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  1. Don, Thanks for linking us to that! It looks like the backseat will be the place to sit.Love that "whip" down the first drop! Looking good!
  2. Most lift hill motor buildings seem to be for wooden coasters. Very left of this picture is a lift motor shed: http://rcdb.com/279.htm?p=12893
  3. Just thought I would chime in here.... So I ordered tickets for a friend at work. After I got the ticket email I got a separate email that had this.... Mind you nothing in the context of the email mentioned anything about a new ride. I found it funny that the email said "Spoiler Alert" and then shows an Inverted coaster. Another mind game.....
  4. Just happened to be browsing on eBay today and saw this. I'm tempted to bid just for nostalgia. Does anyone have this coat? Looks like it could be a cool thing to have. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121070042091?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. I'd swear my son racked up about 100 rides on Beetle Bugs alone this year!
  6. I've made 8 visits to Kings Island, reached level 3 yesterday, by the time I left I was 50% to level 4.
  7. This set of photos is from yesterday 9/29/12 Taken from the Eiffel Tower as well
  8. This picture was taken last week.... The Chain is still on the ride. These were also taken one week ago from the Eiffel Tower: I'll upload some from yesterday as well very soon
  9. Something tells me that Cedar Fair won't allow the use of that logo any time soon.
  10. Couldn't help myself, just ordered the Zantigo one.
  11. I missed that Zantigo one! I miss that food here in Columbus! So much better than Taco Bell! That will be the first one I get!
  12. It said that in many cases the logo's rights had expired. Does not mean that Cedar Fair did, that's probably why they had to get permission.
  13. I would say that you are safe arriving later in the day. I can't recall a year that Kings Island has handed anything out to pass-holders since Cedar Fair took over.
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