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  1. paintrain

    Picnic Area

    the drinks will probally be free 20oz FOUNTAIN drinks when i went last week with a group they would not give me a Dasani water for free with the bracelet its a great deal!
  2. is there enough room for a totally new park? if Cedar Fair wanst to raise more money sell a sepaerate ticket to a new park instead of charging to get into Bomerang bay like Screamscape is reporting that would keep people there for 2 maybe 3 days thats all just an idea if theres room
  3. i wonder if theres a clause in the contract if pp got bought buy a rival but i dont know though Cokes so much better though
  4. what about a ride in colts colors
  5. i miss like all those shows only good show they have now is spongebob
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