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  1. I think taking a revamp and making itva Snoopy themed dark ride xamping through all 4 seasons or holudays, another Coaster, even enclosing the log flume and all. Ki has always had a Special kids family area. I think make it over the top bring a woodstock carousel in, highly themed dark ride, camp feel... win back the best, as we know its already the best of the rest. Not inclyded i still think 2 new dark rides elaewhere in the park. Would love to see a Knotts East visio. For the belived park with a major destination for all like Cedar , Knotts, or Dolly. Bring k
  2. I think in the beginning they ran the park at MOA. uts a great park I think it was better as Snoopy. I think they lose Tourists to Park at MOA but Valley fair does good with locals.
  3. Plus if Herschend ir Competitors bought the park KI could add some more stuff. Plus the 1/2 of the family out if the holiday world ibthink they own Alabama park could buy it. So much uncertainty we shall see Im a fan of the Kingdom...
  4. Yes to Herschend...it would be Great for Dolly, for Ky. And Louisville.
  5. I thi k its just be great to be open. Dont expect New stuff.
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