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  1. westcoaster

    Would a new skyride work?

    Great new addition
  2. Cool article, and as malls evolve I see more stuff at them as well. Vegas is at forefront of that at the Boulevard. Cool read? Thoughts? https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/theme-parks/2018/12/07/iaapa-expo-theme-park-roller-coaster-thrill-ride/2230077002/
  3. westcoaster

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    Agreed to make Oktoberfest a great thing.
  4. in The Cincinnati Enquirer today one of the Turkey winners was. So fun. Blessed for the return.
  5. westcoaster

    How Much Longer For Boo Blasters On Boo Hill?

    snoopy dog house a nice relaxing dark rode that changes with seasons snd Charlie brown n gang.. then a new dark ride in rivertown that you shooting style.. I think ki could use dome dark and or indoor outdoor rides. Fortunate to have Flight of Fear look to Knotts now their version of white water canyon getting a great new upgrade and story line..
  6. A great new attraction
  7. westcoaster

    2017 2018 2019

    To the continued greatness of Coney, just hope they continue to add, would love to see a wooden Coaster, or a Dark ride , 2 rides that seem big for Coney but would harken back to its heyday and continue it's new path trailblazing into the future.
  8. westcoaster

    Newly Themed Area?

    Oktoberfest I would love to see. But my guess is Xbase becomes something new a theme update of Flight of Fear, a new coaster 2 or 3 flats ambitious but my guess.
  9. westcoaster


    Love the way the article gave the history on the Flyers or now Mountain Gliders
  10. westcoaster

    How Much Longer For Boo Blasters On Boo Hill?

    hopefully rethemed soon.
  11. westcoaster

    Kentucky Kingdom

    I think it's time to build half way between Nashville and Louisville A new Kingdom or the Fair Board stop this mess .
  12. westcoaster

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    With Kings Island more of a year round park I still say some unique dark rides a real year round restaurant at the entrance. A knotts East. Alot like Knotts Berry Farm I'd also say Knotts The Point and Wonderland are the only flagships
  13. westcoaster

    What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

    other old favorites would be Sensational
  14. westcoaster

    No Day At Kings Island Is Complete Without...

    taking in the awesomeness of International street.