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    Life guarding, Jeeps, shooting, volleyball, and u (if female). Oh yeah, the names Zach, Zach Haney.

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  1. yeah you wont be able to ride down under thunder (the four open blue slides) with a t shirt. Not like you will be missing out on much hahah
  2. yeah i think its pretty much agreed that we really lack an organized and maintained landscape. we can only hope for change.
  3. Yeah im a lifeguard at the waterpark, u can use any goggles not covering the nose, although some guards might request on some slides that u take them off. But for the most part they should b fine.
  4. I heard from my uncle who is a former WAH employee that there was an attack. I cant verify that in any way and he was very vague about exactly what took place. Anyone else know something about this?
  5. I appologize for my comments. I just felt like arguing. i hearby retract my previous statements. In addition, i do not feel that Vortex is in need of any change in the near future and that we will not see any drastic change. However King Maple The Tree King, i do not feel that this topic is progressing in any way. Oh yeah, please dont call me a moron, thems is fightin words.
  6. All of this talk is ridiculous and repetitive. Anyone have a statement to make that has some base behind it? Or perhaps a new subject.
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