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  1. I may not have the problem as ever puter that I use regularly has this site sign on automatically.
  2. This is all reason that cemeteries have or soon will outlive their usefulness. It's difficult to believe that we are taking up such a finite resource (such as land) and making it lay dormant with graves. Certainly in the future such actions are going to be looked upon as a "quaint" thing that people did in the past.
  3. Each state has very specific laws as to how they handle such situations. Rest assured that there is no developer would be able to develop the land a cometary is on unless those laws are followed.
  4. Didn't Mr. Kinzel say they were interested at creating resort destinations at the former Paramount Properties? If the price is right for the business, never say never. Yes, he said that it was prime to develop such at Carrowinds, Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland.
  5. Doesn't it seem like that? I'm ready for them to come out and say.... Really, Really We're Gonna Do It This Time.
  6. Guess it's all in your perspective of things. My father has a friend that opened a new restaurant near Gatlinburg this past July. The restaurant/bar is doing better than they projected. My father and step-mother sold their house in Madeira and are moving down to the Pigeon Forge area this coming spring.
  7. You know I will. I've heard good things about the resort. The difference is that it appears the Smokey Mountains Park is designed as a resort.
  8. And yet some attractions are not only swimming.... But hiring as well..... Wilderness At The Smokies Swimming as Others Sinking?
  9. You mean they had to pay for the cheap furnishings in the rooms?
  10. ACE should pay to redo the plaque as it's every bit as much an advertisement for ACE as it is to honor the coaster.
  11. "We're not having any economic difficulties," assures Scott Maupin, GM of the Dells GWL. No, you always limit services, attractions and the ENTIRE REASON FOR YOUR EXISTENCE when "you're not having difficulties."
  12. Why not simply reference the park as it was when The Beast was built? Ohhhh, It Was and Is Kings Island. <G>
  13. The weather is part of what makes a park enjoyable. Otherwise, you're in a mall.
  14. Picnicing at cemeteries is quite common in many areas of the country. Many families bring picnic lunches and many parks put benches where you can relax and take in the surroundings and reminisce.
  15. Oh, thank God. I thought the spashdown for Diamondback looked WAY too risky. Now That Was Funny!
  16. Yes, usually a business trumpets such things right before you see liquidation notices.
  17. Exactly what I was thinking. WooferBear is cooking away here and expecting a houseload of 12 to 14 folk!
  18. Grow Each Year? Like it did before Paramount discontinued the event?
  19. There were no restrictions on trash compactors in 1989. You were restriced from running any slicers or mixers, though.
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