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  1. Saw on the Banshee cam, two semis with flatbeds carrying dirt movers heading that way
  2. They are referring to Tom Cruises nick name in Top Gun the movie
  3. the way all american companies are being bought i think SF would be better than being bought by China or Japan.
  4. They're about to show this story on the news here in Dayton on channel 7
  5. I'd rather have a Amusement park instead of a theme park too.
  6. Hyper...200ft Giga 300Ft Strata...400ft
  7. I'v been terrified of Ferris Wheels ever since i rode the double farris wheel at the montgomery county fair when i was 10
  8. TTRyan


    It dissapoints me that a season pass won't be valid for Winterfest like then
  9. June 5th is DIAA day not toyota day
  10. I was there yesterday and today, yesterday was great nnobody was there
  11. The Great Wolf lodge rates in sandusky start at $250 a night
  12. 30 here and shocked because i'm not the oldest one here
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