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  1. Like....the thought of a Cincinnati Coaster....
  2. I say a 2nd f as mily section high themed year round rides
  3. Indeed ky k8ngdom has had huge decisions being made for Kings Island
  4. A dueling water coaster might be answer and a new lost river
  5. I think we could be a Knotts park.. some more dark rides well themed. Not all shoot em up or video screen
  6. A year round restaurant operator entrance to both in park n out of park...spruced up entrance would rock... Its one of the most iconic best Entrances anywhere..
  7. One of rides at Original Ky Kingdom was similar I thought to a ride at Opry.
  8. It would be so great to build.
  9. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/05/07/knotts-berry-farm-owner-rolls-out-post-covid-19-plan-for-reopening-theme-parks/amp/
  10. Be thankful Parks survive n Thrive
  11. I think now just Hopes of Total Survival. Long live the Oasis at the Edge of the Ohio.
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