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  1. This is a funny poll because PKI really has no smooth coasters. Next year that will change.
  2. It wouldn't be a waste of land since it is so compact. Anyway, how can you say that when you obviously have never ridden the coaster?
  3. yes a very fresh new coat That's bull****.
  4. They showed the Top Gun from PGA not Carowinds. Anyway, if PKI shows a different coaster from another park is the average guest going to notice? The answer is no and that's why they do it.
  5. I know that CoastersRZ wnt to the tour, but I don't know if he has anything to say about it.
  6. Yes, the employees are encouraged to race them, but it is completely up to them on what to do. If the employees feel like racing them, then they will. If they don't fell like racing them, then they won't. It's as simple as that.
  7. What Dan said was right. PKI knows that Vekoma is garbage. If they didn't then Paramount would've kept the flyers that they bought from Vekoma. Even though Vekoma is selling rides, it still doesn't mean that they are any good. They are just a cheap alternative for a B&M or Intamin.
  8. mars1825

    Flyer Rumor

    Well you're in luck, but you'll have to wait for 2005 to come along.
  9. If you don't want to pay for the upgrade, then I think if you buy a gold pass for a special time at the beginning of the season, the park will not charge for an upgrade to a gold pass like they did at the end of last season. I don't think that PKI is currently selling any gold passes at the moment.
  10. I have to agree that I liked the first design better han Version 2. It's too bad that I didn't find the site until you had the second layout up. Although I really liked Version 2 and still like it better than the current version. It was really good seeing the old versions of the site...It brought back memories.
  11. Ahh,come on. It's so muc better with your hands up. I went hands up on TTD, and boy did it make a difference!
  12. Time and time again, PKI never ceases to amaze me. Once again, they have given back to the enthusiast community. It goes to show how much a park really cares about their relationship with their guests when they offer special things like this. Great job PKI, and keep up the good work!
  13. Then are you saying that your co-workers are your only friends?
  14. It's called passing the day. When you work 40+ hours a week in 95 degree heat all summer then you can start complaining. Until then, know what you are talking about before you try to put my crew down. There is SO MUCH more to being a good ride operator then just checking restarints and you've failed to see this. Instead, you contine to want to try and put me down and make me look bad. It's not working, so get off of it or else. I'm sorry but if you attack me, fine but when you go off making remarks you can't back up, I, as their head supervisor, get pretty darn offended. My crew does the same thing day in and day out just so you can enjoy a ride on Delirium or SlingShot and you want to go off and make unfounded comments about them? Come on man! Try and find something else to try and bring me down but DO NOT attack my friends. I love my crew to death and they gave me the best summer I've ever had. We got top five(even went up on the second audit) in the two audits, numerous GR compliments, tied for most "Crew of Excellence" flags in the park with 8, two line associates off my crew got promoted over the season, and certified two CT's. So until you know what you are talking about, don't speak on my crews character or lives until you've come to know them! Okay, now I can't speak my opinion? Do I have to say "Oh, you guys kick butt!" for doing absolutely nothing like the rest of the members on this site? That's why I hardly come on here anymore. This website used to be good, but now it just seems like garbage. Everyone on here holds the employees up like gods. I just don't understand it. I probably make 20 more dollars and hour than all of the workers here. Even the workers act like they are higher than everyone else on here and that ****es me off. Just look in the employee section and you can see numerous examples. Anyway that doesn't solve the problem of how annoying Delirium's crew was/is. Well and now we have another problem that if I speak my mind I get flamed and I get accused of flaming while I am being flamed. I never attacked a single member when I said that I felt that Delirium's crew was annoying. Right after that AZ Kinda Guy had to flame me and put me down. Is that fair? No, but he'll get away with it since he is a mod on this site and he works at the park. After that I have to be attacked by yet another person on this site just beause I said what I truly felt. I have to ask myself "Will it stop?" Maybe or maybe not. And again the members of PKIU give support to the PKI employees when they prbably have no clue on what the hell is going on. All of this time the employees have tried to make me look like he bad guy. I said one simple thing and then all of a sudden everyone is saying that I am "attacking" them. But look what they wrote, a whole bunch more than I did, and the insults were directed at me only. Did I ever insult anyone? No, but I might have offended someone. That is still different from directly insulting someone even if you got offended. That immaturity is uncalled for and needs to stop. Not only have I been insulted, but I have to be threatened too. What's up with that? Get off of it or else? What exactly does that mean? Are you going to try to beat me up? There is absolutely no need for threats on a PKI fan site. That's when you know something is wrong on and internet site when one of the staff is insulting and threatening you. Shouldn't the staff be protecting you? If that's not the case then why even have moderators? I think someone has been abusing their powers a little too much. Now, I'm pretty much done on addressing my opinion on the situation on PKIU with the workers. Let's move on to Delirium's crew. Don't get me those crappy excuses that there is more to just checking restraints. And no, I haven't failed to see this. Please don't tell me what I have and what I haven't done. That's not your job. Sure you could do more things to make the guest's experience a better one, but I haven't seen Delirium's crew do that once. The voices they made on the load speakers were not for the audience to hear, but for the workers to hear. Instead of doing their job efficiently, they had to goof off. That's not what makes you a good crew. You go to work to work, not to goof off with your friends. Of coarse you can have fun at work, but you need to learn how to have fun and still do your job correctly. Making stupid voices over the load speaker isn't doing your job correctly, and I didn't see one person in line who got a kick out of it. So don't give me crap that the guests liked it, because I could tell they didn't. You guys may think that you are having fun, but you don't see it from the guest's side. While we are trying to talk to whover we're with, you guys have to ruin our conversation by constantly talking over the load speaker in an annoying way. And if you weren't the ones who were doing it, you probably would agree with me. You can say something funny in the line, but when you are being constantly annoying, that is too much. Everytime I've gone on Delirium except for the video shoot and media day, I've had some kind of bad experience. Either the crew was acting like jackasses or were being asses. And I'm not attacking anyone, this is the truth. So if you have a problem with that, please do not flame me or threaten me. That's just childish, and that behavior needs to stop. There is so much more I have to say and that I could talk about, but it can wait.
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