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  1. Auction of Memorabilia of Coney at end of September.
  2. Amazing time W Standing room only Nice Ride.
  3. Even Paramount had a concept of a new camp ground.
  4. Dream pipe dream what if Kings Island bought the Beach water Park Built a modefn day chair lift to their added a hotel ..n Ki gets a 3rd wave Pool n many other features. Pipe dream i know.
  5. Love the plan.. I think ki can have dark rides. They dont have to be super expensive.
  6. Wow never heard this thank goodness they were not named samed..Now going back generations my Granparents loved Coney Cincinnati. they loved kings dominion the eifel tower n keepsakes all from Dominion not the Island. I think two Kings Islands would have veen too much.
  7. Could they become A knotts east coast had some dark rides family fun at family pricing a signature village plaza at the entrance maybe a Mrs knotts East ??
  8. Maybe aconey w lots of unusual Water slides a water coaster maybe w a knod to the name shooting star maybe a lost river w a inside building w a story.?? To Coney
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