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  1. I gotta hand it to Cedar Fair, they're pretty good about cutting off bad press.
  2. Not everyone can afford new computers at the drop of a hat.
  3. I'd like to order a men's small please. Is there anywhere in the greater Toledo area that I could pick this up?
  4. I thought the photo gallery worked just fine. Seems like Bill only updates KIC on Facebook anymore and other (anti)social media websites. Edit: Does anyone have a link to download Instagram on Windows ME?
  5. Went back to the park for the first time in a few seasons today. Took the grand kids. Seems like Cedar Point will do anything to make a buck nowadays. What's next? Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile themed cars on Italian Job?
  6. I, for one, am glad that they installed the seat belts. Finally, my wife and I can enjoy the Diamondback experience without that uncomfortable floating sensation.
  7. Pardon me, if someone wants to correct this, but I do not believe there was a "band-aid" fix. From reading the state report it seemed that Paramount Parks' policies for maintaining the ride were appropriate and ok'd by the state of Ohio. As pointed out by our good friend The Interpreter - Cedar Fair assumed all liabilities and made the decision to operate the ride on that fateful morning. What occurred was a cracked vertical timber. According to the ride's design this should have been fine and it should have been able to operate with enough support to continue running until the problem could be noticed. Unfortunately, the design didn't come through and a slight deviation in the track caused a bump between two track segments. When the trains ran over that bump, it created the jolt that injured the riders. This was all available in the state report, which can still be found online and which is public record. I believe the state faulted the design of the ride and made recommendations to improve it. They did not fault "Paramount's band aid fix."
  8. My apologies on that sir, thank you for the clarification!
  9. It just your typical Allen bradly Contraol Pannel lol. Ive seen what the Main Pannel of FOF looks like many of times. I have many more Pics Id love to show but thats just the Log in screen I don't see a prop with the log in screen beign showed. I know my limits what to post on hear and what not to lol. Actually, sir, it is in fact not a "typical" Allen Bradley control panel. Aside from the rides in Planet Snoopy, no two rides have the exact same control set up. The majority of the rides feature an Allen Bradley diagnostic screen and while the physical control panels may use plastic Allen Bradley buttons, the one at Flight of Fear is not made specifically by Allen Bradley. If you had actually seen the FoF control panels, you'd know this. Also, there are a total of three control panels and two diagnostic screens throughout the entire ride area. Austin, if I were you, I would not post it. PkiBoy, you may claim to have seen things and you have stated numerous times that you have "friends" in high places at KI, but you can't even use the right form of "here" in a sentence.
  10. No one's really missing out on anything. Let's face it, the ride sucks, no matter how KI wants to try and spin it on their twitter and facebook accounts. I find the fact that it got "more riders" recently attributed to the fact that the cycle is much shorter than it was in the past and its true... the ride does seem to break down a lot less. That's understandable considering it doesn't do much. However, on a Saturday night while The Beast, Firehawk and Diamondback all have long lines, you can pretty much walk right into the Crypt right past the crumbling theme, trash scattered around and wallpaper falling down straight onto the ride. There's rarely a line anymore. Cedar Fair has made it evident that all they wanted was for the ride to work. They kind of got their wish... it works, somewhat more often than it did. However, the interior of the building looks awful, the ride area looks awful. You ride the ride and can clearly see the massive amounts of trash, change, stains and loose articles that litter the floor. You can even look out before the ride starts and see the maintenance area in all it's glory and the crap they store in there. I gotta say, those 50 gallon drums provide a nice touch! The way that company treats the Crypt seems to go against their "cornerstone" of cleanliness. With how much cosmetic work and landscaping CF has brought to KI it baffles me that they think guests don't notice how bad of shape The Crypt is in. Then I think of Disaster Transport and I'm not all that surprised. Theming isn't everything and the ride could have a decent experience if they just gave two s***ts instead of two cents. You prove a good point, it seems they have given up. The ride still faces mechanical difficulties and lets be honest... when it works, its not that great of an experience. My guess is, if they throw in the towel, you'll see them keep that building around for storage and such and turn the queue/ride area into some kind of crappy walk through maze for the white trash bash... I mean Halloween Haunt. Seems to be KI's mentality these days... lets take rides that are broken or no one rides anymore and just fill the space with spray painted plywood and teenagers who say boo while attracting only the finest clientele.
  11. Most likely the ride was experiencing technical difficulties that necessitated lowering the weight in the trains, i.e. loading one less car each cycle.
  12. It might not ruin them, but its probably not good for them.
  13. People go to Octoberfest's in communities all across the area all the time just for that and I used to go into the Kings Island Festhaus back in the old days for that. Offer some unique food instead of KI's usual deep fried fare, unique beers and a fun, interactive show that isn't teenagers lip synching over a country track (the same show you can see all over the park, but with a different theme and songs) and you might have a winner.
  14. Beatle, I think you're misinterpreting eveyone's generalization. The kind of crowd you described came to Haunt anyways without the midget wresting. I think most of us are assuming they'll be bringing more of their friends this time around. - Maple, who isn't afraid of the ghouls, monsters, ghosts and werewolves (or the high school actors who play them) at haunt, but rather is afraid of the crowd that's come out the past few seasons.
  15. I like how a park that won an award for the best kids area in the world for the 10th straight year two days ago also is proud to promote a video of bar fights and people getting staple guns to the head. Something for everyone I guess... Edit: Ok, seriously? I just watched the video again. Knievel, Wallenda... awesome events that brought back nostalgia to the way KI used to be. Increased shows and entertainment. Better landscaping, a great place to create memories with your children. And midget wrestling. I mean, did anyone else watch that video? There is a man getting a staple gun to the head. You can see this crap at the local VFW hall or trailer park.
  16. Ahhh, haunt decorations already up... the "White Trash Bash" is almost upon us.
  17. Just read through this whole topic, no wonder why people keep referring to Haunt these days as the "White Trash Bash."
  18. I predict Reptar will be renamed "Woodstock's Flight School." They'll put a plywood sign showing the birds at the front entrance, change the queue line movie to a peanuts vhs tape bought at Goodwill, they won't repaint the ride and they'll rip out the giant Reptar statue out front, replacing it with nothing. Maybe move the smoking section over ther (not that they'd enforce it).
  19. Thank you everyone who took the time to read this and post their reply's. iChase, I couldn't agree more. When I first read your post I thought "it's not that bad, maybe removing it is kind of harsh?" However, after coming across this website and seeing what the ride used to be, I'm inclined to agree. Experiencing a ride like The Crypt really makes me question the methods of Cedar Fair and shows just how "cheap" the company can be. I believe in the saying "If you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all." Why waste your guest's time with a ride like "The Crypt" when they could be out in the park elsewhere spending "nickels?" The website I'm referring to: http://www.technifex.com/pages/projects/projects_tomb.html Cedar Fair has done a lot of nice things for Kings Island, especially with the emphasis on landscaping and cleanliness. But seeing things like The Crypt, their fireworks policy at "The Beast," and boarded up food stands in Coney Mall remind me that for every step forward they seem to take two steps back towards the Six Flags of the 1990's.
  20. Today I had the chance to visit Kings Island for the first time this season. Normally, I would spend many summer days throughout the season riding rides, snacking on my favorite treat or even just walking and taking in the sights with my family. This year, due to the collapse of my place of employment and a rigorous traveling schedule, I have been distracted from what I loved about summer. After my son-in-law and I cheered on my daughter/his wife in the "Run Kings Island" event this morning, we stopped by the Cracker Barrel off of Fields Ertel for a little breakfast. This was a mistake as it was Sunday morning and Cracker Barrel is popular regardless. The long wait to be seated and enjoyment of a hearty breakfast caused us to arrive at Kings Island a little bit later than planned. My daughter had enjoyed the event as it supported a great cause and granted her some wonderful views of the park in the early morning light. Her only criticism was that part of the course took participants through the employee parking lot where plenty of employees and their vehicles were piling in, causing quite a bit of a traffic concern for the runners. Like a little kid, I had spent the previous night anticipating my visit to Kings Island that would be the next day. I spent a majority of my evening viewing the impressive, interactive Ride Warrior Nation website. As I scrolled through the rides from KI featured on the page I got excited about riding my old favorites and trying new thrills such as Diamondback and The Crypt which I had previously not ridden. Seeing the "card" on the RWN site and reading the description got me very excited: The description on the back of the online card reads: As we passed effortlessly through the metal detectors, strange as my cell phone usually seems to set them off, friendly smiles of the security attendants greeted us while a kind employee scanned my seasons pass for the first time this season. It had been too long! We agreed we'd check on Diamondback later, my daughter and son-in-law wanted to hit up some old favorites, I wanted to try the Crypt. My son-in-law argued that a ride on The Crypt was not worth my time, I was determined to try it anyways. The description and pictures on Ride Warrior Nation seemed to counteract his argument. Photos from Cedar Fair's Ride Warrior Nation We decided to split up. They went off to take a spin on Son of Beast, only to find it apparently closed, while I located The Crypt on the complimentary map: As I passed through the park it was great to see so much atmosphere back in Kings Island. I felt the park had reached a new high last season and this year it seemed to be doing better than ever! Walking past Diamondback the landscaping was wonderful and the sight of the new B&M coaster very impressive. The music though, was a real drawback. I think Kings Island needs to take out the "Awesome 80's" mix tape they have playing. I made my way to The Crypt only to find that it was... CLOSED The friendly guy outside informed me that it may be open later. Oh well, no worries, that just meant I get to see an old friend; The Beast! A lap on The Beast revealed that the Double Helix seemed to have gotten some off season track work as the force and smoothness of the turns could really be felt (loved the cobblestones outside The Beast entrance by the way). I exited The Beast to take a turn on the Crypt only to find that it was... CLOSED Oh well, these things happen. I took a spin on the green train, taking in the sights of Diamondback and park guests cooling off from the intense heat in the water park. I returned to Rivertown, forked over an arm and a leg for my Potato Works fries. As I waited for my fries I noticed the employees in front of The Crypt were removing the "Temporarily Closed" sign and leaving, it had opened! I still had to wait for my fries, so I did. Then waited some more. After noticing three groups of guests who had been in line behind me receive their orders first, I reminded the employee of mine. I was given a cup of cold, soggy fries. I was pretty disappointed, but after asking to speak with someone I was set with an apology and new cup of fresh fries! I enjoyed my snack from a bench and then made my way to The Crypt entrance. Creepy music echoes through the halls of skeletons, spiders and cobwebs. I really enjoyed the "haunted house atmosphere" that the queue line's music and lights give. After roughly a 15 minute wait an employee assigned me to the "right" row and I was in the "bat" room that I had seen featured on KICentral before: Here is where I got very confused. I could see the ride operating in the room/area ahead but I had sworn the pictures online had shown it to be an outdoor ride. Maybe in my old age I was fooling myself. As we got ready to ride, the employee grabbed the microphone and said "Alright, if you want your row to board the ride first you have to scream as loud as you can." then asked each row to scream. It was great fun and reminded me a lot of those night time rides on The Beast and how the crew there does a "power hour." My row won and we were ushered into the next room. This is where the disappointment set in. We were brought into a room almost completely void of the decoration and atmosphere seen in the previous queue. As the ride began I noticed the stone figure on the wall and the rock structure below us. The ride makes sort of a ferris wheel motion as we did two inversions. As the ride approached the top again I figured the grand finale was coming...with the "lava" and "stalagmites" that had been in the description online. Instead, the ride continued it's circle and lowered down. The restraints came up and we were asked to have a nice day and exit to our right. I couldn't believe it! Where was the "boiling lava and razor-tipped stalagmites?" Why were we inverted only two times instead of "four times?" Where was the water effects and outdoor ride I had seen on Ride Warrior Nation? Flabbergasted I asked the young man in the exit if this was in fact "The Crypt." He responded "yes." As I met with my family after my son-in-law said "see, told you it wasn't worth the wait" validating his original argument. So I ask you KICentral: "Where is The Crypt?" Was what I had experienced really "The Crypt" I had read about? It seems so. Since Cedar Fair didn't seem to care too much about the accuracy of their description or images, I thought maybe I could offer some new ones that are not entirely correct, but may give the viewer a more accurate description of what they will experience on The Crypt: A tame, watered down version of a ferris wheel: Inside an... ...empty warehouse. Featuring two inversions, loud noises and flashing lights. While the rest of our visit was wonderful (especially the all new Diamondback), I couldn't get my mind off of how disappointed I had been in "The Crypt." I guess I had just built it up in my mind too much. Upon coming home to write my trip report, I had to re-check Ride Warrior Nation. I couldn't believe how wrong the description and photographs had been. I felt kind of cheated. Even if I hadn't read a description of The Crypt beforehand, the ride was quite boring and I truly feel wasn't worth my wait.
  21. Young Gunz, I know you don't post here often, but I believe the reason they keep replaying the SOB news story is because its a hot news item. The other SOB stories on www.cincinnati.com get quite a lot of responses and comments from readers. It seems the paper is just catering to what it's readers find popular even if that means copying and pasting the typical SOB news story instead of copying and pasting a park press release for promoting an event. I think what people find so intriguing about the SOB story is that the park still remains tight lipped about the ride and hasn't given a lot of information to their fanbase or the general public. Meanwhile, the wallenda event is very similar to one held last year. BTW, print media is dying for various reasons. I highly doubt that a suburban Enquirer reporter's unwillingness to roll with a press release is one of them.
  22. The park was right about bringing back nostalgia.... these budget cuts remind me of the late days of Paramount. Talk about memories! Taking something old and making it new again I guess...
  23. Predictable like you? Figures only you would take a reasonable topic and turn it into a topic where you lightly poke fun at another member and bash on the Interpreter. PKISecurity, welcome to KICentral. It's quite understandable that you didn't want to sift through a zillion pages of speculation and nonsense to try and find your answer on Son of Beast. Sometimes though regular members are just tired of seeing the same topics over and over such as "is Vortex sinking?" In time you'll learn how the boards work and such, welcome to KICentral! ...Of course we wouldn't have to have all this speculation and wonder about Son of Beast being closed if the park would just update their own website. You know, it might be reasonable and polite from a guest service standpoint to let a prospective visitor know one of your major attractions will be closed.
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