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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. As for number 1, I cannot speak to that. I would assume that some outside contracting must come in. As for you second question, each coaster has a set of test procedures (done by all ride operators) that are followed every mourning before the park opens...and periodically maintenance will come by and check the ride as well. Hope that helps!! Edit: Sorry for doubleing the informatioon but i was in the middle of typing when the previous post was done.
  2. Amen Man!!! Some people are so oblivious, I wonder how they funtion in the world!!!
  3. That probably means that this thread should be locked out! Dont ya think!
  4. I was an admissions supervisor last year...Why is it not a good idea to not print the picture on season passes? It drasticly decreses the time it takes for us to process passes becuase we dont have to print your pass: you get it right at the terminal. No, she wasnt joking...we really do check and sometimes it is hard to tell. 1) Multiple passes in a household and confusion between them as there are no names or photos on it. 2) Computer glitches when and if the photos don't show. (I know when it happens at my gym, they just let ya in - will that happen at the park?) 3) .....
  5. I have heard the Cedar Fair has no one under 18 in a management postion at all (i.e. supes, managers, crew leaders). Do you think they would actually go through and demote all of us who are under 18?
  6. As of right now, it is not officialy cancelled. They have just stop selling tickets untill Ceder Fair decids if they want to have it or not.
  7. This is in fact the end of scobby bucks. They will still be accapted but no more will be sold or given out. Dora Bucks are taking the place of scobby bucks and are on sale at the admissions windows in the group sales/will call/lost and found building (which is lovated to the left of metel detectection.)
  8. same here. i would love to perticipate but ive got school
  9. But this is a lot more serious then sending an IM to the wrong. you probably didnt have to deal with the ****ed off people who came to get there pass processed on Satuday or Sunday. (I did) I was a supervisor over there and we had to call security on one guy.
  10. Yea, this caused a lot of problems when people came to get there pass processed this weekend and a lot of people got mad because our systems dont communicate with theirs and we could process there passes. They ended up having to call Kings Dominion and get a refund and then buy our passes. It caused a lot of trouble and got a lot of people really mad. You can just imagine how many people paniked and bought passes because it said gold passes went away the 7th. I got the e-mail and was personally like " Why is Kings Dominion sending me an e-mail about there gold passes?" But if u did buy them, l
  11. they have been used twice this year
  12. yea they have been. we had plans of tearing them down since the end of last season (never planned on using them this season). they were supposed to be taken down before opening day but were dalayed.
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