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  1. WCPO: Kings Island rides we wish had never gone away

    2019 Phantom Theatre the Phantoms Revenge, bigger better, not to scary. I truly think KI csn still sustain 3 dark rides.
  2. This was a great, article love how Scooby, and some Hannah Barbera was incorporated. Gotta also love the Nod to Cincinnati, with a beautiful, Union Terminal inside the Park. Gotta love the ride themes as well.Bedrock looked amazing as Well.. https://travellerczech.com/2018/04/18/wb-world-abu-dhabi-sneak-peek-inside-worlds-largest-indoor-theme-park/
  3. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    Great shirt
  4. Im a Westcoaster, maybe a Knotts North, they at Great America already has their own chicken recipe they serve. I still think ki could build a year round Village,shop a Premiere restaurant.
  5. 2017 2018 2019

    This was a walk through or a ride? Then they had, the cave, plus everyones favorite, the Lost River.
  6. Just OH Variety is the Spice to Life
  7. A hybrid, Coaster, where ya either start in a very slow cool dark ride and Or end in one. To me as Cedar Point is a leader in Industry, its one of the top destinations, they need Dark Rides. Lego land has a great Coaster where ya start in a Dark ride.
  8. 2017 2018 2019

    Yes Coney is Special, a dark ride n a Coaster would Rock.
  9. That was cool yummy on tummy...
  10. 2017 2018 2019

    Hope with the Money Coney is Collecting on a mire Year round basis, within grounds of River Bend, and Belterra facility, the little Park, that never seems to die, finds a way to maybe add a fun famiky dark ride with ir without Water, And another Coaster. Coney Isla d snd Sunlite Adventures. WOW. Coney future is bright
  11. Cedar Point changes for 2018

    On Forums, Info, history, and More for KI and CI central are Superior in theirvleague, amazing.
  12. Kentucky Kingdom

    Thats a greatvdeal Partnership, Go Kentucky Kingdom.
  13. Expand X-Base?

    Some Flats, Restroom, A foid joint, maybe an Out of world show with Snoopy n gang.
  14. Kings Island Announces 2018 Changes

    For the International Restaurant to return. Would rock, they could add an Elevator, new A/C . My new thought, maybe featuring Around Cedar Fair Cafe specials, . Best dishes of the Park. The Cafe open year round?? My thoughts only. Food, Fantasy [theming, characters], and Fun, are ingredients to a great day. Knotts is great example, Cedar Point is to some degree,