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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. My first ever KI Central event. looking forward to it, just paid today! Boddah1994 gigacoaster2k Gordon Bombay Mr. 3000 beastfan26 flightoffear4thtrain Raptor66 CoastersRZ violakat03 cincyboy79
  2. off topic but avatar your signature freaked me out. im sitting here reading this thread and almost swatted that darned bug ;-) ok back on topic. i thought at one point last year Cedar Fair wasnt going to have processing days then switched their minds...i hope they learned their lesson and will keep the processing days.
  3. while something like that would be cool i just did the same thing and got this HERE it seems they use a CMS that can add info to each park's site, they just point the site to that new module of info. this one refers to FOF from KD
  4. either way fort cooper fort kinzel who cares :-) the park is still open and we got a "new" ride this year so the details of a sign are miniscule(sp?)
  5. if you read the EXIF data that I posted you would see that the photo ws not doctored by a graphics program and resaved. If it had EXIF would have read Adobe Systems instead of Nikon Coolpix.
  6. How do you figure? Aside from similiar signage and few other small things, I would beg to differ. I don't think enough from CP has rubbed off at KI. Take a look at the lousy crews that are at the Park this year. I'm sorry, 20 minutes for a 3 train wait on Vortex is unacceptable.....its not even that bad at most of the Six Flags parks I visit. - Todd Being a former employee I can tell you that it does take time to get employees in their groove. Cedar Fair has changed a few policies and from what i see some ride operation policies. If I was a returner I might be used to the old w
  7. ImageDescription : Make : NIKON Model : COOLPIX L4 Orientation : left-hand side XResolution : 300/1 YResolution : 300/1 ResolutionUnit : Inch Software : COOLPIX L4 V1.1 DateTime : 0000:00:00 00:00:00 WhitePoint : 0/1000000,0/1000000 PrimaryChromaticities : 0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000 YCbCrCoefficients : 0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000 YCbCrPositioning : co-sited ReferenceBlackWhite : 0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000,0/1000000 Copyright : Copyright 2006 ExifInfoOffset : 394 According to EXIF this was not photoshoppe
  8. not sure where you are located but they DID have season pass processing open 1 week before the park opened and they do have hours during the week so you wouldnt have had to wait 2 hours in line to get your pass exchanged
  9. they look cheaper too, the cups that is, they arent the hard plastic and they dont have the holder. btw did anyone notice the signs that said loose articles are not permitted past the fun and safety guidelines sign? does this mean they will pull a CP and not let you put your loose articles like the cups in the station?
  10. the belts do not eliminate air time. i was still tumbling in my seat on Vortex through the corkscrew jsut like before the seat belts. same for racer and beast. the coasters are still fun to ride!
  11. ah well the rides are just waking up, this is pre-season. the crews and rides are only in full time operation for 2 days a week give them some time to work out the kinks. now i might be seeing things but was Vortex and beast running 3 trains which they werent running during the later years of the paramount days?
  12. as a forme employee and having worked on FOF, this is how we rode FOF all lights off in the "drum" i love this ride when its dark. we called it a nigth ride :-). i enjoyed opening day, however Vortex was broken down quite a lot that day. so far so good with the CF team running the show, in my opinion
  13. and those seatbelts on Vortex have a viscious recoil on them!
  14. Saturday 21st will be partly sunny and 63 degrees Sunday 22nd will be partly sunny and 71!!!!! If it holds out this will be a great opening weekend!!!!
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