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  1. Yes indeed they should. 365.look at MOA las vegas n New jersey.. Plus look no further than Great wolf lidfe 365 days a year.
  2. Maybe a highly themed Congo replacement w Invertigo gone. A true coaster dark rude building n a splash down area...[ not drenching soaking splash]
  3. Strickers is great place. Great food. Fin Nostalgia
  4. Too Awesomeness overload. https://blooloop.com/water-parks/in-depth/mystery-cove-mall-of-america/
  5. yes it happens in the media. But as history repeats itself, remember tge Iconic Eifel tower was originally bought i do believe for Coney Island the Mom of Kings Island the gem on the river. To Keep on. keeping on and long live the tower.
  6. So always not great to lose attractions but hopefully a new Water family coaster highly themed harkening back to Ki gliry days. The Beast on the beach. to tie into the great one. The longest woodie in the world.
  7. Hipeful a Peanuts highly themed Dark ride Eater Summer beach fun Halloween n Thanksgiving Christmas scenes.
  8. To better years ahead fir the Mother of Kings Island the Gem on the River.
  9. In a heartbeat... cedar or six should asap look vegas n phoenix Disney should to...
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