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  1. But why in Planet Snoopy? They close that end of the park around 5pm. The only things that will be over there will be CarnEVIL, Mysteria, and Tombstone Terror-Tory. Which all of those are pretty much in the same corner of Rivertown & Planet Snoopy.
  2. Well, with the website now live it answers many of our questions. -Holiday Horror is located in Planet Snoopy (Peanut Playhouse) -Trail of Terror is now EXTINCT (dinosaurs). -S.O.B. station is still the location of Wolf Pack. -Cornstalkers has been relocated back to its original location by the Eiffel Tower. -Death Row is no more. -Cemetery Drive is long gone. But now it creates more questions to be answered. -What is Mysteria all about? -Where in Coney Maul is it located? -Old Death Row building? (yet thats considered X-Base) -Nightmare Alley
  3. Didn't they announce WindSeeker right before season passes went on sale last year? If so they would have to announce what the new attraction(s) would be for 2012 as they usually tie that into their reason to buy a season pass and they usually have it posted in the Halloween Haunt maps at the park.
  4. I agree with everybody else saying that they will probably reveal a "?" each week for the next three weeks leading up to the grand reveal of "Project 2012"
  5. Maybe all the new music from movies on the rides mean that they are prepping the park and getting it ready for a possible buy out of Cedar Fair. Can you imagine the park being bought by Universal? That would be awesome!! Universal's Kings Island. It just rolls off the tongue. The rides would have better names and all that theming they could bring to here. It would be the ultimate "theme" park in Ohio.
  6. Here is what WindSeeker looks like when it's lit up at night. Still the picture doesn't even give a good example as you have to see it in person to really view it.
  7. Also not to forget. but every time the Drop Tower ride begins they play a song to go along with the ride over the intercom really loud. Great song for it and they have this big drum solo in the song and when it ends the ride drops.
  8. looks like they did decide on putting brick pavers all the way to the ride.
  9. what red containers are we talking about?
  10. maybe were thinking to hard about this. has anyone thought that they could actually be remodeling and re-theming the crypt to some kind of dinosaur adventure? just a thought.
  11. arichmann

    HH 2010

    Kings Island just posted this on their facebook page. "The moon is full and there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. They're watching your every step; every move you make. They can hear you breathing. There's something in the woods and they're hungry! Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? You will be!!!" Another post from their facebook page "Halloween Haunt begins September 24. Gates to the underworld open at 7:00pm. Killer ticket deals available online at haunt.visitkingsisland.com." *THE WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE!*
  12. just something to think about..... if you look at the question marks each one is a different font, but if you look closely at some of them, you can tell that some are a font of certain ride logos. for example.....the bottom right hand corners' question mark looks like it belongs to the new ride, Shoot the Rapids.
  13. maybe they are doing some serious p.r. they are prob doing some kind of haunt based on The Beast getting loose and you trying to run away from it. then at the end of the maze they say....see the re-caging of The Beast in 2011. would be nice.
  14. the website looks awesome! yeah there are some minor errors here and there that can be fixed, its still great. but did anyone notice that the crypt is still under a "5" in the thrill section....and also if you look closely at the map you can see that the "kite eating tree" isnt actually a tree....its still seaweed and if you look at "boo blaster on boo hill" you can see that the sign in front of the castle is still scooby bc you can see his face....and also you did you notice that the only difference in "surf dog" is that they just took avatar off the center of it......everything is just the
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