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  1. If they really are going to do away with the Nick theming than I am glad my family and I decided not to renew our passes for 09. Having the nick stuff around was what our kids like the most. We also have been unhappy with Cedar Fairs moves to remove the parade and add sub par shows. With that said, I am not surprised with the direction they are going in, its the same approach they have taken with Knotts Berry Farm. Cut the theming, build a bunch of thrill rides over top of everything and get read of the dark ride.
  2. Diamondback, Copperhead or Anaconda.
  3. The timing seems wrong for this. If they were going to retheme the Nick area I would think they would do it for the 2010 season. I would be surprised to see them take on a Nick retheme and a major new coaster in the same year.
  4. Carowinds is so lucky if they get a trashy boomerang. Another star in the sucky column for CF.
  5. When you have their debt load in an economy like we have today, you may not be reading to much into this.
  6. My family and I almost never eat at KI. Once in a while we will get an ice cream or take the kids to the candy store. Prices are completely out of control and the food is subpar.
  7. CF is going to be under a lot of stress with their debt load this year. At least KI should do well in fighting for those fewer disposable dollars, since IB, HW, CP and Col Zoo are not adding any major new attractions and KI is.
  8. Maybe its going to become the next Geauga Lake. They are adding to the water park but slowing closing the dry park? Whatever they are going to do, I find it hard to believe this is a positive step for this park's future. I also find it hard to believe they would close this many major attractions to redue the area in the future.
  9. If the information from Screamscape is right, it looks like the Action Theater will still be open and showing SpongBob. That's better than closing it.
  10. Maybe...But no other chain prides itself on safety as much as Cedar Fair does. Not to start a discussion that no one can prove. But something tells me that Busch, Herschend, Holiday World, etc... take just as much pride in being a safe environment as Cedar Fair and do it with less height restrictions.
  11. I don't remember this being discussed (but I could have missed it). It appears that KI has removed the F/X theater from their list of attractions. Yet most of the other old Paramount parks still have their's listed. Does anyone know what is up? Also, I noticed that they are raising height limits on some of BB attractions. Snowy River is now up to 46". This height limit issue over the last two years is just getting stupid. It may save them a few bucks on insurance, but it continues to reduce the family experience at the park. No other park chain has that height limit requirements that CF now has, NONE of them.
  12. Are you saying they are planning special events? Like what Worlds of Fun is doing this year and other parks like Dollywood and Busch do every year. Example: Octoberfest, International Festival, BBQ Days, etc... If they are I think that would really add to the experience.
  13. Quote: "It's kind of like how you can "work hard or work smart." I honestly have no idea how much money they're putting into the park this year, but I can assure you that the 2008 season will be as exciting or more exciting than any season in which they add a ride." I hope the improvements, shows and whatever else live up to this billing.
  14. I thought we would at least get the Nick parade. I hope they at least do some major park improvements, not just signage. At this rate, 2008 maybe one of the smallest capital improvement years in KI history.
  15. Wow, what park is that? It looks like a really family friendly place.
  16. I remember reading an article about Silver Dollar City and how they dealt with the gas problems of the 70s. They actually paid for park goers gas, if I remember correctly. If oil stays at these levels when we have to change over to the higher grade for summer, prices are going to go through the roof.
  17. If the name changes create as much excitement in the general public as they have on fan boards then KI is in for a huge attendance increase in 08.
  18. Unless they surprise everyone, they have really nothing new to market this year, yet they are increasing prices? Should be interesting.
  19. Great find. The Bat looks like it really was a great ride.
  20. Glad to hear the dry side is on schedule. The Columbus Zoo is going to be an amazing park facility when all of this is done.
  21. Thanks for the update. I have notice that they seem to not talk about the dry side on their website, expect for the original announcement. Makes you wonder if that will not open until later?
  22. I could not agree more and parks like HW understand this formula very well. I just hope CF understands the formula that you just described. Quality food (and pricing), quality shows (I'll take Dollywood or Busch level as quality), landscaping, theming, etc... I hope this year brings all these things and more. But, if they don't deliver this type of improved experience and no new rides as well, then they may find many of the people in their market area attending other parks this year.
  23. Sounds like a great development, if they can make it work. Build the Bass Pro store some place else.
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