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  1. I think Racer needs tlc, or it will go
  2. A dark immersion ride Lost river..Coney the park that never dies...
  3. I love the area would love to See a refreshment, then spend resources on an immersion xbase maybe a new version of a ufo ride back there space chasers like at old Americana, and a food and restroom in x base. For Coney to add 2 flats that would be great. So great... Also it would be nice to see a,museum added to coney, for Kings Island. Finally maybe do a 2020 ride a lost river for coney tribute. My thoughts it should always be Coney Mall, without Coney trouble of land lick flooding etc this is,a true tribute to the mother of Kings Island..
  4. I think Florida would be great for revenue for Cedar Fair, make it knotts like a few dark rides themed, some coasters, knotts Florida ..
  5. A family water ride would rock..Name it Lost River. the park on the banks of Ohio...that just rolls with it in the Rollercoaster Coaster of life..
  6. Themed log flume or a modern Lake water ride chute the chutes lost river?
  7. Did the camper place go out of business?? Every building is torn down? Not great, my opinion.. but great for students opportunity... Still think lots of park space...
  8. Wow, the end of the greatest show.
  9. Cool name cool story
  10. 17 ?? Anything yet at coney
  11. Maybe carowinds and knotts can come up with an iconic new tower
  12. Let's hope for return of dark rides as well.
  13. Under paramount I think they were thinking a Adams family ride. Wish I still could find all the survey for future rides.