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  1. Also, Canadians have always paid more for their gas and the increase was not as significant up there. That would definitely have and impact. While in the US we have seen an increase of about 100% in gas prices over the last couple of years, Canada has only had an increase of about 25%-50% (when you do the conversion to gallons and US dollars they are still paying about $3-$4 US per gallon). That can make a big difference. As stated previously The Greater Toronto Area is much bigger than Cincinnati or even Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus. In addition to that Canada's Wonderland draws US visitors (due to the advantage of the US dollar in Canada), international visitors (Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city), and visitors from outside Ontario. Canada's Wonderland has a local visitor pull going from the US borders in Detroit and Buffalo, all the way east to Ottawa. Going north the typical local "season pass" types extend all the was north past Barrie and Orillia, up to 3-4 hours drive north of Toronto. Look at a map and see how large an area that is, or even add up some of those cities populations. It's quite large.
  2. I think the show looks great, if it can compare with Waterworld that is. It's annoying when theme parks make a "stunt show" but it's kind of lame with a lack of action. Insert Knott's Berry Farm's Wild Wild West Stunt Show Here.
  3. Passports and travel - it's kind of an understood thing in Canada. They don't make a big deal about things like, "It's going to cost more because now I have to have a passport." They are used to all the taxes up there and they'll get used to this one. I'm a Canadian, and I can tell you that it will not stop the majority of travelers. My entire family has passports even though we don't really do foreign travel. I don't understand the tendancy for people to blame everything on the President. These are the same people who only vote every four years and don't vote for the people that really make the decisions (Congressmen, Mayors, Senators, City Council, etc). Then they blame Bush for the potholes in the street, the price of gas, etc. Amusement parks and the tourism industry in general will not be hurt by the change. In all the news I've read about immigration and customs, I haven't heard this view, except on this forum, obviously it's not much to be concerned about. Sorry for being long winded but it's a pet peeve of mine.
  4. Wow that was off-topic. "... Bush has decided that you have to have a visa ..." Sounds like someone is just a tad bitter. By the way, you won't need a visa to travel between the U.S. and Canada, just a simple passport. Also, it wasn't "Bush" that did it (as people love to put it all on the President), it was the Department of Homeland Security as part of their restructuring to secure the borders. The Government of Canada supports the idea and are planning similar requirements (last I checked they aren't run by the Bush administration). Another thing, you won't have to have a passport to travel by air between the two countries until December 31, 2006. For land crossings it isn't required until December 31, 2007. Check the facts first before just blowing off steam like that.
  5. Yeah, Canada's Wonderland has been getting a nice variety of attraction over the last few years. They have done much better since the Paramount acquisition, I think. The last time I was there, this year, they still had the Hanna-Barbera characters walking the park. Also, they have their own Canadian television show characters as well as the Nickelodeon ones.
  6. Well, it's official... Paramount Canada's Wonderland is getting: Mission: Impossible Stunt Spectacular New F/X Theater Show (based on a blockbuster Hollywood movie) Nickelodeon Celebration Parade See this link for promo video: http://www.canadas-wonderland.com/shop/sho...season_pass.cfm Thought you guys would like to know, it may or may not relate to anything that PKI will get.
  7. I got mine, and looked for a post like this and couldn't find it, so I posted my own. Oh well, we just can't do without two posts of everything now can we
  8. I think PKI would do well, and bring in more people and money, if they cleaned up and maintained the place a little better. Try to compete with customer's vacation dollars. Not just people from Cincinnati or Columbus. I would like people to be thinking about visiting Busch Gardens or Disney or Universal, but decide on PKI instead. To get there, things like FOF, Top Gun, etc will have to be improved, and the details have to be taken care of.
  9. It is useless, and I was happy when PKI set up the designated smoking areas. I was, however, prepared for mediocre enforcement of the rule. I think the main difference is Disney and Universal are open year round and have more permanent employees who can develop in their careers and can receive continual training. PKI, on the other hand, is seasonal and employees receive considerably less training and are typically younger. So I can immediately see why the rule wouldn't get enforced. I say, stop the people smoking in line first (since that rule has been in place), then work on stopping them in the rest of the park.
  10. Disney and other parks have no trouble at all enforcing the rule. Employees (cast members) are trained on how to approach people and ask them to smoke in the designated areas only.
  11. Can you still get the season pass cup or did you have to get it like back in April?
  12. Is PKI still selling the refillable drink cups for $4.99 (I haven't been there this season yet). Also, I thought I read somewhere that refills this year were going to be 99 cents? ... or am I losing it? I searched the forums but couldn't locate anything on it.
  13. I hope your comment on the Petro-Canada gas picture wasn't serious about the cheap fuel. That price (81.5 cents Canadian) when converted to U.S. currency and into gallons (many people don't realize they measure gas in liters up there)... it's actually about $2.60 U.S. per gallon!!!
  14. Gold Passes had to be purchased before the end of May. They are actually cheaper than regular season passes (because of price increases after the start of the season). The statement that people pay more for Gold Passes is incorrect. Gold Passes were being sold for $85 from AAA earlier in the year. Now, I just paid $110 for a season pass (regular) from PKI.com.
  15. This has been in the news a long time, they have been considering pulling another Blockbuster for a portion of the company, even if it means just for the Paramount Parks division. Of course, that would leave a licensing problem if Paramount Parks became their own separate entity. They would have to go through the process of getting contracts set up for all the characters and brands. Not only with Paramount Studios/Viacom. They would also have to get rights from the original creator of characters like Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, etc. Then, Hanna-Barbera characters now owned by Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network would be a whole new can of worms too. I would think if something like that happened current contracts would possibly not carry over. It could be a legal mess.
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