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  1. What does the gold pass look like when you print it out? I'm considering getting one as a gift but I'm curious as to what it looks like.
  2. It was simply amazing: smooth, simple, comfortable and fast. The line went so quick; I only waited an hour yesterday at 7:00 P.M. !!
  3. Wow I might just spend all season in Rivertown. Ooo baby...
  4. Are they re-doing The Beast entrance? Just always seemed odd how it was set up.
  5. Demand is down in the U.S. for oil, which helps gas prices now. However, relentless growth in China and India will keep prices above $3 a gallon forever. And the fact that the U.S. dolllar is falling in value faster that President Bush's approval rating doesn't help costs at the pump either.
  6. Whoa when did they change up The Crypt's line queve? Cool stuff happeningg.
  7. I guess it could be some affordable lodging like Breakers because I don't see how they could pave a walking path back there without looking hidden.
  8. I heard through a friend that CF is moving a used ride to that area. Just a thought since there is a huge bald spot next to SOB and no footers poured yet. Possibly a thrill ride? Please elaborate.
  9. cincyboy0830


    The heat can make a wait seem forever also.
  10. I'm 6'3" tall and I have a tough time on older rides like Vortex with OTSR and SOB's old trains. However, I fit great on the newer rides like Invertigo, Firehawk and the Drop Tower... so that's good lol.
  11. In the words of Charles Barkley, the gas prices are just "trbl." Them oil prices and the people behind them are "knuckelheads."
  12. My blood pressure rises when I pull into a gas station. Gosh I remember when gas was 88 cents/gallon. How come this type of energy hasn't been on the market yet? They use it in Europe for power generation...
  13. It's sad to see all of the cleared land behind Son of Beast. Every year they clear out more and more trees. Like an aging guy going bald. Sad.
  14. Admissions... $10.00 for parking is absolutely rediculous. Plus, way too many ticket booths and metal detectors-->waste of money.
  15. If they're building a parking garage... then I sure hope that it has some character to it rather than being your typical suburban architecture. We don't want KI to start looking like Tri-County Mall.
  16. How do I cancel my account? I won't be at a computer for a few months and was wanting to cancel this account because I probably won't use it at all. Thanks!
  17. Where can I fing discount tickets to KI? I'm going today.
  18. My sister wants to know when lesbian pride day is at King's Island. She wants me to go but I think that I will feel out of place.
  19. I find it funny when people come off the ride saying, "I didn't want to get wet!" It just makes me laugh. Ha.
  20. I agree. Tear the whole ride town and build more suburban McMansions that will eventually end up in foreclosure. *Yawn* Or set it on fire and collect the insurance money to build a Dippin' Dots factory.
  21. cincyboy0830


    Vortex could use some new trains though. The OTR restraints aren't good for tall people;however, restraints like FOF's would be nice to have.
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