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  1. It's been rumored that it will be coming to Kings Dominion in 2008. Screamscape; 10/3/07 - Local readers visiting Kings Dominion has reported on more survey stakes running from behind the Toonpike over to Scooby Doo, which seem to lock in this location for Dominator. However, we’ve heard that there are about 10 large circles painted on the ground under Hypersonic in the back of the park which are curious as well, though it’s possible they could just be marking areas where there are sensitive underground utilities. I will be happy if it comes because KD got it's last major coaster in 2001. (HSXLC)
  2. Kings Dominion's Drop Zone re-opened last Saturday night around 7:00PM. Kings Island's still hasn't re-opened?
  3. Yeah, I agree it's very misleading. At Kings Dominion it's the same way. Drop Zone should have gone up to a 5.
  4. Anaconda at Kings Dominion has the belts and the good thing is that they are retractable. Here are two photos I snaped in the station. http://pkdsource.freehostia.com/photos/dis...um=8&pos=11 http://pkdsource.freehostia.com/photos/dis...um=8&pos=10 ^No the belts on the hand rails are not part of the belts. Those were just closed off seats that day. If you look towards the back, you notice they are shorter than Cedar Point's Corkscrew seat belts.
  5. The Kings Dominion park map was up scince yesterday if not earlier. The 3 new attractions also made it onto the map and the map has been changed a bit. Look for yourself. (link below) http://www3.cedarfair.com/kingsdominion/vi...it_park_map.cfm (Download the High Resolution version of the park map. It shows more of the details Cedar Fair added and maybe will look simular to all the other former Paramount Parks park maps.)
  6. Kings Dominion always has been the Red Headed Step Child of the Parks from When it was Taft Controlled, KECO Contorlled and Paramount controlled. The really difficult part of the whole issues is with the fact that Kings Dominion competes directly with Busch Gardens. When people go to both of the parks it really makes Kings Dominion look even worse. Kings Dominion is my homepark and yes, it's dirty and trashy with all those "gangsters" living about Virginia. Some of the staff arn't even friendly and they could care less about your park experience. Cedar Fair L.P will cover up the mess that Paramount Parks makes.
  7. Wow, This is great news. I guess Kings Island and Kings Dominion will keep thier names?
  8. FOF @ PKD is still standing and has not been removed. Although the huge sign that used to sit there is gone and replaced by a long wooden fence to block the area. The entire FOF area on the map is gone. In one of the stores at Kings Dominion is promoting Top Gun shirts. There are 2 shirts that promotes Top Gun with different names at the end.
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