a ticket to a park in FL. There are so many discounts and deals that are provided that 6 times out of 10 you can go to a park for free.
  8. So Six Flags Over Georgia would get an asterisk as it's next to a city of 5 million with no other major park by? CW is a major pull for those in and outside of Canada. No asterisks needed.
  9. Yeah, not sure that whole paddle boat idea is such a good idea.
  10. And then there was the Opening day in April when temps were in the 30's and it was snowing. The decision was to close the park early but early was 5pm/6pm. We actually were wearing the Winterfest Parkas. Prior to Paramount's Winterfest, the event never closed due to "Inclement" weather. After all, it's a winter event. Also, you have to remember 40 degrees in TX is different than 40 degrees in Ohio. Folk in the Southern Regions don't handle the cold temperatures as well. They simply don't have the clothes to keep them warm for an extended period of time.
  11. Mr. Six was played by Danny Teeson (Queer Eye for the Straight Girl).
  12. Bye Bye Dubai! I tell ya, this is a very good Christmas seeing the oil nations falter.
  13. Everything in that area of the world has to do with oppressive religion. Right down to women not being able to drive and imprisonment of gay folk.
  14. Yes, but paramount put an end to the picnic baskets. Isn't it interesting that as the food quality decreased and the price went up that the no food policy was instituted?
  15. Last year SFOG just mailed me my pass in the mail and told me to go on line to activate it. Maybe they'll do that again this year. I certainly won't buy a pass without parking attached.
  16. I've actually been very proud of everyone around the world in implementing such a sharp downturn in oil demand. Who would have actually thought it possible? And though we know that Iran is a crazy country, I think that the Opec ministry will absolutely lose their shirts if they raise the price to $100 per barrel. I had thought that people would all of a sudden start driving again when the prices fell below $1.50. At least in Atlanta (a city that will drive to go across the street) many of folk are still car pooling and riding Marta.
  17. No, I made it all the way to the pay screen and there was no option. I even went through as if I was not renewing the pass and there was no option. Very Odd.
  18. Interesting Note Parking is not for sale for the Georgia park at least. I was going to renew my pass but parking is not available as a selection.
  19. Uhhh, the only Disney Parks that I think food is palatable are EPCOT in the various pavilions and Plastic Animal Land. <G>
  20. Should be interesting to see what kind of effect this has on the companies earnings. Granted, I would bet the vast majority do not bring their own items to the parks, but I would think that with advertising this could be a very harmful thing to the parks.
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