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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. HA! Your right! It is Tardis blue the best kind of blue there is!!!
  2. Maybe if they re-theme Action Zone it will be called Amusement Dark?
  3. This kind of got skipped over because it was posted right before the blueprints were, but these were handed out at the park today when you went through the parking gate. I have one sitting on the floor right beside me And between this and the piles of rocks/iron fence that popped up today, it points to a graveyard, in my opinion. Does anyone else notice the diagonal stripes used in this piece as well as the teaser signs that was used on the sides of the SOB trains? Also notice the yellow color and eyes both similar to Son of Beast. Not saying this means anything but it makes ya wonder P
  4. They are horrible, aren't they? I didnt think they were I have a long upper torso and the restraints press again my collar bones. And as the ride makes it's course the restraints seem to tighten slight I would like to see Gatekeeper vest restraints on a invert as well but I do have the same problem with them tightening during the ride and hurting my collar bones.
  5. I was there today and rode AE and FD (TopGun) and they both have new holes right next to the rides about to be poured!
  6. Hey I seen you today! I was getting on Diamondback when you got off from the vary back sit!
  7. i crap my pants when i saw this... (i get scared easily. and its 2 am...) Jeepers Creepers the ride!!! haha
  8. I would be so upset! I spent summer of 07 working at Adventure Express & Viking Fury.
  9. Yea sorry I meant 4th of July weekend but I cant change the dates and I want to get the Fast Lane pass but my friends cant but its fine. thanks for the input. I bet it wont be that bad but Im always optimistic haha!
  10. Okay so this isn't my first time to Cedar Point I went last year but it was a Monday and Tuesday I had a blast! Monday was great I walk on most rides and had to wait on others but Tuesday almost everything was at least 30 mins or more for wait time. This year I'm going on a Friday and Saturday and I know Saturday will be packed, at KI I go almost every Friday and I never have to wait for anything other then Diamondback. Cedar Point is a more popular park and everybody visits from all over to go there. The question is have anybody been on a Friday and it not be busy? Its also the weekend after
  11. I remember someone say they haven't built a invert for awhile. OzIris was built last year and look how awesome this ride is! http://rcdb.com/9675.htm
  12. According to Screamscape http://screamscape.com/html/kings_island.htm and in the past there predictions have always been right! On the other hand I don't know where they get there resources but I like to believe they are correct!
  13. I can believe it! The last couple of times and i cant ride it anymore with getting a headache,
  14. Well I went yesterday and walking into the park there is a whole pile of new wood in front of the road by Face-Off and Congo Falls.
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