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  1. Call the park. Ask them yourself. The number is 800-288-0808. You dont need to see the memo. Just call. I am sure they will confirm that I was right! And when I do come across info such as shows for 2006. I will not share because I cant be trusted because I have only posted a couple of times.
  2. I have to say I may not have posted much, but I know what I know. I worked at the park for over 10 years. I was an HR Supervisor and a payroll supervisor. I thought the people on this site would like to know. But I guess to post what I know was wrong of me. Sorry. Did not know I would be made fun of. I have seen the memo for myself. So when I am proven RIGHT, everyone can **** off! You guys seem to think you know everything that goes on at that park. WELL YOU DONT!
  3. the park will be open on Easter. My mom works in entertainment and they all received a memo saying the park would be open.
  4. I worked at the park pre-paramount and after for almost 20 years. I still have 2 family members there that are entertainment managers. From my understanding all decorations do not belong to the park. They have a three year lease with the company that decorated the park. After I left PKI I took a job with The Beach Waterpark. They also rent their chiller for their Ice Rink. It is delivered to them only days before their event opens. I do not believe there will be any entertainment in the Festhaus next year. And from what I understand, Schol of Rock will be returning to Paramount Theatre with new songs. It is also possible that there will not be a show at International Showplace next year. Things usually change from week to week though. We all know that.
  5. Paramount Parks Design and Entertainment no longer exists. They did away with it. All the parks contract out. Each park handles their own costuming and the Nick characters and the Nick parade are handled through Nick. PPD&E even sold all their sets, backdrops, and costumes to local communities and schools. I worked at KI for over 20 years and I have family that are entertainment managers still. Never posted before.
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