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  1. Some Dark rides, even Dolly looking at some.
  2. Love our Eifel tower Cincinnati of course but so many love Vegas Paris Eifel tower. As well.. Include your Pictures...
  3. Maybe rmc Adventure Express n a Themed dark ride building like lego land theme it all to New Oktoberfest, n at the end the Chicken dance music, with big bear steins moving.
  4. Enclosed Log Flume dark ride. Themed to Peanuts Then a nice wooden coaster near the wicked twister. Ya can hope.
  5. Hind site is everything lol. it would been nice if ride side the Dry side had become more of Strickers Grove
  6. Plus who knows whats next, for belived Coney.
  7. It would be cool start w a dark ride like building. W a story, then the lift hill..
  8. A 2nd dark ride on lines of phantim, or such. And refurbished dark ride..maybe snoopy themed
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