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  1. Well mine and my wifes was when we took a night ride on Vortex right when the fireworks started,But going up the lift i asked her to marry me it was so hard to hide to ring that whole day.
  2. Well my youngest went when he turned 3,My oldest son went when he was 6 and my little girl went when she was 2. My little girl didnt ride anything but she had a blast at GWL,But my 3yo loved everything he could ride,He made me and my wife ride WTB flume ride like 10 times that day. PS.He did wear boots so it made him a few inches taller.
  3. Nice vid could tell you guys had a blast.Me and the wife wanted to go all weekend no kids yeah but poor weather all around boo
  4. Kroger's has tickets for 30bucks and i didnt see any 2 day passes for KI there but i didnt really look just walked by them.
  5. Hey guys hows it going? well here goes my rating for the coaster at KI. Diamondback 9 The Beast (day)8,(night)9 Vortex 7.5 Flight Deck 6.5 maybe 7 on a good day. The Racer 7.5 FOF 8 AE (day)6.5,(night)7.5 BLSC 7 SOB 8 Firehawk 8 Invertigo 7.5
  6. Not really sure how the long the wait will be.It could be pretty decent or pretty bad depends on if it runs into any bugs/downtime.
  7. Not sure but Sf owes alot of money to the bank right?70 large seem like some of the money that they could have used or maybe iam wrong.
  8. Me and the family go to the Zoo every year here in Indy and have a blast.I love the Shark tank you can stick you hand in and touch the shraks a blast.Very sad sorry sorry to the zoo for the lose.
  9. Well with the way the world is right now and so many people jobless.Iam just glad that KI is still open and that i can go and have a blast with the family.Ok yeah Cedar Fair did buy Ki and the other P parks but they have done a really good job.they have made the park clean again and we also got a new Coaster at KI.And they also have done good things to other parks that they got the same time.I remember when CF bought them every1 thought KI was doomed but hey many people were wrong and some were right.Just a blast to have a place like KI.
  10. The last couple years me and the fmaily stay on the strip in Pigeon Forge across from the Old Mill In.I also eat breakfast at the Log Cabin Pancake House.For Dinner Nothing down there beats The Old Mill In Great food for the money and alot of food that is lol.This past summer we was at Pigeon Forge for 5 days and there was alot of the little guy shops there i thought.We saty for like 3/4 days and go somewhere else every day down there and have a blast.Also if you like fishing take a Pole as i fish also down there and have a blast.Also take a camera with alot of space left on the memory card.Some of the pic you get of the moutains is like no other i have seen.
  11. O so sorry to the family heart goes out to them.Iam taking my 3 year old soon to his first this coming Sat the 24th to Monster Jam.Was it a Monster Jam event or a local show?Also wonder what change could/should be made to keep the fans safe.Maybe they could put a 10foot hockey plex glass around the track.
  12. I know some parks dont allow it on wallet it or not.I only use the chain when i go to parks in not a long chain like 3/4 inch.But i also had my wife put my wallet in her chest part of her body.lol that sounds so wrong.
  13. Every time i go to a park i have a wallet on a chain just for the park.I had my wallet fall out of my jacket pocket on FOF and went right by my face.Now i have a wallet on a chain just for this lol sound stupid but not really.Also about 3$ in change on Vortex and Firehawk.I also about lost my Raybans on The Beast going down the hill grabbed them just in time and never have broke a pair of them.
  14. I did take my old laptop in 2007 to KI.Took the kid to Kiddie land all day me and the wife.Found like 2 spots and i wasnt looking for them.As i used my usb eye in the sky(sprint usb wifi stick it was free).I found a spotting near the arcade over by nick u and 1 up front.
  15. Well left Indy about 8:30am stopped and got some breakfast and got to the park at 10:30am.Well as soon as the gates opened we went stright to Delirium it was a walk on we was seat number 42-46.Well after a great ride on that we went over to SOB it was also a walk on to the front seat wow.Well all i can say is you can tell where they tracked it at cause in some spots its smooth like butter and other not so smooth but still a great ride.Then we headed over to Firehawk we waited an hour and 15 mins for.The wife cried on this ride she was scared to be on her belly riding it she will ride naything but after she wanted to do it again.Then we went to the truck and got some lunch but b4 that i had to stop at the rope ladder and try to win i won. Well when we got back in the park we got a funnel cake and a Coke no ice i hate ice.Then we went over to AE and it was about a 15min wait no bad for a good ride.Then we got off and went over to the bumper cars wow they are that bad but i still had a good time hitting the wife in them lol.Then after that we went over to shake rattle & roll and had a walk on ride.The first time the wife has been on them and she loved them we did them again.Then we went and got some fries from P-works yummy and a Coke no ice lol.Then it was about 6:00 then so we went and got in line for Death Row. Well we went in to Dr and all i can say is WOW super job guys.I was the last in our group and i was scared a couple times the wife wow she was scared the whole time in there nice layout also we went the wrong way a couple times.Then we went on the train ride and to the outdoor scar back there and all i can say is WOW.ME and the lady we both scared and it was a greta time there.Also the wife had a boo boo when she got scared alittl bit lol.So after this we went and got some skyline and a Coke no ice.Well the worker was really rude.But it was good and we left after this as it was close to 10:30pm and we had to get home to the kids. I know we didnt ride The Beast and The Vortex but we ride them everytime and didnt want to wait in the 2 hour lines for them we will get them next year.It was super packed last night. Scoot
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