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  1. i would love to see them bring king kobra back.i only rode it twice and that was when i was younger.
  2. did anyone see the stars of Ned's declasified school survival at Kings Island.i wasnt able to make it.i wanted to go though.it wouldve been fun.
  3. It has to stay.If it goes,what would they put up.
  4. my favorite park outside of pki would have to be Cedar Point.
  5. i didnt think it did.i just heard that from some people.
  6. I never really noticed this but some people are saying that when you first take off when riding Flight of Fear, you go under ground a little. Now I dont know if its true but it does seem like sort of. Does anyone else think this?
  7. i rde the bast because of the feeling it gives u.there not even words to describe how it makes me feel.at night is the best time to ride it because it seems like thy speed up the track a litttle bit.going through the tunnels in the dark is really fun.its like ur letting all of ur troubles out and starting something new.The Beast is very exhilirating.
  8. who's all going opening day.I'm trying to get my passes over the weekend with my family.Is anyone else?
  9. Why do people ride The Beast?Is it because its fun or because they have nothing else to do?I ride it because it's the best ride there.
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