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  1. Yes remember how green and disgusting the water was on KCKC. It was so green and disgusting.
  2. I was once told that a lot of the heavily forest land that Kings Island owns is protected as in they cannot cut down all the trees to build upon.
  3. I recall hearing that the loop was actually already removed when they announced the removal of the loop.
  4. Operator:"this button dispatches the train" Lady: "Can I press that button?" Operator: "Sorry thats against the rules" lol
  5. Honestly, no one can say for sure whether or not it has maintanence problems except maintanence. I'm sure having a several ton train being launched into a cobra roll for 10 years has caused cosiderable wear and tear on the ride. I mean structurally it probably is getting weaker, similar to Vortex. Also I'm sure its pretty safe to say tha PKD's Flight of Fear is closed.
  6. I didnt mean it was off the map completely, I just meant it didnt have its usual VIP box. I would definately think that FOF is an intense enough thrill ride to have its own box. Heck, Vortex still has a box and people are convinced its being removed. Personally I dont think that FOF being downplayed in the map is a mere coincidence with Dominions closing. This does not look good.
  7. I was there sunday an rode it at about 4 so it had to have re-opened.
  8. We all know about the Flight of Fear in Kings Dominion being taken out and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is worried about ours. While looking through the map I noticed something subtle. Around the map itself it shows the "big rides" of the park and each one gets its own little block with a description and everything. Oddly enough Flight of Fear did not have one this year, where it has in the years prior. Even Top Gun, Spongebob 3D and the Train which isnt even currently open right now have a VIP box but not Flight of Fear. Could this be the forshadowing of something bad to come?? Possibly a sign that the ride will be taken out soon or worse, closed mid season and this way they wont have a large closed ride lingering on the map??? I dont know about you guys but I for one am worried. Check it out (park map)
  9. Of course all of this is feasable since, you know, Kings Island just won the lottery and has an unlimited spending budget and all. Yeah, there wont be a major change for a while, it happens every time a park gets sold, attandence goes down the drain, and there isnt any big expansion for several years.
  10. Lets just remember that this is a pki FAN site, not a pki bashing site. If you really want to go bash KI go do it on some crappy six flags site and quit using our server space and bandwidth.
  11. I remember those tanks that they used to have that you would drive in the water and they would shoot tennis balls. I remember I always wanted to do it but hardly ever did cause it was like six dollars. That was back when they still had the giant slide cause it was right next door. Those showers were fun cause you clould memorize the pattern then always get people. I actually remember it being something like RLLRLRRL. (Right, Left).
  12. I'm pretty sure you could build it without a trainer, it wasnt that special, plus you already cannot bank turns in rct, lol. Its nuts because it looks like its going so fast but the ride never even went over 35 mph.
  13. Yea, I remember when TT was being built, it was special not because of the size of the funnel but because of how long the tunnel was. If you look at a picture of both funnels, they are definately the same size.
  14. The Beast originally did not have the huge second tunnel, it was originally two separate tunnels. They later connected them, the connected part is the part where the tunnel is wooden, the original parts is where it is concrete. They are not going to change the trains on Son of Beast. And personally I think premier makes pretty good stuff. I love fof, IJ is pretty good, many other premier rides I've ridden are pretty sweet. They're also a leading manufacture in the industry so obviously not everyone thinks that -everythingthatpremierdesignsisbad-.
  15. The billboards are definately part of the themeing, its a car chase through the city, have you seen the movie there are billboards everywhere. In fact one billboard is the reason why they are able to blow the truck through the road because the helicopter flew behind it. Also tunnels are way better when it is pitch black, I once rode IJ and there were lights on in the tunnel and it totally ruined the effect. Also I dont see how you can over look the parking structure, the cop cars, the tiled wall going down to the subway tunnel, the tunnel, and the water splash at the end as not being "themed parts of the ride." Personally I think the ride is very well themed.
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