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  1. Such a Sad turn of Events for the Amusement industry. Prayers for all involved. N Brighter good Vibes days ahead.
  2. I would think most everything will be scrapped. We shall see what the lands future holds. Next Chapter. Goodbye The Beach.
  3. https://local12.com/news/local/cincinnati-beach-waterpark-mason-closure-close-closed-permanent-new-owner-open-patrick-madden-purchase-property
  4. The longest baddest water coaster ever...it be great addition.
  5. A great family section of the park immersive. Maybe work with Sallie come up with a grest dark ride.
  6. Maybe a water coaster dark ride pay for the right$ to a new fantastic voyage w flinstones n scooby doobt doo to.
  7. Long live Congo. Add a Oktoberfest theme. Maybe sponsered by Wolfsteiner Falls or locally like sam Adams oktober fest falls. I love this ride n if you want soaked stand on the bridge. Could they add some props jazz it up etc.
  8. Oktoberfest revamp n incorporation of Action Zone would be great.
  9. I loved the Top thrill glad I rode it loved the theme. The vibes. [ of course lived SOB too . Change is inevitable n it is what it is. . To A sister CedarFair Park good luck with a new experience.
  10. I think the big box could be a great themed family coaster [ i pick dark ride] mix it with bush announcement n add story telling like dolly on the Coaster [ her new one]. Kings Island with their almost all season operation can be Knotts of the east. I still think it coukd be so cool to have the Seasons of Snoopy Easter beagle to boo season n Christmas Collaborate with knotts Sallie dark rides n pay tribute to Ki storied past present n future. Immersive. Bushs announcement is a great one.
  11. Yes a waterpark. A goid investment. But Cedar Point needs a great themed long log flume. N 1 dark ride.
  12. Nice article The Beast. https://wanderwisdom.com/travel-destinations/The-Beast-Roller-Coaster-at-Kings-Island-Ohio
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