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  1. I gotta hand it to Cedar Fair, they're pretty good about cutting off bad press.
  2. Not everyone can afford new computers at the drop of a hat.
  3. I'd like to order a men's small please. Is there anywhere in the greater Toledo area that I could pick this up?
  4. I thought the photo gallery worked just fine. Seems like Bill only updates KIC on Facebook anymore and other (anti)social media websites. Edit: Does anyone have a link to download Instagram on Windows ME?
  5. Went back to the park for the first time in a few seasons today. Took the grand kids. Seems like Cedar Point will do anything to make a buck nowadays. What's next? Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile themed cars on Italian Job?
  6. I, for one, am glad that they installed the seat belts. Finally, my wife and I can enjoy the Diamondback experience without that uncomfortable floating sensation.
  7. Pardon me, if someone wants to correct this, but I do not believe there was a "band-aid" fix. From reading the state report it seemed that Paramount Parks' policies for maintaining the ride were appropriate and ok'd by the state of Ohio. As pointed out by our good friend The Interpreter - Cedar Fair assumed all liabilities and made the decision to operate the ride on that fateful morning. What occurred was a cracked vertical timber. According to the ride's design this should have been fine and it should have been able to operate with enough support to continue running until the problem could be noticed. Unfortunately, the design didn't come through and a slight deviation in the track caused a bump between two track segments. When the trains ran over that bump, it created the jolt that injured the riders. This was all available in the state report, which can still be found online and which is public record. I believe the state faulted the design of the ride and made recommendations to improve it. They did not fault "Paramount's band aid fix."
  8. My apologies on that sir, thank you for the clarification!
  9. It just your typical Allen bradly Contraol Pannel lol. Ive seen what the Main Pannel of FOF looks like many of times. I have many more Pics Id love to show but thats just the Log in screen I don't see a prop with the log in screen beign showed. I know my limits what to post on hear and what not to lol. Actually, sir, it is in fact not a "typical" Allen Bradley control panel. Aside from the rides in Planet Snoopy, no two rides have the exact same control set up. The majority of the rides feature an Allen Bradley diagnostic screen and while the physical control panels may use plastic Allen Bradley buttons, the one at Flight of Fear is not made specifically by Allen Bradley. If you had actually seen the FoF control panels, you'd know this. Also, there are a total of three control panels and two diagnostic screens throughout the entire ride area. Austin, if I were you, I would not post it. PkiBoy, you may claim to have seen things and you have stated numerous times that you have "friends" in high places at KI, but you can't even use the right form of "here" in a sentence.
  10. No one's really missing out on anything. Let's face it, the ride sucks, no matter how KI wants to try and spin it on their twitter and facebook accounts. I find the fact that it got "more riders" recently attributed to the fact that the cycle is much shorter than it was in the past and its true... the ride does seem to break down a lot less. That's understandable considering it doesn't do much. However, on a Saturday night while The Beast, Firehawk and Diamondback all have long lines, you can pretty much walk right into the Crypt right past the crumbling theme, trash scattered around and wallpaper falling down straight onto the ride. There's rarely a line anymore. Cedar Fair has made it evident that all they wanted was for the ride to work. They kind of got their wish... it works, somewhat more often than it did. However, the interior of the building looks awful, the ride area looks awful. You ride the ride and can clearly see the massive amounts of trash, change, stains and loose articles that litter the floor. You can even look out before the ride starts and see the maintenance area in all it's glory and the crap they store in there. I gotta say, those 50 gallon drums provide a nice touch! The way that company treats the Crypt seems to go against their "cornerstone" of cleanliness. With how much cosmetic work and landscaping CF has brought to KI it baffles me that they think guests don't notice how bad of shape The Crypt is in. Then I think of Disaster Transport and I'm not all that surprised. Theming isn't everything and the ride could have a decent experience if they just gave two s***ts instead of two cents. You prove a good point, it seems they have given up. The ride still faces mechanical difficulties and lets be honest... when it works, its not that great of an experience. My guess is, if they throw in the towel, you'll see them keep that building around for storage and such and turn the queue/ride area into some kind of crappy walk through maze for the white trash bash... I mean Halloween Haunt. Seems to be KI's mentality these days... lets take rides that are broken or no one rides anymore and just fill the space with spray painted plywood and teenagers who say boo while attracting only the finest clientele.
  11. Most likely the ride was experiencing technical difficulties that necessitated lowering the weight in the trains, i.e. loading one less car each cycle.
  12. It might not ruin them, but its probably not good for them.
  13. People go to Octoberfest's in communities all across the area all the time just for that and I used to go into the Kings Island Festhaus back in the old days for that. Offer some unique food instead of KI's usual deep fried fare, unique beers and a fun, interactive show that isn't teenagers lip synching over a country track (the same show you can see all over the park, but with a different theme and songs) and you might have a winner.
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