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  1. Gotta Love this, Dollywood is hitting it on all Cylinders https://www.countryliving.com/life/entertainment/a28354150/hallmark-christmas-at-dollywood/
  2. Knotts for the best rounded park. Theme, iconic restaurants. Dark rides. Cedar Point Coadters n beaches.
  3. Shooting star would rock..
  4. To a Shooting Star of a Coaster....doesnt need record breaker just a good one..
  5. I think a Silver Mine theme make it a animatronic relaxing dark ride , w a twist I the end a Beast layer.. not too scary
  6. Classic Coney section would rock with a whip etc
  7. Anew park entrance as well? Confused?
  8. To not getting to close to beast.
  9. The Continued thrills chills and memories made, Beast and Racer for sure.
  10. Like Wrightbrothers theme,
  11. https://www.pe.com/2019/03/26/10-ways-knotts-berry-farm-is-better-tha interesting.
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