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  1. I tried to catch the names of the cast at the show yesterday but the announcer went too fast. Does anyone know the names of the cast?
  2. Well Cedar Fair does keep good care of their trains. Someone that works on the Cedar Fair rail road tould me that Kings Island can only run one train now days do to the cost of fuel. Also they are not sure if the Old Disney steam train can make the sharp turn at Kings Island. The old disney train runs on coal and is cheaper to run than the Crown trains at Kings Island right now. The old Disney train is in the train barn next to MF.
  3. So what did Paramount have planed. Was FOF going to close and go to another park? I thought Cedar Fair would say something to get people to buy season passes, but it has been very quit at Kings Island. Anyone know what Knotts is getting next year?
  4. So does anyone know what is really going on other than some paint and flowers? I think it might be something in the water park or they might move some rides around the park so it does not to crowed in one area. Also when is Coaster Con next year at Kings Island?
  5. I wonder if he was talking about the water park. Well KECO can not be blamed for making the train ride show going away. Paramount took all of the people and old houses down after they got the parks. Well the train still worked as a show if you went to Winter Fest last year you know. If Cedar Fair did add something it would help out.
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    Well lets see what they have to say about what happend frist. The might have to rebuild the area that wood in question is in. If the do just rebuild the area with the bad wood they should use steel supports. That why they can keep the cost down in the future if they what to. I don't think SOB will be open for the rest of the 2006 season. Does anyone know when they will move the trains off the track?
  7. They also have ads for Winter Fest and Fear Fest so it looks like that map will be used all year.
  8. I was at PKI last friday and saw that part of the lift hill and frist hill track is gone. Also they are working on the turn right before you go on the lift hill. Are they just replacing track or is their something else wrong?
  9. Hi everybody, I have an interesting question for everybody. What happened to all of the old Hanna-Barbera land statues and signs? Did Kings Island sell off at an auduction like the Smurfs ride figures?
  10. You mean the buy 3 get one free pass.
  11. I bought them : ) Quick Question: When you get your photo taken at PKI, do you have to pay for parking, when the park is not open?
  12. That picture was taken where the exit for Tomb Raider The Ride is today. Its the turn right after you leave the station and head back into the woods. When this picture was taken the lake around The Beast was still their and Rivertown was not so built up. So looking at the picture it has to be the late 70's or 1980's.
  13. They are building this theme park in the middle east called Dubailand take a look at the coaster showen on the page. http://guide.theemiratesnetwork.com/living...tions_world.jpg Does anyone know why The Vortex is showen for another park around the world? I just hope they put the wrong picture up.
  14. Well looking at pki they don't have a round house so turing the train around counter clockwise would have to be for the hole year. Also the maps are wrong alot. If you look at the 1975 you will see 3 trains on the track. Does anyone know it they will upgrade effects like they did for Winter Fest?
  15. Only full size trains left in Parmount Parks. How sad hope the new owners keep it going.
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