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  1. Such a Sad turn of Events for the Amusement industry. Prayers for all involved. N Brighter good Vibes days ahead.
  2. I would think most everything will be scrapped. We shall see what the lands future holds. Next Chapter. Goodbye The Beach.
  3. https://local12.com/news/local/cincinnati-beach-waterpark-mason-closure-close-closed-permanent-new-owner-open-patrick-madden-purchase-property
  4. The longest baddest water coaster ever...it be great addition.
  5. A great family section of the park immersive. Maybe work with Sallie come up with a grest dark ride.
  6. Maybe a water coaster dark ride pay for the right$ to a new fantastic voyage w flinstones n scooby doobt doo to.
  7. Long live Congo. Add a Oktoberfest theme. Maybe sponsered by Wolfsteiner Falls or locally like sam Adams oktober fest falls. I love this ride n if you want soaked stand on the bridge. Could they add some props jazz it up etc.
  8. Oktoberfest revamp n incorporation of Action Zone would be great.
  9. I loved the Top thrill glad I rode it loved the theme. The vibes. [ of course lived SOB too . Change is inevitable n it is what it is. . To A sister CedarFair Park good luck with a new experience.
  10. I think the big box could be a great themed family coaster [ i pick dark ride] mix it with bush announcement n add story telling like dolly on the Coaster [ her new one]. Kings Island with their almost all season operation can be Knotts of the east. I still think it coukd be so cool to have the Seasons of Snoopy Easter beagle to boo season n Christmas Collaborate with knotts Sallie dark rides n pay tribute to Ki storied past present n future. Immersive. Bushs announcement is a great one.
  11. Yes a waterpark. A goid investment. But Cedar Point needs a great themed long log flume. N 1 dark ride.
  12. Nice article The Beast. https://wanderwisdom.com/travel-destinations/The-Beast-Roller-Coaster-at-Kings-Island-Ohio
  13. Dark ride major rehab.. n a watee coaster in A renamed water park.
  14. Ki can n should be the Knotts of the Midwest a few great dark rides fortge park. A Peanuts tgrough the patch at Halliween Christmas Snoopy n gang n regular Spring summer ride. N phantom not too scary the Maestro revenge or da return. N then a shootem up ride . Maybe an enclosed section on log flume w Snoopy o. Water fun.
  15. Beyond saddened about this as its a great Park n Cedar Fair had plans.Hope the Fried chucken restaurants make it to other Parks yes its different than Mrs Knotts at Knotts .Hope some of the rides recipes and slides saved. Also with the cists of land valyes are other Cedar Fair parks Vulnerable yes. Westcoaster Lastuckyboy
  16. I did not Know as early as 2024 GCA could close. Wow about Gilroy too.
  17. Oh the temps n Water I cannot disagree.Its a cool concept though.
  18. Love Planet Snoopy I hope KI brings back more in this area. Hope KI can regain #1 kids family area. Would always love to see a Snoopy n Charliebrown relaxing a/c cool dark ride and something that they can just change up for Great pumpkin and Thanksgiving and Christmas for Haunt and Winterfest. To 50 years of chills spills thrills to KI yesterday today n future.
  19. Incredible area renergized...indeed.Wow simply amazing.
  20. Incredible what a toy manufacturer and Park operator can do. This sounds Incredibly amazing. Wow. https://www.glendaleaz.com/work/business_resources/economic_development/economic_development_news/mattel_adventure_park_coming_to_glendale
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